Rangers Newco prepack not as you read elsewhere


We gave STV credit on Wednesday for their reporting on SPL voting process required to decide what to do if a new company applies to join the league after an existing team ceases to exist (through prepack or other means).

I subsequently noticed in the same article they suggest Leeds United went into liquidation and returned with a phoenix  prepack.  This is incorrect.  Leeds United, then in administration, were sold in 2007 to Ken Bates’ newly formed company, with Bates agreeing a deal with creditors.  Leeds were, therefore, only liable for the statutory 10 point penalty for entering administration, although the league increased the punishment to 15 points as the club failed to follow correct administration procedure.

I don’t wish to harangue STV on what was an article with genuine information but they cite Leeds as a precedent: “there is no guarantee that the Scottish Premier League would act in the same way as their counterparts in England but the similarities between the regulations mean that the precedent may be used as a guide”.

If I was Rangers right now I would be trying to convince everyone that putting a football club out of existence, only to allow another company to pick up its league share, with a points total calculated from the position of the former club, is similar to a common administration.  It’s not.  This would be a completely different scenario.

Having discussed this matter with many people throughout the game and the media, I can find no precedent for a football club going out of existence and phoenix-ing back into the same league spot.

Airdrieonians failed in 2008, when the owners of Clydebank FC moved to Airdrie and renamed to Airdrie United.  Gretna FC were voted into the space created by the absence of Airdrieonians (then a Second Division team), but entered at the bottom of the Scottish Football League.

Gretna failed in 2008 and a new club based at the same ground successfully applied for membership of the East of Scotland Football League.  Annan Athletic entered the bottom rung of the Scottish Football League after Gretna’s demise, not into the First Division spot Gretna were unable to fulfil.  Third Lanark were in the bottom division of the Scottish Football League when they were replaced by Clydebank.

Gretna-Annan, Clydebank-Gretna, Third Lanark-Clydebank are the only precedents that exist.  If you fail, the team that replaces you joins the bottom rung of the Scottish senior league structure, there have been no exceptions, in Scotland or in England.

The SFA have a say in this matter also.  They must ratify any decision of the SPL board and grant a licence to a new club before if can play in the SPL or Scottish Football League.  The national association is made up of member clubs, most of whom stand to gain considerably if a Rangers Newco FC were to enter the Scottish Football League.

Irrespective of the SPL’s decision, the SFA better have some pretty good lawyers if they deviate from precedent. The football authorities have a duty to ensure their competitions observe meritocratic and moral correctness. It’s only ‘fit and proper.

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  1. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;- Well that was much better, a thoroughly entertaining game of football. I hope all disenchantment within the club is now a thing of the past (if indeed it ever was there in the first place). As soon as I set eyes on Kayal last night, I thought he really looked up for it and I was not to be dissapointed. I was especially delighted for Sammy, there really is a cracking player there but he needs to be harnessed properly. Key to last night was that it was truly a team performance :- let’s have more of that.


    For the Motherwell game, here’s a novel idea, why not let Neil pick the team? I really would like to think that team spirit has returned.


    As for hertz? my own hunch is that mad Vlad is fed up of football and will now bring his prodigious talents to bear in the field of basket ball, consequently he will pull the plug and realise what assetts he is left with.


    Lastly ole whitey gets more bizarre by the day, it is incredible that any responsible person would give any time at all to the anal fistulas that are vangaurd bears. By the company they keep so shall ye know them






    Multi famam, conscientiam pauci verentur.




  2. Podium?






    Change of subject but Neil Lennon confirming Celtic now believe the Lennoxtown pitches might be contributing to injuries.



    I got pelters for pointing the finger at Lennoxtown. Just goes to prove what they say about those who shout loudest…HH

  3. Great article. We must not allow any gamesmanship between the powers over this, they go breests up they get voted in on the bottom rung – if they have a better case than other HONEST clubs that is.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Lay off Philvis.



    He’s been sharing his podium glory with all other awesome posters this week.

  5. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Bournesoup excellent



    “I hope someday you’ll join us


    In the world where there’ll be no Rangers”



    But surely



    “I hope someday you’ll join us


    In the world where there’ll be no Hun”




  6. Paul67,


    Please pass them the number of that nice chap Paul McBride. I seem to remember he was quite good in all things legal.







    /Bishop B

  7. Stamp them out and their Embra kin too, this is the way forward for Celtic, saving a corrupt Scottish game is not Celtic’s job here, building a strong team and a future is!!



