Rangers Newco prepack not as you read elsewhere


We gave STV credit on Wednesday for their reporting on SPL voting process required to decide what to do if a new company applies to join the league after an existing team ceases to exist (through prepack or other means).

I subsequently noticed in the same article they suggest Leeds United went into liquidation and returned with a phoenix  prepack.  This is incorrect.  Leeds United, then in administration, were sold in 2007 to Ken Bates’ newly formed company, with Bates agreeing a deal with creditors.  Leeds were, therefore, only liable for the statutory 10 point penalty for entering administration, although the league increased the punishment to 15 points as the club failed to follow correct administration procedure.

I don’t wish to harangue STV on what was an article with genuine information but they cite Leeds as a precedent: “there is no guarantee that the Scottish Premier League would act in the same way as their counterparts in England but the similarities between the regulations mean that the precedent may be used as a guide”.

If I was Rangers right now I would be trying to convince everyone that putting a football club out of existence, only to allow another company to pick up its league share, with a points total calculated from the position of the former club, is similar to a common administration.  It’s not.  This would be a completely different scenario.

Having discussed this matter with many people throughout the game and the media, I can find no precedent for a football club going out of existence and phoenix-ing back into the same league spot.

Airdrieonians failed in 2008, when the owners of Clydebank FC moved to Airdrie and renamed to Airdrie United.  Gretna FC were voted into the space created by the absence of Airdrieonians (then a Second Division team), but entered at the bottom of the Scottish Football League.

Gretna failed in 2008 and a new club based at the same ground successfully applied for membership of the East of Scotland Football League.  Annan Athletic entered the bottom rung of the Scottish Football League after Gretna’s demise, not into the First Division spot Gretna were unable to fulfil.  Third Lanark were in the bottom division of the Scottish Football League when they were replaced by Clydebank.

Gretna-Annan, Clydebank-Gretna, Third Lanark-Clydebank are the only precedents that exist.  If you fail, the team that replaces you joins the bottom rung of the Scottish senior league structure, there have been no exceptions, in Scotland or in England.

The SFA have a say in this matter also.  They must ratify any decision of the SPL board and grant a licence to a new club before if can play in the SPL or Scottish Football League.  The national association is made up of member clubs, most of whom stand to gain considerably if a Rangers Newco FC were to enter the Scottish Football League.

Irrespective of the SPL’s decision, the SFA better have some pretty good lawyers if they deviate from precedent. The football authorities have a duty to ensure their competitions observe meritocratic and moral correctness. It’s only ‘fit and proper.

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  1. Lennybhoy…Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC until I die says:


    5 November, 2011 at 14:00


    My team:






    McGrain Mjallby Elliot Izaguirre



    McStay, Moravcik, Lambert Lennon



    Henrik Sutton



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!






    what a team that is

  2. Was out having a beer in Belfast city centre last night and bumped in to our title clinching goal hero Tommy Johnson!



    As Tim-nice-but-dim would say, what a throughly nice bloke!



    My team:


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  3. craig whyte\ i wonder who will play him in the movie?



    Alan B’stard……….



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  4. Neil Lennon Is A Celtic Soul Brother on

    Was going to wait for a new thread but as it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming I will re-post





    Thanks for all the entries so far-keep them coming!



    As a bit of an antidote for all the Utd best ofs of the last 25 years:



    Over the next few days I will compile any teams submitted from the following list and publish CQN’S best team of the last 25 years.


    To make it relatively easy to compile please stick to the following rules:


    1.Only choose players from the following lists(sorry if I missed your favourite player but there has to be a limit-I’ve also avoided loan players )


    2.Only pick 11 players as follows:


    1 Goalkeeper


    2 Full Backs


    2 Centre Backs


    3 Midfielders


    3 Forwards



    3.Only pick players from the relevant list .For example I have listed Roy Aitken as a Centre Back-you can’t pick him as a Midfielder. I’ve no doubt missed some obvious ones but this is the final list!





    1.Bonner 2.Gould 3.Douglas 4.D.Marshall 5.Boruc





    1.McKinlay 2.McNamara 3.Agathe 4.Wilson 5.Hinkel


    6.McGrain 7.Izaguirre 8.Boyd 9.Morris 10.Wdowczyk




    1.Stubbs 2.Rieper 3.Mjallby 4.Balde 5.Caldwell


    6.Aitken 7.Elliot 8.Mowbray 9.McCarthy 10.Valgaeren




    1.McLeod 2.McStay 3.Lambert 4.Collins 5.Burns


    6.McGeady 7.Di Cannio 8.Burley 9.Petrov 10.Thompson


    11.Moravcik 12.Lennon 13.Nakamura 14.Brown 15.Kayal




    1.Cadete 2.Viduka 3.Larsson 4.Sutton 5.Hartson


    6.Maloney 7.McDonald 8.Stokes 9.Hooper 10.Judas


    11.Van Hooijdonk 12.Walker 13.McAvennie 14.Dziekanowski 15.McClair



    I will re-post this over the next few days.

  5. tyrehoops says:


    5 November, 2011 at 14:16






    Nope, it’s got to be Christopher McDonald. If you’re not sure, Google it… :-)






  6. Neil Lennon Is A Celtic Soul Brother says:


    5 November, 2011 at 14:19



    I have to change mine again as McGeady listed as a midfielder, so here you are:






    McGrain Mjallby Elliot Izaguirre



    McStay Moravcik Lennon



    Henrik Sutton McClair



    Please confirm this fits into the criteria before Mrs. LB divorces me as she is waiting to get to The Fort…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  7. CSB



    My team:-






    Mcgrain Reiper Elliott Boyd



    Mcstay Lambert Lubo



    Henrik Sutton Mclair

  8. saltires en sevilla on

    Neil Lennon Is A Celtic Soul Brother says:


    5 November, 2011 at 09:06


    Re-Post from earlier.











    6.McGrain 7.Izaguirre





    2.Rieper 9.McCarthy






    2.McStay 3.Lambert 11.Moravcik






    3.Larsson 4.Sutton 15.McClair