Rangers, streetwalkers of football, face their deadline


There’s something undignified at the shenanigans at Ibrox right now.  Despite being under no pressure to pay the disputed tax demand, Rangers are tarting around their top player in a desperate attempt to raise money.

After the Plus Stock Exchange suspended dealing in their shares the club stated it would produce overdue accounts for season 2010-11 around the end of this month, which coincides with the end of the transfer window.  Any auditor needs to be in a position to state that the company has enough cash to be considered a going concern before he would be in a position to sign-off the accounts.  Rangers are now in a desperate bid for cash as their self-imposed (late) date to provide shareholders with statutory information has arrived.

Claims were made that a front-loaded war-chest was made available to Ex-Rangers manager, Ally McCoist (still too early?  Hmmmm) at the start of the season and it was subsequently suggested that a £9m bid was rejected for Nikica Jelavic, but now the same player is available for a fraction of that sum – available for cash, that is.

McCoist kept their season alive but as reality dawn and Neil Lennon’s Celtic turned up the heat, his challenge abated.

The trusty old media, for so long a crutch throughout Rangers rather unique history, are set to desert the White Star Line’s most famous vessel.  The day draws near.

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  1. i can’t hold my breath any longer someone please tell me they are truly fecked that the bell is tolling and the singing fat bird is doing her warm up?



    Therefore, send not to know


    For whom the bell tolls,


    It tolls for thee.

  2. Sorry for the Clog the Blog post.



    Another wee thought.



    If every Celtic supporter who has access to buying the DR tomorrow, does so, think what it would do to their circulation figures.



    A kind of “Look what you could have won”, if you had done your jobs properly.



    Chris TarrantCSC

  3. Re any story……….



    If Fat Boy is involved it may involve the thousandaire but it won’t ultimately be about anything bad for thems…


    If anything it will be the pre-cursor to the Newco rehab……….Just my opinion but, does anything about the MBB make you think he cares about some bad publicity??



    The MBB is just a patsy.

  4. the glorious balance sheet on

    James Forrest,



    It is a damning indictment of the complete lack of gumption that exists within the Rangers support and especially their organised factions (the Blue Disorder etc) that even after almost a year of lurching from one crisis to another, and of continually scrabbling down the back of the sofa to find snash to pay the most routine bills, that they still couldn`t smell the coffee and realise when they were being sold a pup.



    The rag that told us that Whyte`s wealth was off the radar has performed an embarassing about turn and clocked the writing scrawled 20 foot high on the wall while the Colonel Blinks within the Rangers support continue to delude themselves. They`re probably still telling themselves of Follow Follow that its all a timmy conspiracy and that the warchest will deliver Drogba tomorrow.



    They deserve all they get.

  5. James Forrest is Lennon says:



    30 January, 2012 at 20:09



    It all hinges on the mistaken belief that not only are Rangers good for Scottish football but they ARE Scottish football.



    It is this underlying belief that has allowed all their pecadillos to be seen as such, rather than the grave errors they have been that have totally undermined our game.



    The SFA have been very guilty of being passengers on the Rangers voyage when in fact they should have been the captain.



    Somebody has to step in and take over that role and the sooner the SFA come clean on their part (Regan can blame it on Peat and co and Ogilve can step down – (not necessarily because he was involved but because of his connection to Hearts and Rangers our most troubled clubs.)



    This requires leadership and swift action to save Scottish football and I’m away for a fortnight :)

  6. Repost from end of last thread,



    twists n turns says:


    30 January, 2012 at 18:55



    Can I suggest that 10,000 Celtic fans go £4k each and we take the £40m and buy them from the administrators?



    I’m up for it on the basis I get to drive the bulldozer:-)



    Why have Rangers fans not came forward to sort this mess out for them?



    Wouldn’t happen to us.





    10,000 Celtic fans put £50 in the Vanessa appeal for £500k to save her life becomes a reality.



    I know where my money would be going……………..

  7. I know the Daily Record’s big expose…



    Craig Whyte found that £1 in the street!!



    I cant wait for tomorrow, especially when we announce another signing…




  8. Snyde tonight was both hilarious & worrying.G.Speirs actually did say the government would not let it (no rankers) happen !



    The meltdown has started.



    It was just over a year ago during halftime at Celtic park when in discussion with a fellow tim about the media that he


    mentioned this blog.I am now addicted to this place,in the main, due to the many viewpoints expressed over many


    subjects. Not just the football club we love but everything from politics to music etc etc.The fact that i have witnessed this site,


    never mind others raising thousands of pounds for many charities is again commendable.The mainstream media is now not


    even relevant after the turnaround of the press & snyde over the last week.


    CQN I doff my hat to you.Proud to be a bampot.Hail hail.

  9. If the whole Whyte story is that some no-mark comes in to take ranger through their regeneration/”tough times” only for the real money to come in when deals for Xp in the pound are made the will the laptop loyal come out and say they’ve been had?



    In order to have a football club as a play thing, even a Scottish one, tens of millions of disposable cash is required. Its clear Whyte is an intermediate step. A step into admin before the real backers can come in. For me the story is whether his role was agreed in advance.



    What is now certain, especially after the share suspension, is that they are reacting to events…. There is no plan.

  10. Snake Plissken says:


    30 January, 2012 at 20:21



    Another star trek quote (a little altered)



    Ah, Whyte, my old foe. Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? … It is very cold in DIVISION 3.


