Rangers Tax Case Mr Red in hot water


The Tax Disciplinary Panel have received a complained from TaxWatch about the conduct of a tax advisor to Rangers Football Club (now in liquidation), who was named in the findings in Murray Group Holdings v HMRC case – The Big Tax Case.  The published report anonymised names, identifying “Mr Red” as a Chartered Tax Advisor and former Inspector of Taxes.

In 2017, long after the club went into liquidation, the Supreme Court found that Rangers’ Employee Benefit Trusts were disguised renumeration and that tax should have been paid on them.

As TaxWatch report:

“In her dissenting judgment, Dr Heidi Poon records how Mr Red wrote to HMRC denying the existence of documents that HMRC had requested under the a statutory request for information, writing in a letter “your belief in the existence of documents demonstrating how amounts contributed to the Trust are determined is irrational and unfounded. I cannot help with your fantasies and the production of a S20 makes no difference to this”. [1] In fact, the documents did exist and had been uncovered by a City of London Police raid on Ibrox Stadium in connection with an unrelated investigation.

“Concluding, Dr Poon stated that Mr Red’s behaviour went beyond what could be described as “a lack of candour”, she said: “It would be judicial to conclude that it had been obstructive and obscurantist, and there is evidence of active concealment of documents… to describe Mr Red as ‘somewhat defensive’ in giving his sworn testimony would be an understatement. On more than one occasion, Mr Red had attempted to mislead the Tribunal”.”

A lack of disciplinary action by the Chartered Institute of Tax allowed Mr Red to continue working in the field, despite the findings in fact disclosed at the Rangers Tax Case and the Institutes published code of conduct.  That code now seems more if an aspiration than a reuirement.

In raising this complaint to the Tax Disciplinary Board, TaxWatch have highlighted not just the activities of one individual, but the dirty ‘Water some of the country’s largest companies is prepared to swim in.  It also puts in dount the tax industry’s ability to regulate itself.

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  1. LNS & the secret 5 way agreement are two of the biggest stitch ups in the murky history of Scottish fitba.



    Our passive response to both is still having consequences today.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ho ho ho.



    Nice little custard pie leader for a Friday Pablo.



    As with many things coming out of Ibrox, the combined levels of arrogance and stupidity are truly breathtaking.



    Typical of an organisation in perennial retreat but which still retains its supremacist mindset.



    (At the risk of doing granny and eggs thing) pray permit me to offer some advice on here.



    NEVER, EVER, EVER (!) say to Hector ..






    that he is “irrational”






    “I cannot help with your fantasies”




  3. When is avoidance evasion? Why no prosecutions for this? it was disguised for a reason, it was wrong and despite all the fancy words it had secret letters that gave those players tax free earnings.


    I keep going back to a case in the borders some years ago now, a businessman spent 500k which was PAYE from his employees on a lavish lifestyle , he was charged and got 5 years, yet nothing about this , instead sham trials with no chance of convictions and malicious prosecutions costing the tax payer around 50 million so far, seems to me if you charge the right culprits under the right charges you will get justice, but you need the Police and Prosecution service to initiate this.

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  5. My friends in Celtic,



    Food for thought.



    Missing team :- Bain, Ralston, Welsh, Jullien, Scales, McGregor, Rogic, Turnbull, Maeda, Johnston and Kyogo




  6. DESSYBHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2022 12:18 PM


    When is avoidance evasion?








    In this case, as soon as the so called side letters were issued.



    They changed the whole legal set up of the EBT scheme by making the payments contractual rather than discretionary.

  7. EL


    Is that so important other than the cluedo names? At the Upper Tier Tribunal HMRC won their case and the decision was upheld by The Supreme Court

  8. The significance of the lead article is that it again totally undermines one of LNS reasons for justifying no sporting advantage from their use of ebts.



    Justifying his decision LNS , in relegating the use of ebts from cheating to gain on field advantage to a 10 year administration error for which a fine was imposed said:


    ” There is no question of dishonesty individual or corporate” which given his Decision in Feb 2013 came after the FTT report in Oct 2010 is astonishing.



    Now had the FTT findings been taken into account LNS could not have concluded as he did. In fact his ToRs should have been different. Acting in bad faith should have been the charge, not misregistrations.



    In doing so he legitimised the 5 titles won by Rangers from 2002/03 to 2010/11 using players fuelled by ebt tax payer subsidy.


    This has allowed their claim to have won 55 titles. Going for 51 is less of a boast and admitting cheating is too shameful for them, but even if the titles are not rescinded the lead article is proof LNS Commission was a sham that shames Scottish football.



    To end on a negative note, Celtic’s man on the SPL Board Eric Riley was provided in 2014 with evidence of dishonesty .



    The info was passed by SPL to SFA who did nothing until the Supreme Court ruled in 2017.



    They then they got a QC to supply reasons not to revisit the LNS Decision.



    What is not clear is if the FTT findings were ever considered by him or the other evidence of dishonesty the SFA sat on from 2014 was disclosed to him.


    There is what looks like an oblique reference to it in his case that justified no action by SFA.



    That is the truth.

  9. Auldheid


    Aye auld man Riley who was conveniently on holiday when he received an email about the 5WA with 24 hrs to reply, they must think we zip up the back, all of them.

