‘Rangers’ v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12.00.

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  1. Today’s confirmed starting line up ……


    Forster, ElHamed, Bitton, Jullien, Bolingoli; Brown, McGregor; Forrest, Christie, Johnston , Edouard


    Subs: Gordon, Bauer ,Hayes, Ntcham, Morgan, Bayo, Griffiths

  2. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Sevco have gone for pace and power in their team. I’m not confident on Boli/Mikey J combination on the left wing. Sevco’s biggest threat is their RB going forward and MJ doesn’t have the physique for tracking back and the defensive side of the game.



    I think Neil has gone for the ‘out-score them’ option.

  3. Wooft, that’s some back four we’ve got out today. Let’s hope our lads rise to the occasion. Clear our lines. No messing about at the and let the midfield and forwards do their job. COYBIG, 🍀🍀🍀

  4. I would have gone for Ntcham instead of Johnson, just to negate their physicality.


    However, Mikeys tricks could keep them pegged back.


    We must match them in sheer determination.


    Skillfully, we are on a far superiorlevel. But these are about heart.


    Lets destroy the “pretenders”,(in more ways then one)

  5. Gerard playing smart – strong midfield and Hot head left on bench


    They will swarm all over the 3 Bs – Boli, Brown and Biton and Defoe will be looking for penalties.


    Madness for us to play with two wingers today, especially with makeshift defence.



    Sevco have gone for pace and power in their team.






    There is absoluetly no pace in that Hun team middle to front – Jack, Davis and Kamara, Arfield, Aribo and old man Defoe?



    No Kent or Candeias / Tavernier combo down the wings or Morelos in the middle. Bit of power but a one paced team. Even the Huns are scratching theor heads….

  7. I think Gerrard has called this wrong – he’s changed for us.


    Get the ball out to the wings and MJ and JF will tear them a part.

  8. Give it yer All Celtic. Thats all I am asking of you.



    A couple of long pinged balls will see Edouardinho show just how Special he is I’m sure.

  9. First time in years we’ve started European playoffs with a pair of fit centre backs, though usually we’re sorted by the Glasgow derby – doing it in reverse this year.



    But they’ve got a lot more to worry about than we have. There’s a lot of goals in the front 5 and what price a goal from Broonie today.

  10. Come on now lads. Everyone on CQN needs to show some testicular fortitude. I would have played both Bayo and Eddy up front and told our defence to play high balls over the heads of their midfield and told our midfield to press up high on their defence. This would have taken their midfield out of the equation and given their defence something to think about. Bayo showed last week that he’s combative enough for this type of game. The back four looks very fragile but we have to hope that they rise to the occasion.

  11. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***


    ** GAME #2 **


    Remember, voting will be open from around 1.50pm today until 10pm on Monday night for you to decide on your 3 best performers in the Glasgow Derby. For us, obviously! You don’t need to show the players in order, just the 3 who impress you most today.


    Just send a wee email to me at CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . And it doesn’t matter whether or not you voted after the AIK game; each game stands on its own. You don’t need to sign up or anything, and you don’t need to vote on every game (just the ones you that you actually see the whole game).


    If you could mention your blog name in your email that’s even better, but no obligation. It’d help if you also mention your Blog Name in your email, although there’s no obligation.


    Fingers crossed there’s as many good performers to choose from as we had in the AIK game.


    Hail Hail!

  12. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ BIG WAVY on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2019 11:14 AM



    Not sure about that. Aribo and Kamara have pace and power.



    Gerrard has elected for a more solid and defensive team than us.



    I think Neil has made a similar mistake to his selection for Cluj- we don’t need to go out and take the game to them; we have a good counter attacking team in RC, JF and OE. A draw today is fine.



    Anyway, we are where we are.

  13. Probably our best two defenders missing for today’s game .



    Hope we learned our lessons from our last two games there .



    Friends tell me they are pish and only scraped by on two late goals against the weaker teams in the league , but these teams don’t leave spaces for their better players to run into , and they also defended deep\ compact , something we don’t do .



    I’m hoping our forward play blows them away .



    We need to match their pace, intensity and stamina and hope we have the quality and luck at both ends of the park to win .



    ps…..Christie needs to watch his temperament , 3-2 the Hoops :)))

  14. TICTAEWIN on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2019 11:16 AM


    I’d pay a grand for an ad free version of CQN




    TTW…I use a chromebook,no ads.

  15. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good luck to Celts today. We need Ryan Christie to be engaged and impose himself in this one.

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    Think the team is the best we have at present. Mikey and Jamsie should strike the fear of death into their defence. Goldson is a lump of wood and should be attacked at every opportunity. They scire two, we score three. we have far better than them going forward with bayo and Griff in reserve.

  17. I wanted 451 this is a team to attack, hope it has the physicality to deal with what’s coming, pish or not they are physical and dive regularly, good luck to the tic especially our new bhoys, give it your all, no loss of focus allowing cheats to cheat.

  18. Another 3 points up for grabs today



    Well, it should be but we have built this up into some form of league decider.



    Neil’s team selection is brave- well, in the “Yes Minister” sense of the words, anyway.



    We are, obviously, hoping to outscore them. I really hope Jozo is injured- there can be no other reason for not having him on the bench, at least.



    Today is a great chance for Sevco to win- it will beeves sweeter if our Bhoys rise to it

  19. Got everything crossed and wearing lucky everything but can’t help feel we are a little lightweight in the middle and fear ref will allow them to batter in without fear of fouls never mind bookings. We injuries would take a draw now

  20. Obviously Kris not fit enough.Our usual injury luck.Lenny going for it.Big day for our CHs.Boli does,what Boli does.Will Tavernier risk bombing forward,doubt it.Mikey needs to lay a few performances at Ibrox to rest.He has it,deliver it.

  21. Big sports day for us Dub Tims.



    Get straight into the huns, avoid a sending off and we should be ok.



    The ‘drive for five’ afterwards in Croke Park.



    C’mon the HOOPs.



    Up the Dubs.

  22. People can criticise Morelos all they like but I’m much happier to be facing Defoe.



    Maybe famous last words but I would be more concerned with facing genuine pace.

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