Rangers, streetwalkers of football, face their deadline


There’s something undignified at the shenanigans at Ibrox right now.  Despite being under no pressure to pay the disputed tax demand, Rangers are tarting around their top player in a desperate attempt to raise money.

After the Plus Stock Exchange suspended dealing in their shares the club stated it would produce overdue accounts for season 2010-11 around the end of this month, which coincides with the end of the transfer window.  Any auditor needs to be in a position to state that the company has enough cash to be considered a going concern before he would be in a position to sign-off the accounts.  Rangers are now in a desperate bid for cash as their self-imposed (late) date to provide shareholders with statutory information has arrived.

Claims were made that a front-loaded war-chest was made available to Ex-Rangers manager, Ally McCoist (still too early?  Hmmmm) at the start of the season and it was subsequently suggested that a £9m bid was rejected for Nikica Jelavic, but now the same player is available for a fraction of that sum – available for cash, that is.

McCoist kept their season alive but as reality dawn and Neil Lennon’s Celtic turned up the heat, his challenge abated.

The trusty old media, for so long a crutch throughout Rangers rather unique history, are set to desert the White Star Line’s most famous vessel.  The day draws near.

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  1. Jobo Baldie says:



    30 January, 2012 at 19:54



    Good evening again.



    I telt yies earlier…



    Jobo Baldie says:



    30 January, 2012 at 17:30



    Good evening friends.



    It’s Shug and Speirsey on Clyde tonight. Might be worth a listen.




  2. Some hun on Snyde saying the rest of the clubs in the SPL should give them their TV money.












    Wit a fud!





    /Bishop B

  3. Right, who’s going to run out to the petrol station tonight to buy a record and scan in the supposed 8 pages being done on Whyte?

  4. Great article by the way. Tomorrow is a very important day, transfers and otherwise.




  5. Very Bold Paul. I take it your in the know about tomorrows news????? Ally for the off? and whyte dragged out into the light of day like dracula.lol






  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    verdammt scheisse !!!!!



    Can they not hang on until at least the spring ?



    Hail Hail

  7. I'm just Keevin's Little Bampot on

    Any tweet types know what to do when you get a text back from sending a tweet?

  8. Did Spiers just say that the Scottish government would not let THEM go out of business??



    Could have sworn he did.





    /Bishop B

  9. Len Brennan says:


    30 January, 2012 at 19:56



    Crazy suggestion, but Keevins answer?



    Celtic and the huns get the vast majority of the money, the other clubs get hardly anything.



    So would they be that much worse off without the so called Sky TV deal?



    Would they not be better off with a larger share of a smaller pot?

  10. If there is a story which will bring down White, you can bet your bottty that someone is behind it.



    This could be the start rather than the endgame.



    Funny that moonbeams and nosurname were in the news last week. hmmmm.







  11. I work nightshift, its gonna be a quick shift with the old early edition and F5 on here. get in! who said there’s n o magic in the world





  12. P67



    Clyde SSB have finally realised the the dam is burst”……..



    Face saving time from the Mötley Crew



    RipvanWinkle CSC




  13. Clyde was a joy tonight. Car crash stuff could not take ma ears off it .



  14. the long wait is over on

    Len Brennan




    Heard that.



    Oh my aching sides. I swear I was holding on to the furniture for fear of falling over I was laughing so much when I heard that.



    Absolute 100 % comedy gold.





  15. Kevinlasvegas, On the Daily Record story: I don’t have info from the Record but my sources at Rangers are under the impression that this is correct.



    Jobo Baldie, sure is, Jobo.

  16. Len Brennan says:


    30 January, 2012 at 19:59



    Believe he did, sounded like Custers last stand at the end of the show tonight

  17. from previous post:



    is there anybody out there, who thinks we will let one go in this TW.


    sign an international striker on loan. (heard he is decent too)


    the swedish full back will be expecting a game.


    and the young nigerian may get a bit part.



    that must surely mean the end for


    paddy / sammy / kris / Mo Bangura / Glenn / twardzik brothers / mo rassmussen ??



    ill be amazed if some of these guys, dont go out on loan or ar sold over the next day or so.

  18. the glorious balance sheet on

    Lubo 19:59,



    Spot on, sir.



    The Daily Record has a pro-Rangers agenda at the heart of everything that it does. So if they`re going to town on Whyte then this will be at the behest of shadowy goatfiddlers who are desperately trying to save RFC at the 11th hour.



    I smell a whiff of moonbeams about the while affair.

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