  10. I wonder if Riley could have accessed his company e mail


    even when on holiday



    I can access my work e mail when I am not in the office


    although maybe 2012 this may not have been possible

  11. Dessybhoy



    There are two separate events involving Riley.


    The one re the 5WA where it was sent to him and Lawwell for acceptance in July 2012 from Doncaster.



    The other is the one when he was on holiday. The SPL Board including Riley of which he was a member had met the week before to consider appealing the LNS Decision.


    The following week after obtaining further advice they met to decide if they should accept LNS Decision or appeal. Riley was incommunicado on that occasion.



    I cannot imagine what his reaction was in 2014 when he received the package, and a witness saw it on his desk, of dishonesty towards HMRC. I suspect a swear word or two was voiced.


    In identically a Resolution to the 2020 AGM naming Riley was disallowed by Celtic on grounds of defamation of character and had to be replaced at short notice with another, the result of which was Celtic undertaking to engage with SFA on the abandonment of their JPDT case of non compliance with UEFA FFP in the monitoring period in 2011 that studiously avoided investigating how the SFA granted the licence in the first place.

  12. The significance of the lead article is that it again totally undermines one of LNS reasons for justifying no sporting advantage from their use of ebts.






    I would have thought that McLeish’s admission that EBTs allowed him to sign players the club otherwise could not afford would have been evidence enough of a sporting advantage.

  13. It’s uncanny the similarities between the Tory Government and the people at Ibrox. Brazen liars, dishonest, prepared to use any ploy to gain an advantage and yet the Sevco hoards don’t raise a dissenting voice, just like the numpties who still support Boris.



  14. BB


    I’m in no way justifying what the hordes there do, have you followed Res 12 5WA stuff which involved Celtic, difficult to hold some people to account, to speak with one voice, just needs a commitment to brass it out for those in power.

  15. If any of us mere mortals had uttered the words of David


    Murray in a court of law we would have been looking at


    fraud charges



    But Murray being so high in the masons meant he could do


    and say what he liked and get off scot free

  16. DESSYBHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2022 12:37 PM







    ‘Is that so important other than the cluedo names?’






    It’s almost unheard of for First Tier Tribunals to sit in private.



    That it was allowed in this case suggests the fix was in from the start. That is why it’s important.

  17. EL


    Fixed what?HMRC won the case, the identities of those involved were not although these might have come to light through time.

  18. Charges should have been brought but weren’t in my opinion.That tells me a lot about everyone being equal in the eyes of the law, it’s false.

  19. DESSYBHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2022 1:55 PM







    ‘Fixed what?HMRC won the case’






    Here’s a link to the FTTT cases for the last 13/14 years.



    Check to see how many of them were allowed to sit in private. This might take you some time as there must be around 2,000 of them.



    Then give me a reason, that is not suggestive of bias, as to why this case was allowed to sit it private.





  20. BIGBHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2022 1:29 PM


    ‘It’s uncanny the similarities between the Tory Government and the people at Ibrox.’








    Not sure Holyrood’s much different.



    And if you don’t believe me, try asking Salmond what he thinks of them.

  21. The perennial problem is always going to be, who is going to pick this up and run with it? Nobody in power at Hampden, Nyon……



    Green Pinata – are you opposed to all measures of the new bill, or just a select few?




    Emergency powers should be for emergencies only. I really don’t think posters see the implications of the bill. Put simply, it is undemocratic and reeks of a country heading down the road of a totalitarian regime.



    We made noise about the hypothetical appointment of Benard Higgins The man in charge of a national police force who’s job was to implement the Politicians will.


    There will be more like Benard Higgins



    Lockdown on a whim. All the powers of the OB act, and more, and the powers to ban or restrict gatherings.


    Nobody voted for this, it is a power grab by stealth.



    Just imagine the outcry if it were the Scottish Tories advocating this.



    As common curtesy to Paul 67’s article; We are debating a topic that is done and dusted. The time for action on this topic was years ago. It is a dead dodo bird, it is pushing up Daisies it is a deceased subject.


    Rightly or wrongly the reality is the huns have the services of a multi million pound player.



    The retention of draconian emergency powers was forecast by a few of us. It is a dangerous misuse of power and its all about control.



    The furore over Benard Higgins will pale into insignificance when the full implications of this bill finally register.



    HH to you.

  23. Riley and Lawwell are entrenched in the 5WA.I was a guest in the Presidential Suite at CP for a game v Hearts, it’s where clubs directors and invited guests mingle,and have prawn sandwiches. I turned round and caught Riley and the Hearts CEo at the time Scot Gardiner,sharing a handshake that would make an SFA referee blush,he was absolutely mortified as he turned and seen the look on my face,BTW Gardiner got pinged for forgetting to order seats for their new stand,he previously worked for the huns, and currently at Inverness Caley….

  24. Greenpinta.



    Discussing a dead dodo.




    Those who fail to learn the mistakes in the past are doomed to repeat them or words to that effect.



    There is no past all there is is now and now provides the opportunity not to correct the past but change the future.



    There is a pandemic of lies and the truth is in ICU.

  25. EL


    No im not going through those, the purpose of the FTTT was to create a fix, is that your point, HMRC won the case at the Upper Tier and upheld by the Supreme Court, I think the fix happened somewhere else.

  26. prestonpans bhoys on

    Bada @2:20



    You should repeat that story on SC , the reaction would be wonderful😂😂

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