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    I would add two more to your sensible objectives and aims



    3/ last 16 of the Champions league.


    4/ latter stages of the Europa league.



    Of course I would like to go further with my dreams but I have tried to keep it realistic enough

  2. Celtic’s two starting 11s:


    Forster, Elhamed, Ajer, Julien, Boli, McGregor, Brown, Johnston, Forrest, Christie Edouard






    Gordon, Bauer, Bitton, Simunovic, Hayes, Ntcham, Kouassi, Elyounoussi, Shved, Rogic, Bayo



    Add to that: Bain, Griffiths, Morgan, Sinclair, Connell, Arzani



    Potential ins: Wanyama, Taylor, Frimpong

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    For the record , I would love us to sign big Vic.


    I agree with your assessment of how his signing could POTENTIALLY benefit the club for years to come.



    What pressure on the Board ?


    From whom? How nany?



    Just maybe , the Board are better informed than your goodself about the intricacies of the transfer market and whether , in fact , Lennie wants to sign him.


    Does he ?




    Come on my friend.


    The past year has been spent in one long never ending unrest about our board [PL] and our various dealings in the transfer market.


    You know there has been pressure and some.



    A big blue chip signing like Victor in whatever capacity will have the celtic supporters singing like canaries out of PL hands.


    Whether it makes financial sense or not is definately up for debate.


    All i am saying is that it would be incredibly popular .


    About as popular as any signing in our history.

  5. Bhoys and Ghirls. Remember to keep voting for your top 3 performers from yesterday and join the 50+ folk who have already emailed CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . Although there’s currently a clear leader, the next 4 players are all very, very close, with a 6th player also in with a chance of a top 5 finish. Voting available till 10pm tonight.

  6. 67 European Cup Winners on




    Absolutley no harm in that


    It’s good to dream – I dream – about waking up next to Claudia Schiffer


    But that’s another story



    Hail Hail




  7. TIMALOY29 on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2019 9:53 AM


    The manager, Scott Bain & Scott Brown dropped the ball against Cluj.



    Lessons appear to have be learned. Game management was excellent against AIK & Sevco.



    Yawn yawn yawn T29


    Is Cluj the new john McGinn?


    Shall we harp back to it





    it’s history.gone.we can only work towards our future.its football.sometimes you win and sometimes we loose


    We are one Celtic


    We win as a collective


    We loose as a collective


    1 Celtic,goin for 9iar




  8. JOBO BALDIE on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2019 11:13 AM



    Can you not extend it til after the transfer window closes a couple of hours later.


    I will be busy talking to my Kenyan contacts in north london…..lol

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    Not entirely on the same page ,


    But , fair enough.

  10. Signings –


    Taylor, Frimpong and an other.



    An other depends on Ntcham and will be a loan.


    An other is not Wanyama and there is no way we would pay £65k per week in wages. Remember we need to cover the employers tax contribution too!

  11. I watched the game yesterday on Celtic TV and only this morning got round to watching it on sky.



    I watched it again solely to see Kris Boyd’s hurt and he didn’t disappoint ! Absolutely palpable pain, lovely stuff.

  12. From @StvRonnie






    STV understands Victor Wanyama won’t be returning to Celtic.

  13. I’m not in the know just reading latest tweets from those that are.


    STV say no Wanyama as does Harry Brady.

  14. AN TEARMANN on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2019 11:16 AM



    Think you got the wrong end of the stick. I was replying to another poster who brought Cluj up.



    My point was, we messed up on the night and lessons seem to have been learned. Happy to move on with the Europa League. We will miss the CL money but I don’t envy Slavia Prague. They have Dortmund, Inter Milan and Barcelona. I wouldn’t want to see Celtic pumped like that.

  15. I’d be happy enough if Taylor only came in today. We need to keep Ntcham and get one last season out of him then sell him next summer if he wants away.



    So far he looks to be interested and would be a great player for us this year. Tom Rogic still to come back so with Taylor coming in, I think we’re stronger this season than last.



    Not only because of our additions but also because the likes of Griff and Ntcham look set to contribute a lot more this season than they did last.

  16. Oh well



    It was a nice couple of hours this morning contemplating the possibility of big victor returning….lol



    never mind.


    Still buzzing from yesterday to be honest

  17. Go tell the Spartim on

    Surely we can dream for another 12 hours or so then we’ll know what hand we’ve got until January.



    If its not Vic then another enforcer type would be welcome

  18. Chairbhoy @8.36



    Thank you for teasing out a little more clearly the point you had been trying to make. It was not at all clear from your initial invitation to merely compare and contrast 2 statements.



    I felt I did deal with the “seeming” contradiction between “it has always been tough at Ibrox” and “many will only see Celtic win the league”. Both Ulysses McGhee and myself gave evidence on the truth of the latter statement from both ends of the age demographic. Only a fantasist would believe that the statement meant we were going to win every league and trophy from here to eternity; we will not do so. All empires and dominations end.



    You have cleared up the argument in saying that you are back to that age old “saw”- we are risking leagues by not investing enough in players and that this is framed as a “risk averse” approach.



    The only factual measure we have of whether our financial tactics are working is the outcome measure of honours won. Here’s where your argument falls down.



    We HAVE won 8iar.



    We HAVE won Treble Trebles, the last one in a season where you state we under-invested in a replacement manager. Now some fans dismiss some of the 8iar because the Ibrox club wasn’t there to compete; I believe that is a more classic example of O** F*** thinking than the accusation that we are “deliberately” staying just one step ahead of them to keep the league competitive.



