Rangers in administration without tax case


There are not words powerful enough to describe today’s news.  The English language is insufficient and I have no Greek or Latin.  Rangers Football Club have today asked the Court of Session to appoint an administrator, unable to service their creditors.  The freight train of their tax tribunal has yet to hit, these events relate exclusively to how the club has operated in other areas.

Scottish Premier League rules state that clubs are deducted 10 points on going into administration, which will give Celtic a 14 point lead at the top of the table once in effect.

This is a day we have predicted will come for over three years.  It has been inevitable for that long.  Now the really interesting events will happen.

We don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers.

Up the Celts!

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  1. Duffield adamant Rankers will sort their short term financial woes but will come out stronger? Wow either he is very stupid or knows the MBB has a rabbit up his sleeve.

  2. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Now I understand where the phrase ‘Follow Follow’ comes from-



    Liquidation Follows Administration



    Relegation Follows Liquidation.

  3. James Forrest is The Emperor of Ice Cream on

    In the background, as I write this, Sky Sports is on (it has been on all day, and what a joy it has been at times), and the Gillingham result is being discussed, and, of course, I don’t really care.



    In recent days, weeks, months I have looked forward to every Celtic game although I am not there to see them. (Which will change next season. Yes, Mr Keevins, even – especially – if Rangers are gone.) I do not look forward to Gillingham games.



    If Hearts were playing Motherwell, or St Mirren were playing Aberdeen, I would be about as interested in that result as I am in the mating behaviour of gnats. In other words, I could care less, but not much less.



    Gillingham have pulled a goal back as I write this, and still I don’t care. Yet I have sat, riveted, to a game between our kids and the kids from Barcelona.



    Rangers are on the verge of vanishing. I have never believed they would die completely. I always thought some form of them, like any malignancy, would re-appear. Indeed, I would look forward to a time when their result means as much to me as the Gillingham result; something going on in the background, a Third Division promotion race in which my interest in virtually zero.



    I think there is a chance, tonight, that this club will die, completely. That no version of it which we recognise will return. I think that could happen now. It is no longer a fanciful notion.



    I believe it would be better if they died, and this is not just about tax cheating, the mockery they have made of the Scottish game or my desire to see a rival fold. Rangers FC was born as an entity entirely different than the one we know today. It was a football club which once existed as merely that. It became something awful, twisted, something you could arguably call evil, over a long period of time.



    The present form of Rangers is wholly repugnant. It is an arrogant, bigoted, corrupt (and corrupting) institution, which has brought discredit and shame on the whole of this nation. It is an appalling organisation, with a hubris which is breathtaking. Even now, on the day they stand on the brink, they are spending money they cannot, at the same time as they seek to throw people out of work and hold a gun to the heads of HMRC and other clubs, indeed, the whole national sport.



    I was delighted that my good friend John Newton (indeed, he was married to my cousin) wrote the first non-Celtic fan article in CQN Magazine for the last issue. He is the model of what Rangers could have been – a club which behaved with the dignity they pretend to observe. If I believed his kind of supporter would triumph in a long, civil war for Rangers’ soul I would not wish them dead.



    But he won’t. He is in the minority. Rangers is going to die in disgrace and shame, as a thoroughly awful stain on Scottish society, and as I have said, they were not always so. This is what they evolved into, from decent, from normal, beginnings.



    Can you imagine what Rangers 2012 will morph into if founded from the swamp of the present club? A club BORN of bigotry and bias? A club BORN of fraud and disgrace? A club BORN into a sense of entitlement and steeped in hate? A club BORN of supremacy and the notion this game, this country, this world, needs them? A club like that should not be ALLOWED to be born …. indeed, if the chance came to kill it at birth that chance should be siezed by every right minded person.



    I longed for a day when Rangers rivalry with us was purely of the footballing kind. That was never going to happen in my lifetime and with them on the verge of death it will never happen now. If that club dies and is reborn then it must be reborn from humilty, or something even more hateful will emerge. That sense of being “ra peepil” will multiply tenfold. They must be reborn with a sense of guilt, of shame, of an understanding of, and acceptance of, how they arrived at this pass.



    It will not be so. Once empowered by wealth, blessed by a compliant media and allowed to grow into their present form, they will die and be born of the same stuff.



    The only thing which may prevent their arrogance being rampant is if the punishment is severe enough to inflict mental scars which never heal. Punishment so extreme they never again rise to this position, except at the end of a very long period in the darkness. That may – just may – remove their sense of entiltement, that smugness, that arrogance, and wash away the detritus of hate.



    For the good of Scotland, it must be so.



    Today was a beautiful day, friends. Tomorrow and the days which come next are the most important we will ever have as Celtic fans.



    Keep up the pressure. Tell it like it is. Force this club to accept it’s fate and change, change for the good of all.



    Or make sure they die. It’s that simple.

  4. HECTOR - Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. on

    They’ll have Sickness & Diarrheoa when Rangers die.




