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  1. @CelticFC Glasgow Derby line up …



    Barkas, Frimpong, Ajer, Bitton, Laxalt, Christie, Soro, McGregor, Turnbull , Griffiths, Edouard



    Subs: Hazard, Taylor, Ntcham , Duffy, Brown, Rogic, Ajeti, ElHamed, Elyounoussi

  2. Here’s hoping. I’d rather have Ajer at right back and Taylor at left back. Come on the Bhoys.

  3. That’s a team designed to score more goals than the opposition. Not one that is set up for a clean sheet.



    I’m happy with that.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    I’d be very surprised if we keep a clean sheet , but I don’t think their midfield will dominate like they have in the last couple of meetings . We also have goals in us , so I’m going 3-2 Celtic .

  5. We can expect crosses to be raining in to the far posts, particularly Frimpong’s. Who will be picking Goldson up at corner’s?

  6. Frimpong, Bitton and Laxalt in the back 4 , not one of them a defender.


    Hope we score plenty of goals




    Our team and 5 off the bench should be enough to beat this team. Only and I stress only if the desire from our players is there.






    D :)

  8. Is this ,roughly, how we will line up:





    ….Ajer,Bitton, Laxalt.






    Frimpong,Christie ,McGregor,Turnbull.




  9. Good to see Marspapa posting.



    On the Taylor/Laxalt debate, I asked Celtic By Numbers if he had any info on this and he has given me permission to reproduce what he had which was :-



    “I’ve just posted on twitter about this



    Laxalt stronger defensively. Taylor better creatively. But have to balance that Taylor tends to be productive against weaker opposition And laxalt has mainly played the harder games.



    BUT nothing in Laxalts career history to suggest he was a creative full back if that is what they were after.




    I like them both actually but with the diamond against the stronger teams I would have Laxalt but taylor great for games v Ross County etc ”



    Re-produced verbatim without alteration

  10. Neither Ajer or Bitton are dominant in the air, would have preferred Duffy with Ajer at right back where he has excelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. No Hazard, Taylor, Duffy, Brown nor Klimala…..and Ollie back in the fold…..well done, finally, Neil Lennon.



    All about tactics now. Two bombing full backs to keep theirs at bay and a fact that Nir Bitton is not a CH at this level. We are where we are.



    Let’s outscore them, use the bench well and burst their horrible hun bubble.




  12. Every time their keeper gets the ball , he will aim for our right hand side. They will push the left back forward onto Frimpong .


    Let’s see how we counter this.

  13. Pity Julien wasn’t fit but so Ajer could have been moved to right back but apart from that happy with the team. At least we’re going for it.



    2-1 to the good guys.

  14. ILJASB on 2ND JANUARY 2021 11:34 AM



    I’d also like to see Ajer at right-back and had Julien been fit, I think we would have.



    Lennon clearly doesn’t fancy a pairing of Bitton and Duffy and I’m inclined to agree.

  15. Philbhoy


    Could you move it out a bit further,please? I might want to join you!


    Even though I think we will win/draw today and even though I know this is a new Club,I still get very nervous.

  16. SFTB,



    Agree with CBN. I think we have 2 ill-fitting LBs but glad we went for Laxalt’s athleticism today.



    We need disciplined performances though across the team. They will, as normal, be well-drilled.




  17. Hopeful rather than confident- there are goals in us for sure but the back line is a major concern. We can’t afford to let them come on to us- keep them hemmed in as much as possible and play a territory game. Everything crossed and lucky socks are ready

  18. I was watching the Sevco vs St. Mirren game looking for clues as to how they are playing currently and I was encouraged. They will have to lift themselves considerably today.



    The juvenile in me could not resist laughing every time the commentator mentioned the St. Mirren left back “Erahun”.



    I was shouting back ” Why are you focusing on that one there are 10 others in blue shirts and a goalie that’s the biggest of them all!”






    The most confusing communication since Reverend Spooner gave instructions on how to turn your clocks back.

  19. A happy hoopy New Year to one and all…..thankyou once again to Mrs P67 for putting up with us! must be tricky whiles for your man …



    anyhoos …Krombacher is the Pils for today …and Celtic to dominate and win well…



    smiley thats my view on the day thing



    come on the Celtic




  20. not a bad team middle to front – I’m very concerned about our defense and surprised he didn’t go with Duffy for his areal power. Rangers score from good delivery – crucial we don’t give away free kicks. Christie and Mcgregor have played a lot recently and I hope they have the legs for this match – Christie has been giving the ball away do cheaply Lately but he works hard off the ball.



    will take a 3-2 or 4-3 as I think we need to have our shooting boots on to compensate for inadequate defense -we’ve just had no luck this season with selection.

  21. THEMS team:

























    Now I will go and do what we are constantly reminded of: Wash my hands and face.

  22. I can see Kent being Red-Carded if Frimpong is on form. Unfortunately, the opposite is a possibility as well !!

  23. All week I have been thinking ‘I fear that we need to score 3 to win, against a team with an excellent defensive record, a very big ask’.



    Just seen the team, still think we will need to score 3 to win.



    Still a very big ask.



    No guts, no glory.



    Come on Celtic.

  24. Philbhoy/Hot smoked – No need for couch crouching today I had a dream. We need you bhoys, we need your support in front of that tv.



    Where we are winners at the end.



    D :)

  25. SFTB,



    As you know, I love big Ollie and as I think this could be his swansong, that ‘dream’ would see me crash through the ceiling with joy.



    Here’s hoping.




  26. Has Stevie Gee made a mistake in changing his shape to include Roofe and Morelos in the starting line up?



    Roofe has been very effective for them feeding off two attacking midfielders in a front 3 (usually Kent plus Arfield or Aribo)



    Now he has pushed Roofe out righ to accomodate Alfie, who has a very poor record against us, through the middle. Aribo is alo pushed back into their midfield 3 when he is a very efective attacker.



    my main worry is whether we can mark Goldson at set pieces and, of course not giving any excuse for pens

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