    If the Board has pursued a strategy that has achieved a 100% record in landing leagues since 2012 then they should be credited with having got it right. They did so at a time when the fan base were warning them for several of those years, not just last year, that we were going to throw away a league title. That warning was there in all of Brendan’s 3 years too (it did not resonate long in the Invincible year) despite your re-assurance that we had a “proper” managerial investment then,



    Knock out cups are harder to ensure, (especially with blatant dives by Schalk and ICT hand balls being ignored) but we have landed 50% of the cups available during that 8 year period too so I think there is a strong argument that they have got that right too.



    So, domestically, you are having to push an argument up-hill to say that we have harmed our chances by financial frugality. Would we have felt better if we had, yet again, won the league by 20 points rather than by 9 , as we have done in the past two years. Winning leagues by 20 points or more is the statistical anomaly. In our history most leagues have been won with single digit numbers and 9 is the most significant single digit gap you can get.



    So, that leaves us with the “ah, but what about Europe?” argument. There – we do have evidence that , following the first decade of the millennium, we have regressed to become less relevant in European competition. Our country co-efficient means that our path gets harder each year and, like all champions in peripheral leagues, we are fighting against 20 similar level champions for 4 available slots as cannon fodder in the increasingly glass-ceilinged tournament of CL.



    In Europe, there is some evidence that we could do better. It is just the means of doing better that remains unproven.



    Those advancing the view that it is just abut increasing our player spend have to account for the contrary fact that teams with 3 and 4 times the spend we have, struggle to impact upon teams that are spending at 30 and 40 times the level that they do. How much prestige would our increased spend get us in Europe? Would qualifying for a last 16 justify it?



    In this millennium we qualified from a CL Group twice in the first decade {06/07 and 07/08 under an unpopular manager and with a disaffected support still pining for MON (who never qualified from CL Group stage) and “big spending”} and once in the next decade {2012/13 with another unpopular manager who has remained spectacularly underestimated by our support as we pine for BR and “modern coaching methods” ( who also never got out of a CL Group) }



    At some stage, the proof in front of our eyes needs to be recognised- This is a period of unprecedented success and we are wishing it away in our desire for some imagined level of easily achieved improvement.



    There will come a time when everyone is proven right and a league will be lost. Empires do crumble and Dominance does weaken and eventually breaks.



    I am not saying that there is no justification for criticism of the team- there is.



    I am not saying we cannot do better- we can.



    I am not saying we cannot do better in Europe- just that it is harder to do so than we assert it is.




    What I am saying is that there should be a higher level of enjoyment of our success and some recognition, not praise, for our custodians in getting a lot of things right on the team.



    Our custodians deserve every criticism coming their way for their mealy-mouthed dealings with the events surrounding Rangers liquidation, the 5 way agreement and Resolution 12.



    But, on football matters, their judgement has proven, in the real world, to be more accurate than that of their critics.



    But, as I said, one day the critics will get it right. The boy that cried wolf will eventually spot , at least, a wild dog.

  19. Re the Wanyama thing…………………….



    I always assumed that was just a trumped up meeja story allowing thum to air anither



    ” Celtic Fail” type headline……..and run with the preferred hun narrative that Celtic are penny-pinching etc etc .



    Big Vics on Big Money quite rightly.



    In ither news…….



    How did that Glazier get on at Celtic Park?




    KlearlyGuff CSC

  20. MALORBHOY on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2019 10:06 AM


    I’m very proud to be a “Resolutioner” on this momentous Monday Morning



    Hi Malorbhoy



    Can you expand on the abov3 post :-)))



  21. Strangely, it may be that the best time to make any negative comment is after a couple of important victories when it is likelely to be most ineffective !


    That being so,let me say that I was disappointed that Calmac, possibly my favourite player, dived.


    Maybe it wasn`t quite as it looked but he doesn`t need to do that. Stop it right now, Calum.




  22. 67 ECW 10.56am



    I don’t disagree but you avoided my point .. is this window the same as all the others :-)



    I don’t think it is… I wish all the players were signed as soon as the window was open but I don’t think it works like that unless your signing free transfers

  23. 67 European Cup Winners on




    A good assessment of our lot and no disagreement from me



    One part of our club I have a problem with – and I accept my problem is not knowing the detail – is our Board


    IMHO when you say “our Board” essentially its PL as CEO he has last word and he plays that card regularly


    He has been brilliant at financially managing our club especially when you consider what happened to the Huns



    BUT: given our position of financial strength I just feel he is a bit risk averse possibly lacks a bit of ambition


    How far could we go (living within our means – I am not suggesting debt)


    I struggle with the whole player acquisition thing


    Why so late every window


    Pre yesterday I was anxious that the Hun was getting closer that our empire was under threat


    I do not want PL to be the next Nokia (see link)



    Anyway player acquisition apart I agree we should be rejoicing and for clarity I am


    I ate some humble pie yesterday but it did go down with a proper bottle of Red (Marques de Riscal)


    I feel better today







  24. 67 European Cup Winners on

    GFTB on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2019 11:59 AM


    After Cluj I would have disagreed passionately


    After yesterday I agree


    Fickle yes, paranoid yes, but I do feel better today



    Hail Hail




  25. “This is a period of unprecedented success and we are wishing it away in our desire for some imagined level of easily achieved improvement.”



    I wouldn`t say that `we are wishing it away`but many, too many, don`t seem to be enjoying it as much as I would have expected .


    I understand the reason for negativity in human beings but this really is, as SFTB said, ` a period of unprecedented success ` and I would recommend trying to enjoy it. I also understand how some ( many?) are very unimpressed with Celtic`s response to the death of Rangers . I am one such supporter but I manage to separate the two when it comes to supporting the players on the park. Cognitive dissonance right enough !





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