Rangers Newco prepack not as you read elsewhere


We gave STV credit on Wednesday for their reporting on SPL voting process required to decide what to do if a new company applies to join the league after an existing team ceases to exist (through prepack or other means).

I subsequently noticed in the same article they suggest Leeds United went into liquidation and returned with a phoenix  prepack.  This is incorrect.  Leeds United, then in administration, were sold in 2007 to Ken Bates’ newly formed company, with Bates agreeing a deal with creditors.  Leeds were, therefore, only liable for the statutory 10 point penalty for entering administration, although the league increased the punishment to 15 points as the club failed to follow correct administration procedure.

I don’t wish to harangue STV on what was an article with genuine information but they cite Leeds as a precedent: “there is no guarantee that the Scottish Premier League would act in the same way as their counterparts in England but the similarities between the regulations mean that the precedent may be used as a guide”.

If I was Rangers right now I would be trying to convince everyone that putting a football club out of existence, only to allow another company to pick up its league share, with a points total calculated from the position of the former club, is similar to a common administration.  It’s not.  This would be a completely different scenario.

Having discussed this matter with many people throughout the game and the media, I can find no precedent for a football club going out of existence and phoenix-ing back into the same league spot.

Airdrieonians failed in 2008, when the owners of Clydebank FC moved to Airdrie and renamed to Airdrie United.  Gretna FC were voted into the space created by the absence of Airdrieonians (then a Second Division team), but entered at the bottom of the Scottish Football League.

Gretna failed in 2008 and a new club based at the same ground successfully applied for membership of the East of Scotland Football League.  Annan Athletic entered the bottom rung of the Scottish Football League after Gretna’s demise, not into the First Division spot Gretna were unable to fulfil.  Third Lanark were in the bottom division of the Scottish Football League when they were replaced by Clydebank.

Gretna-Annan, Clydebank-Gretna, Third Lanark-Clydebank are the only precedents that exist.  If you fail, the team that replaces you joins the bottom rung of the Scottish senior league structure, there have been no exceptions, in Scotland or in England.

The SFA have a say in this matter also.  They must ratify any decision of the SPL board and grant a licence to a new club before if can play in the SPL or Scottish Football League.  The national association is made up of member clubs, most of whom stand to gain considerably if a Rangers Newco FC were to enter the Scottish Football League.

Irrespective of the SPL’s decision, the SFA better have some pretty good lawyers if they deviate from precedent. The football authorities have a duty to ensure their competitions observe meritocratic and moral correctness. It’s only ‘fit and proper.

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  1. good afternoon everyone could Jeff Sterling on Sky be some day mentioning from the SFL a score of East Stirling 1 Newco Rangers 0 a forget it i want them to go down the pan

  2. the glorious balance sheet on

    If the Bigot Brothers go bust and then merge to form a new club it would no doubt be called Heart of Darkness FC.

  3. Just when the ole Friday night was shapin’ up to be a real cracker- Desmond C, Susan B, ole Johnny Clash goes and mentions Daisy Duke.



    I’m goin’ to have to re-charge the ole e-Lites.

  4. whitecrook tim says:



    4 November, 2011 at 17:00


    good afternoon everyone could Jeff Sterling on Sky be some day mentioning from the SFL a score of East Stirling 1 Newco Rangers 0 a forget it i want them to go down the pan






    More like Costco Rangers.



    Will be back in Balloch on Tuesday for a funeral. Be good to be hame.

  5. wycombebhoy says:


    4 November, 2011 at 16:52



    I left St. Francis in 1987 so Mark would have been after my time. To me if you went to either of the two schools you were from Bailieston and that included the Broomhouse, Garrowhill and Mount Vernon kids as well. I knew that Mark was from Baillieston but didn’t know if he was a Biddy or a Frannie.



    I’m off out to meet some retired heidies and boast about Marcus Fraser, Tommy Boyd and the Baillieston Bhoys. Great chatting with you Gerry. I’ll catch up with you again on here.



    Hail! Hail!

  6. Why, if der hun are re-structured/re-named can they just inherit the points from their previous incarnation. They must start at Zero in Div 3.



    With regards the son of billy in Enbra, let them stew n their own juice.



    Aye aye aye aye


    Simpson is better than Yashin


    Big Yogi is better than Eusebio


    And Johnstone is better than anyone



    Hail hail





    can I just say that we should most definitely be building our team around the likes of Mathews, Fraser etc. Way to go Lenny






  7. JohnnyClash says:


    4 November, 2011 at 16:47




    Any links to the highlights/90 mins of that game would be greatly appreciated M8!



    I was up the back of the Jungle that night, sitting on the wall thingy and holding on to the pipe that went all the way along. What I can recall from that night was, how many white hankie’s were being waved as, fans were getting crushed. There must have been at least 20,000 in the Jungle that night. One other thing i recall is that, when we arrived at the turnstyles there were queue’s a mile long and, I and about 12 other mates joined this other queue to, go through a back garden( it was a fellow tims) at the huns end of the stadium and, then we had to run up a ladder that was placed over a wall which allowed hundreds if not, thousands of fans to drop from a wall into the stadium. It was like somethig out of an – Indiana Jones film!