    No sympathy for cheats!!




  8. repost



    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy : thanks..and yes right back in those days. And yep we are cousins, good memory still. I met a few of that St. Bridgets team at Thomas’s mum’s funeral last year , I maybe be wrong but I think someone, Jim McDonald ? said you where there. Im sure Thomas said he still see’s you now and then or at least used to sometimes at games ?

  9. Paul67



    By the tone of your post, it will matter not if clubs vote to reinstate them, they have to start at the bottom.



    I think they will take the oportunity to reconstruct the league system.

  10. Things I learned today



    Self-extinguishing cigarettes are about to be made compulsory in the EU. A new EU directive will require cigarettes to meet an RIP requirement. (I kid you not, RIP means reduced ignition propensity, and no it’s not 1 April.) They will be manufactured to be self-extinguishable, to reduce the chance that they should set fire to sofas, beds and other combustible materials.



    Cigarettes have also been responsible for saving the lives of some 50,000 people since the 1960s. How you ask? Well, simply Duane Pearsall was trying to measure static electricity in a dark room (why? Only we can speculate) when his machine kept malfunctioning due to his assistant lighting up a cigarette. Only then did he twig that his device could be used a smoke alarm.




  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    I hear that a Sun employee has been arrested in the investigation into illegal payments to the Police.



    Where would we be without voicemail?

  12. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BontyBhoy: 4 November, 2011 at 13:26



    Joe Filippis Haircut: 4 November, 2011 at 13:31



    Scottish football has lost clubs before or endured major changes and survived – particularly at the turn of the last century when many teams folded or the biggest of them all Queens Park chose to remain amateur and were left behind.



    Rangers and Hearts will be no loss to Scottish football – both clubs are a cancer and bring nothing positive to the game on or off the field. All this claptrap about ‘the good of Scottish football’ from the usual suspects in the media really is nauseating. Did Rangers care about the good of Scottish football when they ruined the competitiveness of the game by spending recklessly?



    David Murray single-handedly destroyed the game in Scotland by buying players from the likes of Aberdeen, Hearts and the Dundee clubs simply to weaken the opposition and allow the most overrated manager in the history of Scottish football to stick them in the reserves along with several underachieving Eastern Europeans. Anything to beat Jock Stein’s nine-in-a-row – something else they failed to do.



    The last time Rangers and Hearts were particularly weak Aberdeen and Dundee United stepped up and genuinely did much good for Scottish football. Both reached European finals and United were robbed in the semi-final of the Champions Cup. And while the fans of both teams enjoyed rubbing our noses in it they didn’t resort to the vile depths that the full-fat or semi-skimmed Huns do.



    If both of them disappear it would be the best thing that ever happened to Scottish football.

  13. How about the ole e-Lites?



    What is their RIP?



    Are they self extinguishable?



    Is their a smoke alarm in the ole Gazebo?



    Good grief, Mort.



    Don’t give us half the story, e.g in 1980, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers named Duane Pearsall “Fire Protection Man of the Year.”

  14. Here’s an off-the-wall notion;



    All the rumours of major dispute and disharmony in the Celtic camp were just that…rumours, and there were minor fall-outs as with any training group.



    Na, too many folks with ‘insider info’ for that to be the case.




    Lets hope we win on Sunday or these guys will be back in numbers.

  15. GerryAdamsBeard is Neil Lennon on

    Excellent article, Paul. I hope that it is widely read. Shame that the mainstream media seem to be less well-informed!



    Hail! Hail!

  16. ————–scott brown————–


    scott brown—scott brown–scott brown–scott brown


    scott brown—scott brown–scott brown–scott brown


    —————scott brown–scott brown————

  17. As old katie boyle of Eurovision fame would say


    give them nil ppoints



    As for Christine and Rossanna of the ole justice committe



    Well I wonder what ther reaction would be toTreme a programme aired on sky atlantic


    on a Friday night,them guys at rearguard teddies are furious furious and want craigy


    to sue the TV show




  18. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    You took your time to make sure this follow up article was correct,an excellent piece on the subject,hail hail

  19. Patria O Muerte on

    Ahh P67



    Keep it coming……



    All we need is a Celtic super Sunday and its been a good week…..



    C’mon Neil, Nothin left to lose, lets go for it……




  20. tomtheleedstim on

    Paul67- whilst just about everyone thinks that the Leedsnewco was owned by Ken Bates he has always (unconvincingly) claimed not to be the owner until this year when he bought the club.