  5. Paradise_Forever on




    I think calling out around the world has brought the site down but as James brown would say “i feel good! a new that I would do do do”



    jelly&ice cream anyone




  6. Deloitte TOP 20 RICHEST CLUBS


    Real Madrid – 479.3mil euros




    Man U


    Bayern Muenchen






    AC Milan


    Inter Milan








    Man C




    Olmpique Marseille




    Borussia Dormund


    Olympique Lyonnais


    Hamburg SV







    We could match most of these teams but for TV money.

  7. Mr Stimpson, Mullet and Co, Once in Administration player registration goes to SFA and can’t be traded unless their say so, contracts become null and void as all other employees

  8. ‘McCann is also about to test the much-vaunted passion for the club which is said to permeate a vast but recently absent support.’



    We passed the test and all others since. They call themselves ‘The People’, but they have sat by and watched the last couple of years stating it is a ‘Fenian Conspiracy’ and it could not happen to ‘Rangers’, well it has and there is NO McCann and NO support with money…




    Celtic’s new boys set to face testing times ahead


    Scotland on Sunday 06/03/1994





    CELTIC must now adapt to normality.


    It will be an eerie experience at a club where the bizarre has been routine for many years. If the new proprietor, Fergus McCann goes about his business effectively the average fan will be shorn of conversation. A stadium with added seats and a boardroom minus strife hardly provoke animated discussion.


    McCann’s plans will attract scrutiny, but attention must also now be spared for other aspects of the club. A life without excuses stretches before Celtic. It was hard to attack the funereal tone of the side when the club itself was dying. From now on, though, those mitigating circumstances have been removed. If the performances still lack panache the blame will lie with the players, some of whom were expensive purchases.



    The relationship between team and manager is also certain to attract careful appraisal. It has so far proved impossible to pass any significant judgement regarding Lou Macari’s work at Celtic Park. Given stable circumstances, however, his employers will expect progress. He, of course, was not Fergus McCann’s appointment. Enquiries about Macari’s job security met with neither an endorsement nor a threat, simply a cautious reply. ”That,” said Brian Dempsey, ”doesn’t come into the question at this time.” McCann is also about to test the much-vaunted passion for the club which is said to permeate a vast but recently absent support. The all-important question is: just what numbers will turn up to cheer in future once the initial rapture is over?



    The financial crisis which continues to face Celtic will only be resolved by the most intense degree of support from the paying public. The new director Dominic Keane estimates that as much as 40m of income, whether from investment, sponsorship or other activities, is required over the next two years to seriously begin the rebuilding of club, team and stadium. The Cambuslang project is certain to be ditched and Celtic will have to pursue the tiresome old routine of spending their own money to create a satisfactory ground. The club needs to boom if it is even to make satisfactory progress.



    At present the turnover stands at 9m, less than half that of Rangers. McCann is peeved by the degree of decline and hinted that he blames the Bank of Scotland for delaying the action they belatedly took this week.


    ”They have been aware since November,” he said, ”that our money was in place.


    ”I will be looking into this. We are going to have discussions with the bank and there are some hard decisions to be made.”



    Keane fended off the suggestion that the Bank of Scotland had been guilty of no more than generosity to the previous regime: ”They have a duty not only to the directors but also to all shareholders.”


    McCann seems aggrieved he had to abandon his previous policy and compensate directors to secure their removal. He argues that the ”shotgun situation” which forced him to cut a deal as the bank threatened to put Celtic into receivership could have been avoided by earlier action.


    McCann must marshall his forces as he confronts the many problems. The current board can only be an interim arrangement and there must, in particular, be questioning of Kevin Kelly’s position as chairman. He did show a true devotion to the club by turning down some 500,000 from Gerald Weisfeld so that he could hold on to his shares and support McCann. Still there must be disquiet over a chairman who did not become aware of his club’s true financial difficulties until the verge of bankruptcy was reached.



    Despite the concerns a little jubilation still showed through McCann’s jet-lag as he set out for Perth yesterday. The new chief executive demonstrated considerable courage in lavishing money on so debt-ridden a club. It remains to be seen whether he can elicit an equally fervent response from those supporters who are about to share some tricky times with him.

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Just finished work (very long ‘shift’) interrupted by at least 20 simultaneous ‘Instant Messages’ from some of my colleagues / friends in Celtic….will read back in a minute, and take it all i……BUT…….How do I feel.?






    Took time out to listen to keevins’ comedy show tonight…….!!!!!!






    Do you now understand why my Daddy is bigger than your Daddy…….you see, my Daddy plays by the law of the land / rules of our great sport, and the good ghuys always WIN in the end…..they have been caught cheating….they have been caught out by spending money they didn’t have……they are gubbed……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. you all thought you were protecting them with your silence/ lies, and all because you hte all things Celtic…..



    You have no idea about anything ‘Celtic’……your conduct / manners on your pathetic little comedy show is evidence to that……enjoy the fruits of your reprehensible concealment of the facts…..they (and you / LL) reap what you sow….



    Not that you will ‘listen’, but let me tell you something about Celtic..



    We are a true ‘family’…….!!!



    We are proud to be of Irish roots, and we are proud to be Scottish…!!!



    We LOVE everything about Celtic…!!!!



    Yes, a few fans stop going to the games….some because of the recession, and some because they gave up believing that a ‘level playing field’ would ever be possible….!!



