Rangers Tax Case Mr Red in hot water


The Tax Disciplinary Panel have received a complained from TaxWatch about the conduct of a tax advisor to Rangers Football Club (now in liquidation), who was named in the findings in Murray Group Holdings v HMRC case – The Big Tax Case.  The published report anonymised names, identifying “Mr Red” as a Chartered Tax Advisor and former Inspector of Taxes.

In 2017, long after the club went into liquidation, the Supreme Court found that Rangers’ Employee Benefit Trusts were disguised renumeration and that tax should have been paid on them.

As TaxWatch report:

“In her dissenting judgment, Dr Heidi Poon records how Mr Red wrote to HMRC denying the existence of documents that HMRC had requested under the a statutory request for information, writing in a letter “your belief in the existence of documents demonstrating how amounts contributed to the Trust are determined is irrational and unfounded. I cannot help with your fantasies and the production of a S20 makes no difference to this”. [1] In fact, the documents did exist and had been uncovered by a City of London Police raid on Ibrox Stadium in connection with an unrelated investigation.

“Concluding, Dr Poon stated that Mr Red’s behaviour went beyond what could be described as “a lack of candour”, she said: “It would be judicial to conclude that it had been obstructive and obscurantist, and there is evidence of active concealment of documents… to describe Mr Red as ‘somewhat defensive’ in giving his sworn testimony would be an understatement. On more than one occasion, Mr Red had attempted to mislead the Tribunal”.”

A lack of disciplinary action by the Chartered Institute of Tax allowed Mr Red to continue working in the field, despite the findings in fact disclosed at the Rangers Tax Case and the Institutes published code of conduct.  That code now seems more if an aspiration than a reuirement.

In raising this complaint to the Tax Disciplinary Board, TaxWatch have highlighted not just the activities of one individual, but the dirty ‘Water some of the country’s largest companies is prepared to swim in.  It also puts in dount the tax industry’s ability to regulate itself.

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  1. park the bus 442 on

    Nothing happens until Celtic are run by a board with balls that rattles cages and doesn’t roll over.


    But we need fans with balls who’ll rattle cages and who also won’t roll over to install such a board.


    And as we no longer have the Celtic fans as described, then nothing will be done and more injustices will be the order of the day. If you knowingly financially support bigotry and fraud then you are a huge part of the problem if not the entire problem. Boards don’t appoint themselves you supporters appoint them by giving them a financial vote of confidence year in year out no matter what the board does or doesn’t do and all of the last 12 years happened because you allowed it to happen.



    I have not been about these parts for some time.


    I posted way back I think I may know you or at least know someone from your neck of the woods. I asked if you could email me, never did get one.


    Can you email me at lennybhoycfc@gmail.com, thanks.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  3. This is now.


    Tomorrow we will face Dundee United in front of a sell out crowd @ 15.00 hrs. We will provide a boost for many hospitality venues.


    A new impressive manager.


    A strong subs bench,


    Desire outstriping availability to see out team.


    Entertaining football.




    So many positives



    HH to all.

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from Ruglen and heading back to the centre of the universe. Also known as Govanhill.

  5. Bada Bing I take it you to are a Mason ,you knew the handshake was a Masonic one ,only someone in the craft would see that ,

  6. Will Jullien start tomorrow?.Has to sometime.Some players needing a wee bit of a rest.Get the goals and then get the sub’s on.A display like the first half on Wednesday will swamp United.


    Beware the Butcher.


    Huns might find it a tad difficult tomorrow.Playing really well County,and were robbed at Tannadice.



    Watched the presser from Ange. I could listen to him all day.



    I love the totally fed up look on his face when a meeja person asks him a question.



    i expect another suprise signing as well, and a few out on loan to buy deals.

  8. TIMBHOY163 on 28TH JANUARY 2022 7:11 PM


    Bada Bing I take it you to are a Mason ,you knew the handshake was a Masonic one ,only someone in the craft would see that ,



    Ive been knuckle crunched loads of time, it is not difficult to spot, the noose roon their heids and the tit out was a dead giveaway

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    Listened to Ange’s presser and was surprised and delighted to hear my mate Martin – who runs the Leith CSC – ask the last 2 questions, the first of which praised Ange and the team to the hilt.