    No, you can’t get away. From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.



    The Celtic Federation V the Huns




  11. West Wales Celt on

    Yeeeee Haaaaaa!!!



    Howdy compadres.


    I fall outta the saddle to bring yus news of wour old cowpoke, Kris “monster munch’ Boydie.


    Yep siree, owd Kris gon an got hissen a deal wi Good ‘ol Portland Timbers in the U S of A!



    Now for those mongst yees not too familiar with the Timbers yees may wanna take a wee pesky peep at their soccer shirt:





    No, seriously, you may want to take a peep at their shirt…

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    I’ve heard it all now…..!!!!!



    I actually thought Graham Spiers was a sensible / realist / fair-minded journalist, but he has let himself down tonight by making a really stupid comment tonight on radio snyde by staing that he cannot see the Scottish Parliament allowing rankers to go to the wall, since it would affect the Scottish economy etc…



    Graham, behave yourself…..I could give you a number of reasons why your comment is a joke……but here’s 2, which will put your mind at rest….. (LOTS OF LAUGHTER)



    1) Try telling anyone in the Country, who isn’t a ‘Bluebell’ fan that you are going to ‘save’ RFC with their tax money…..I can think of better things to do with my tax money…(more laughter)



    2) …Yes , let’s give tax dodgers our tax money, to get them out of the poo (not necessarily the Manchester variety)…..(more laughter)



    One thing is for sure, the ‘penny has dropped’ with the media…..they are now panicking, along with a growing number of rankers fans, ……but, guess what lads….too late….



    Irrespective of the outcome of the Tax Case, they are in deep financial trouble, and they now realise, their support of cw has just made matters worse….he doesn’t have 2 brass farthings to rub together…….and……he is not going to get the 4 seasons of Season Ticket money to pay back the loan he took out to pay Lloyds ….they are going to have to sell everything they have to get out of this, and then start again….

  13. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    It’s like Christmas Eve.



    Only difference is that it’s Satan coming for the Huns, and Santa for us.

  14. I hope the Record story is not just about the Whyte Era. If so, then I suspect that it is, in reality, the beginning of the salvage job.



    I hope I’m wrong.



    Regarding Spiers claim the the Scottish Government will not allow them to go down. I’m afraid that FIFA?UEFA take a very dim view of political involvement in football affairs.



    It’s about the integrity of their Rules, you see.

  15. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Looks like walter’s managed to steal a march on Europe’s big guns by getting Johnny Rothen in on loan for a year.


    He could be a great prospect for the future , the boy’s on 33 yrs old and has his best years in front of him …….



    Where is he now




  16. RATM - A BAMPOT! on

    Eh…hello? Hello? Anyone there?



    I feel like Swally looking for the trialist who I could have sworn was here a minute ago!

  17. Gordon J


    About orc season story sorry about wrong info earlier Its MG05s and discussed on RTC on 05/06/11 on post New Deal Mystery.



  18. The Little Gentleman In The Black Velvet Waistcoat on

    cant believe how synical you all are this evening……….can I remind you all about the truth according to Jim Traynor



    Scots billionaire Craig Whyte set to buy Rangers for £30m



    Nov 18 2010 Exclusive by James Traynor


    Craig Whyte Image 1



    Craig Whyte Image 1



    Craig Whyte profile: The Scots whizzkid on the brink of buying the club he loves



    Walter Smith will be handed a massive January cheque book if Scots billionaire Craig Whyte succeeds in his £30million bid to buy Rangers.



    The lifelong Light Blues fan is heading up a consortium that includes Andrew Ellis and emerged last night as the man who could restore the Ibrox club’s fortunes on and off the pitch.



    Talks are at an advanced stage and if a deal is closed cash-strapped Smith will be able to strengthen the threadbare squad in his bid to capture three titles in a row.



    Smith is growing increasingly concerned about the limited number of players at his disposal as he tries to bow out on a high.



    But if 39-year-old Whyte rides to the rescue Rangers fans can look forward to a January signing spree – provided the deal is concluded quickly.



    And sources in London last night were adamant Whyte and his group would press home their interest.



    As a supporter, Whyte knows how important it is to strengthen the squad to stave off Celtic’s challenge. The tycoon – Whyte became the youngest self-made Scottish millionaire in the 90s – is based in London and Grantown-on-Spey where he has been restoring Grant Castle at a cost of millions.



    Born and brought up in Motherwell, he lived in Monaco as his wealth started to increase but returned to Britain in 1997 and is eager to buy out Sir David Murray’s majority interest and take Rangers forward. He is being backed by a group of wealthy individuals which includes London-based property developer Ellis – who tried earlier this year to launch a buyout bid of his own – but Whyte is the major player.



    He has always made his own decisions and so far the man who left school to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur has been on the money.



    He started to make his fortune through a host of companies with interests in retail, construction, heavy plant hire, security services and industrial and office cleaning. And now Rangers fans will be hoping Whyte will succeed where Ellis previously failed. Ellis came close before but now he is involved with the billionaire it is believed Rangers’ owner is so far happy with what the consortium have to offer.

  19. Last Night of The Huns. What’s your playlist. The concert will finish with God pay our Queen (because we can’t)

  20. Can I light five Chinese Lanterns to represent their poxy five stars going up in smoke yet?? Was saving them for my daughters birthday, but she will have another one..


    Just loving being a bampot!



    Hail, Hail!

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