    Now that we can celebrate our roots without being ‘tarnished’ by bigots ….without being abused, threatened, assaulted, and even murdered….without having to ‘look over our shoulders (hopefully) when we walk down the street wearing a Celtic strip…….now that we can attend matches knowing that there is the possibility that we will will receive a greater measure of FAIRNESS………..WE WILL FLOURISH, AND OUR FANS WILL BE ABLE TO ENJOY AN AFTERNOON /EVENING ‘AT THE GAME’……



    I will now be going to away games…….I will now move away from RESISTENCE mode, and replace it with a SPORT ENJOYMENT mode……



    Bye bye, keevins…there will be no place for your TYPE on the phone-ins now, since people (excuse the pun) will want to talk about football, which is way outside your area of expertise



    I’m off now to read all the posts on this historic day for justice, and for Scottish Football, but before I go, I just want to make one more statement (as an unrepentant ‘HAPPY CLAPPER’



    Thank you, Celtic Board, and Peter Lawell, in particular…



    Thank you for resisting the temptation to go down the EBT road, like many other honest teams in Scotland, and elsewhere…



    Thank you very much for guiding our beloved Club through this recession….



    Thank you for bringing NEIL back as manager……



    Thank you for confirming that we are not interested in any other Club’s future…only Celtic



    Thank you also Fergus, Brian, MON……you all played a part in the strategy which has taken us to a ‘position’ where we will be able to move forward and celebrate our heritage / team in the knowledge that EVERYONE at Celtic Park is working for CELTIC, unlike elsewhere….



    Onwards and Upwards….

  10. Scottish Football needs Ranger s ! The last time ranjurs were in the doldrums, Scottish football was struggling. Aberdeen & Dundee Utd both won league and competed in European finals. Hearts came within 6 minutes ( Ha ha ha G.B.A.K.) of winning the league until HUN FC distorted the equilibrium with their thieving and evasion forcing teams to spend beyond their means. God forbid there will be NO HUNS IN SCOTLAND as Scottish football really needs them. RS McColls!

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    This true?


    William of Orange ascended to the throne on 13.2.1689. He later established the HMRC




  12. I was at an appointment most of this afternoon before heading down south to my daughter’s. My son and I were listening to some music on CD and it was approaching 4pm when I thought that I would listen to the news, that’s when I first heard about the proposed administration. I quickly went onto radio Scotland and then sport on 909 am. On one of these it was suggested that HMRC could possibly apply for an interdict to prevent the huns from going into administration. Is it possible that the Whyte knight has played his hand too early by going onto national SSN and declaring his intention to avoid paying HMRC £75m (?). What is the opinion of the financially/legally minded posters about this?



    Not breaking into the Jelly and ice cream just yet PMTYH

  13. Lennon n Mc….Mjallby says:


    13 February, 2012 at 21:44



    Now I understand where the phrase ‘Follow Follow’ comes from-



    Liquidation Follows Administration



    Relegation Follows Liquidation.



    Brilliant! That needs to go on a 30 foot banner.

  14. Vmhan Supporting Lenny! …. Celebrations! says:


    13 February, 2012 at 21:43



    As I texted you this evening my friend. I may occasionally send you texts from time to time with some things I hear but I will never ever be able to repay you and Derryghirl for the text I got this afternnoon. I love you both always. You were the first to let me know the greatest of news.



    I was fifteen months old when JFK died, some say they will never forget where they were when the sad news of his passing. I unfortunately I cannot remember. However, at precisely 15:05 on the feast day of St. Huno I received the news through a text from Vhman that I had yearned for it read:



    “Rangers go into administration stv news, from Derryghirl!



    The best text ever, ever, ever…



    Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC until I die



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  15. Fraser Wishart, Tom English, Mark Dingwall on STV



    Graham Speirs and Fraser Wishart (that’s what I call quick) on BBC Newsnight.



    Going to the experts as usual.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    13 February, 2012 at 22:17


    This true?


    William of Orange ascended to the throne on 13.2.1689. He later established the HMRC





    No, HMRC was established in 2005.



    The Board of Taxes was set up in 1665 to help out with the English war effort against the Dutch. Queen William did augment the board in 1692 to levy taxes against various properties and features therein.



    Quite ironic though.

  17. Speirs out with the pom-poms now:



    Celtic need Rangers






    Please consider the ordinary members of staff.

  18. Fraser Wishart explaining that a few Rangers players have contacted him but doesn’t name anyone.



    The only player Fraser Wishart has ever publicly named as using his services is Scott Brown (when contract negotiations were underway).

  19. Just listening to Shortbread podcast. Peter Lawwell interview was superb. Tom English, as always, absolutely pathetic in his pschychophantic sucking up yo them

  20. bournesouprecipe says:


    13 February, 2012 at 21:03


    Fergus McCann. It’s time a wrong was righted. Fergus McCann to unfurl the League Flag in August. How about it?





    Fantastic idea. The club will even be able to pay the wee man’s expenses , if he wants, and this time I’m sure the noise of appreciation would almost take the roof off. Really, really good shout.



    We off the wee guy one and