    Can’t wait for tomorrow. We as a support are now back in the position where we really look forward to seeing the Celtic play. It’s been a while.

  10. no googling now.



    what is your first memories of know of Wim Jansen ?



    playing against us in 1970 ? world cup final of 74 ? playing against scotland in 78 ? olaying in a second world cup final ?



    do you know his magnificent full name ? he sounds like a dutchman has been made emporer of rome.








    Holland78 Flag of Netherlands






    Feb 16, 2020



    Wilhelmus Marinus Antonius (Wim) #Jansen (6).



    The oil in the engine of the Orange Machine.


    Two #WorldCup finals, fifteen seasons with #Feyenoord #Rotterdam. one #EuropaCup (#Championsleague) win. Played also for #Washington #Diplomats and #Ajax.




  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Aye, good point Bada, “welcome to Scoddland” will be a bit different for him.

  12. would love us to sign another defender or two – we lack height threat offensively and defensively (Julian is uncertain) – also a left back with pace to recover all the space our attacking approach offers.



    Only then will it be a great window and set us up to compete for the league this season



    Knowing our board – we will fall just short

  13. Team prediction, just for larks:





    Ralston CCV Starfelt Scales


    Bitton Hatate O’Riley


    Abada Giakoumakis Jota



    I just have a feeling Ange will want to give the full backs a change/ rest/ run out as appropriate.

  14. Timbhoy163 on 28th January 2022 7:11 pm



    Bada Bing I take it you to are a Mason ,you knew the handshake was a Masonic one ,only someone in the craft would see that ,



    If you don’t mind me asking, what age are you? Have you never been on the end of a Masonic handshake? I know what it feels like, and looks like,if someone could post the pic of Tiny Wharton and Greig,that’s what it looks like, if you haven’t seen it before.

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Difficult not to love Ange. Very difficult.



    I loved BR, particularly how he handled the SMSM.



    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.



    I really hope Ange is more sincere than BR.

  16. Tom McLaughlin on




    Agreed. In my working life I attended many business meetings and if I had £1 for every masonic handshake I was proffered I’d have retired earlier than I did.



    They’re not hard to recognise.




    Experienced a few at the outset of interviews many years ago. Realized right away I wasn’t getting the job.

  18. Tom – we’re lucky to have you thinking Ange knows the board after a few months – I’ve been around for 50years and the board rarely speculates. The prize this season is more than significant and could be the lifeline the tribute club so desperately need!!

  19. prestonpans bhoys on



    28TH JANUARY 2022 8:14 PM



    Spat my wine out on with that comment



  20. Tom McLaughlin on




    Since Ange took fhe job Celtic have signed 17 players over 2 transfer windows. Ange has gone on record that he is delighted with the support he has received from the board during an unprecedented rebuild.



    But as I said – You know better.

  21. stebhoy on 28th January 2022 8:29 pm



    Tom – we’re lucky to have you thinking Ange knows the board after a few months – I’ve been around for 50years and the board rarely speculates. The prize this season is more than significant and could be the lifeline the tribute club so desperately need!!




    The board make loads of mistakes but how many players are you wanting them to sign in 6 months

  22. I’m 78 ,My Grandfather was a great Robert Burns man ,and in the craft ,over the years I’ve also experienced the handshake but the person never showed there breast,but what I’ll say is for a fan base that’s anti Masonic a lot on hear seem to know how it works ,I’ve been asked many times if I would like to join the Masons and my answer has always been no thanks,As for the Resulution 12 the masons have probably played a part in it ,but surely if our Club was showing a smoking gun then them on the Celtic Board should have took measures that the E B T were wrong and Rangers and David Murray should have been charged with fraud and Cheating the Tax Man ,but the Celtic did nothing ,so it makes you wonder who are cheats 🤝🤝

  23. Timbhoy – like a lot of folk on here I have moved in circles were the knuckle crunch is an everyday item – Edinburgh Finance for example, easily recognised in time. Agree with you none of the Bankers every bared their breast but they were right tits all the same😀

  24. an experienced left back has been an ongoing issue for 2 seasons! still not fixed – Scales needs time , Taylor works hard but is physically limited – it an area all teams see as our weakness!