    The owner of the garden made a right few bob that night!

  8. Good article Paul.



    Look at it another way.



    If there is nothing strictly forbidding a Rangers of Glasgow ‘phoenixing’ straight back into the SPL then


    you can bet your bottom dollar that they will end up precisely there.



    Surely most clubs would vote in favour otherwise what future would Scottish football hold with the Giants of Glasgow Celtic versus the rest.



    Would be like Velociraptor versus the chickens…

  9. My old man calls both Forster and Forrest…..Forrester!



    He says Samaras in a way that no other member of the human race is capable

  10. This is turning into a fairly unforgettable festival of Friday frolics-



    Daisy Duke, Susan Boyle, Desmond Carrington – and only 15 minutes ago IN THE DARK the ole postie has just delivered ‘Long Live the King’ by The Decemberists’.



    I’m definitely buyin’ an ole Lucky Dip.

  11. Great team performance last night, lit up by the bold Greek. He’s produced quite a few performances like that – hopefully people are starting to see what he brings to the team.



    If it’s early enough to say without sounding like a doom-monger, I do have serious misgivings about starting Stokes/Hooper against Motherwell. I realise that sounds daft on the back of them getting among the goals last night, but I can’t forget how ill-suited they were to theFir Park surface last season, and how ineffective they both were. My fear is they will be given a game on the strength of last night, and we may see a repeat performance.



    I’d like to see us toughen up in midfield for the Mothers, with Charlie, if he’s fit, on the left.

  12. Paul 67



    in the murky past of EK footie leagues there was a team that dirty, assaults after games, following opponents home and giving them a seeing to etc, that the rest of the league met in secret formed a new league, and when it came round to starting the old league, no one re-applied except the nutters!



    It is possible that the reverse could happen SPL2 is born , anyone can apply, and this is where the legal tap dancing starts, criteria will be set to allow Dignity in the back door.



    This would need the the tic board’s approval, and I wish I could be 100% certain of the outcome.



    I believe we should organise a petition at the ground and ask the support to express their preference, similar to the ‘yes I would fergus’ questionnaire, we need to give our board some backbone here, otherwise the money talks calculation will let Dignity off the hook.



    Legal precedents can be trashed by changing the rules / question?

  13. Paul 67



    As usual, a learned and insightful article.



    But, I still don’t believe that the huns will go under and I’ll tell you why….



    I don’t in any way mean to be disrespectful to your ghoodself but, I think that there are an awful lot of people who don’t realise that, Scotland IS the huns – The huns ARE Scotland!!!



    The establishment will work their ‘dark-arts’ and pull the huns out of the fire! IMO!



    P.S. Something that has always gnawed away at me is when, Darth Vader once said, “You Must Never Under-Estimate The Power Of The Dark-Side!”



    Very sphooky!

  14. Question regarding the game last night would anyone no the ages of the Celtic team and average age .It must have been won of the youngest Celtic team to take the field in a european tie

  15. saltires en sevilla on

    BhrambleJelly says:


    4 November, 2011 at 15:50


    Just got a couple of extra tickets for the Rangers game on the 28th Dec. Guy at ticketmaster tells me they’re going like hot cakes…





    of course you meant the currants/huns/rankers/ranjers game



    didn’t you ?



    going like hot cakes hmmmmm

  16. johann murdoch says:



    4 November, 2011 at 17:25


    Does anyone know what the average orcs away support number?



    Very difficult to say as most have two heads , six toes and three thumbs.

  17. fergus slayed the blues on

    One thing I will say about Sammi ,he owes us a lot more performances like last night.


    Also if he can up his game ala last night ,are we all to back him when he so Clary fails to show the same level of commitment as last night .


    As I have said before ,if a player is not good enough then I can except poor performances but if the said player is good enough and consistently fails to play to his abilities then that is not acceptable .


    hail hail

  18. I posted before the game last night that if Sammi played he would do the business, this was because we had a fair referee.


    Sammi got 1 foul called against him for backing in, every time he challenges for a ball with a hun ref it’s a foul against, so if Sammi or others don’t perform against murderwell I would be willing to wager the referees are the blame.



    The team played last night with a fluency that’s not allowed in scotland.

  19. Memories of the real Madrid game, they kept the ball for the first 15 minutes or so, we could not get near them then big Roy clattered one of their lot, we grew into the game.



    Return game , I was physically ejected (bit lighter then) from rhe Madrid nutters section , AT Mays travel got us tickets for the wrong end, chickenissef a sitter after 5 mins, Hungarian ref was a cheat, bus back a nightmare …



    In with port Glasgow bhoys , one ghuy had a bugle which he blew every 15 mnutes. Happy days




  20. One thing that brought a big smile to my mug last night (apart from all the obvious, obviously!) was when (future) superstar M’Vila was red carded to the chants of:






    I took immense pleasure explaining to FR friends the meaning of that chant and also the one that goes:






    The oldies are the goldies !!!



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