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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Could easily be 3 ahead . Just keep doing what you’re doing Bhoys , only one team in it .

  2. celtic playing absolutely brilliantly to a man – we look solid and flowing forward with pace and intent – the only reason we are not 3 or 4 up is because of mcgregor and christie shooting.



    He has developed a selfishness in his game and needs to find the spark – otherwise we will bring on Moi or Rogic.



    Rangers will be more of a threat 2nd half – hoping this isn’t one of those Tommy Burns type games!

  3. EspiritoDeCelt on

    Turnbull is the star man for me. He is so elusive and is going lose between their defence and midfield, they just cant track him. Cant fault anyone in that half.

  4. Much better than I could have hoped for. Griff so unlucky. Eddy still to get a shot though, he’s trying though.

  5. All playing well. Some exceptionally.


    McGregor, Frimpong, Laxalt, Soro, Bityon, Ajer.


    Turnbull quiet, but tgen he has taken Davis out of the game.


    Griffith on song, as usual.


    Edourd will get a break.


    We need to reflect our domination on the scoreboard.


    Cmon Hoops, we are showing the hun how average they are.


    Now , finish them.off

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Superb first half performance. Assertive in the tackle. Flowing in the passing. Cutting them open at will. All we’ve lacked is the finish.



    They are absolutely petrified of us breaking on them. They are terrified of getting caught up the park. They have given us easy possession so many times.



    My big fear is Madhun sending off Soro. This is the guy that leg Morelos off with the Achilles scythe on Frimpong.



    Every player outstanding with the exception of Eddy and Christie, who have only been very good so far. Need Eddy to kill them second half.



    They look so ordinary.

  7. Not ideal but i would look at taking Soro off,


    Madden wont miss any opportunity to send him off

  8. Madden managing Soro every time, booking was inevitable. Need to score early, keep pressing and play a high line. Frimpong not getting much support on the right wing.

  9. Mad Hun and the imaginary fouls and free kicks is stopping our momentum



    He has been the Huns best player in first half

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Huns best chance is a red card for us . As Madhun will be very well aware . Box clever celtic.

  11. Agreed re Soro. Madden will take great pleasure in issuing that second yellow. Soro has been clumsy



    Brown on or second half

  12. Should be 2 or with a bit of luck 3 up. Need better crossing from Laxalt and Frimpong.


    Madden is also for the watching, free kicks from nothing and also the obligatory Rangers penalty if his team are in trouble

  13. Brilliant Celtic apart from no goals for.


    Target Davis they’re goosed if he’s off.


    Soro needs to box clever


    HH ☘️

  14. Shagger doing a Forster to keep us out.



    Referee inventing fouls for them. Morelos not booked.



    Soro playing well but no need to go in for that tackle which cost him a yellow.

  15. Excellent so far, deserve a goal for efforts. Turnbull and Soro running show. Defence solid (so far). Goodson panicking every time Eddie gets ball.

  16. We need to keep this pace the Huns are rattled but don’t think they can’t be lucky to and nick one the law of averages says we must score with so many chances same again we must at least take one

  17. A wee bit of compsoure and we’re in. Christie shots, Frimpong crosses and Griff snatching at it.



    Good use of the bench (inlcuding Scott after we are 2-0 up) and keep the tempo.



    Surely they will react to that and I hope we also don’t stand still.



    Mahoosive 45 coming up.




  18. firmpong has put a couple of good balls into the box – they look poor because no one makes the front post run – griff and Eduard need to decide who makes that run – they both like to hang back!



    I’d take off christie for Moi who looked sharp and hungry for the last 15mins on previous game. Soro needs to be very careful!



    Gadded in having a good game – could easily have booked mcgregor and soro much earlier – Morelos should have had yellow but overall the ref is not a factor!

  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on 2nd January 2021 1:21 pm



    Oh man, we should be coasting this.



    It has rope-a-dope-written all over it.






    Rope-a-dope was a seriously clever and beautiful tactic by a hero of mine. Huns aint that smart.

  20. Excellent play from the bhoys – I have lived this before – just need to score



    Very concerned that Madhun has a very warm second yellow in is pocket for Soro

  21. Agree with those saying Broon for Soro and Moi for Ryan.


    Come back Jamesy Forrest; we miss you!!

  22. I guess the logical change for them is to pull a striker and pack the midfield, look for an opportunity on the counter. They don’t need to win.

  23. I’ve watched a few of their games in Europe and have seen this before. Utterly dominated but somehow they come out with a result.



    And over the years I’ve seen many a derby game where we’ve pummelled and still didn’t win.



    There’s no logic to it.



    Hope today is one where we can smash them in the second half and take a deserved three points.

  24. Superb so far but the worry is always there when you haven’t capitalised on it.


    Win or lose I’m thrilled with first half display.