    Previously he had claimed not to even know who did own the Newco even though he was Chairman.


    When the oldco was in admin there were several offers on the table to the administrators for the club. One of these was a better deal for the creditors than the ultimate bid winners (fronted by Bates). The sale to Bates was forced through by the single largest creditor (hidden offshore company) who stated that if the club was not sold to Bates’ bid they would choose to close it down, even though they stood to gain more money by agreeing to sell to another bidder. All highly suspicious and I’m sure it couldn’t happen in Scotland…………



  21. The Battered Bunnet on

    This is one expensive shank… No idea how MWD is not bankrupt by now…



    A golfer who lost an eye after he was hit by a wayward ball has won almost £400,000 in damages.



    Anthony Phee, 44, from Manchester, earlier told the Court of Session in Edinburgh he had ducked and put a hand up when he heard a shout of “fore”.



    But he was hit on the Niddry Castle golf club at Winchburgh, West Lothian, in 2007 and felt his eye “explode”.



    Mr Phee, who now has a prosthetic eye, sued both the player who struck the shot and the course owner.



    Mr Phee said: “I am delighted at the judgment and relieved that the court case is over.



    “No-one expects to lose an eye when they go to play golf and adjusting to partially losing my sight has been a harrowing experience. I now just want to move on with my life.



    “I would like to thank my legal team for their support and consideration throughout this long and distressing ordeal.”



    Mr Phee was walking between holes when he was hit by a shot struck by James Gordon from the 18th tee.



    Damages were agreed at £397,000, and, at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Lord Brailsford said Mr Gordon, from Livingston, was 70% liable, while the club was 30% liable.



    Lord Brailsford said a golfer of Mr Gordon’s experience should have been aware of the risk his tee shot posed to Mr Phee, adding that Niddry Castle golf club failed in its duty to provide proper safety signs.



    Lawyers acting for both Mr Gordon and the club had claimed “contributory negligence”, saying Mr Phee looked up on hearing a warning shout of “fore”.



    But the judge accepted evidence from Mr Phee and his playing companions that, on hearing the call, he ducked or cowered while putting his left hand up to shield his head.

  22. donegalbhoy67 says:


    4 November, 2011 at 14:58


    “i just learned who to spell FORSTER ive been spelling it wrong all this time”



    And your next spell in lesson will be HOW :-)

  23. The Ghood will prevail on

    yeah, i didnt think leeds had gone into liquidation…


    Should (when) the huns go out of business the newco option is doubtless the one they will try, but – and i hope im not being optimisitc here – I don’t think SPL entry will wash. Doubtless their pals in the media and the game’s authorities will try to help out, but the practicalities and legalities of it – without, as Paul points out, any precedents – would make it inviable




    Let us be vigilant, and make our thoughts known to our club about how we consider it imperative that any such attempt at CHEATING is to be resisted at all costs.


    The only way such evil will come to pass is if good men do nothing.

  24. The Battered Bunnet at 15:17



    That’s a shocking judgement. I can’t believe that now anyone who is hit by a golf ball can receive damages from it.




  25. Another fine scribe, Paul.


    In the days before tinternet we would never have read such an article.

  26. Paul



    Well done. It’s important that you keep shooting down the kites Rangers are flying to try to persuade Scotland that it can’t live without them.



    If I may, I would like to add an extra argument. It’s a point I tried to make earlier. In short, I think it’s worth putting across the idea to the Rangers hordes that the Newco won’t really be Rangers.



    This is not an attempt to rain on Craig Whyte’s or Dave King’s parade. I honestly believe that if we were in their position, the break with the true Celtic would be enough to end a lot of people’s realtionship with the club. The club, after all, would have gone.

  27. I look forward to a mumbled, half remembered half made up on the spot reproduction of the leader on tomorrows radio since they seem to be getting most of their good info from here and some other blog.

  28. Steinreignedsupreme



    Thanks for the reply. I get what you’re saying, but I did say earlier that I don’t see much merit in me expressing a view anymore – it usually leads to CQN grief and I’m inclined to think that our views aren’t going to prove too significant.


    I’m afraid I don’t agree with the conclusion you draw, but, I’d be happy to be wrong. Either way, I’m 100% focused on Celtic. The drama’s and scandals in the South Side don’t change the fact that we’re needing a bit of impetus.

  29. It’s funny how ,a good victory and the thought of huns/hearts going down the sewage pipe,


    puts a smile on your face.

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