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  1. glendalystonsils on




    I thought Taylor was excellent v Livingston . Strange player selections could be something JK has picked up from his recently departed gaffer .

  2. Ajer has been good – despite the crap he ‘s had to play beside. If celtic need mentality and heart next season – look no further than Ajer! in fact, I’d make him captain.



    I’m grateful for the last 10years – its UNBELIEVABLE what we have achieved. We had a bad season with COVID, INJURIES, REFS, POOR COACHING ETC ETC. the negative energy rubs off on all of us including the team.



    OK thats life bhoys!



    How do we respond? we need characters not projects – starting with the coaching staff and I would take a chance on Keane or Moyes – they know the club and history and wouldn’t tolerate the refs (like Fergie didn’t for Aberdeen). Unfortunately , Eddie Howe would get walked all over!!

  3. Stebhoy, unfortunately I fully concur with you on EH although if he does come he’ll like Macari and Mogga neither of who I wanted will have my full support.



    Right now we need a battler, step up the bhoy fae the rebel county, Roy Keane.

  4. Regarding new players to Celtic for the future? Reading Kris Commons comments during the week re Eddie Howe, he was backed to the tune of 139 million by his Russian oilmen during his time at Bournemouth and seemingly spent his warchest badly. doubt if he can expect that kind of money if he moves to Celtic.

  5. I think Peter Lawwell has generally done a good job.


    Celtic have generally been good for the last 9 years.



    However that is in the past, even if it is recent past. We cannot console ourselves with past glory.



    It is now we need to evaluate and it is damning.




  6. Everything was about recruitment and succession planning.



    We got rid of the wrong people, we retained the unhappy and we recruited lesser capable individuals, add to that illness, injury, longterm abscence, mental well being issues, internal staffing , thrown in a hostile environment and a customer base that aint allowed access to their favourite products,



    same as any other business,



    during the pandemic, there have been winners and losers in business.



    same on the football pitches all across europe.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    GEEBEE1978 on 18TH APRIL 2021 5:33 PM



    Another honest question then, is that not the team which has wiped the floor for the past few seasons????

  8. I’m taking comfort from the fact that we cant get any worse. If we finish next season as we have this, ie, winning heehaw, then we’ve stood still. I honestly think Eddie Howe can turn us around with his brand of football.


    Rankers had a great (boak) run in Europe with free transfers and ageing journeymen. Give Eddie some dough and free rein and he’ll have us back at the top this time next year

  9. Season is completely lost and actually was months ago.


    Get all the loan players out and get our players in.

  10. What is the Stars on

    At least those inverted commas or quotation marks before the word Rangers can make us feel smugly superior

  11. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 18TH APRIL 2021 6:09 PM



    Another honest question then, is that not the team which has wiped the floor for the past few seasons????




    True but some of those players have left, aged or not developed as we’d hoped.



    I’m more concerned about the here and now and let’s not forget, many of those who started today won’t be here next season.

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Why go with Laxalt? He played well against them at Celtic Park and we needed more offensively minded full backs with the absence of Forrest.



    I wondered what PL was thinking when the camera panned to him – ‘I’m never having a shower again’? Act in haste, repent at leisure. He’ll obviously have a comfortable retirement and I wish him all the best, but any legacy he could have had was washed away…….in the showers.

  13. It’s strictly business that’s brought us here .


    It stopped being sport long ago .



    Insolvency law need not apply when 1=55 and we do feck all about it .



    We were too busy celebrating trebles to care or notice.




    Agreed there’s a player in Ajer. Unfortunately, he may need to leave the SPFL if we’re ever to see that player.



    In case you did not see there were other teams playing in Scotland when CELTIC won their 2nd 9 in a row. The National cups wete spread around Scotland) Rangers International Footbal Club PLC ( 16/11/12) spent 4 years in the lower divisions because they lost 6 goals to Motherwell in a Premier League playoff and had to spend a 2nd year in the lower division.


    When the team from Ibrox (losing around 12 million pound per season) finally arrived in the Premier League, thankfully through CELTIC endevours Celtic won 12 trophies in a row. These were BECAUSE of Celtic and no one else. Not interested in Statues but we should remember Fergus (McCann in case you can’t remember). HH

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    The PR at our club is so crap don’t be surprised if they launch ST renewals tomorrow😱😵😯

  17. HANKRAY on 18TH APRIL 2021 6:04 PM



    £139m in eight years really isn’t much when you consider Fulham can spend close to that in one summer and still get relegated.



    Another thing worth remembering is that Eddie Howe wasn’t in sole charge of recruitment and if we appoint a DoF, he wouldn’t be with us either. He’d be left to coach and I believe he does that well.

  18. How can Celtic supporters come on here and blame Madden ,wake up for god sake the whole team and set up were rotten this afternoon,I keep harping on about Lennon throwing some players under the bus last October,and since then the club has went downhill,and them over at Greyskull have made the most of our mistakes and capsulised on that ,so from winning everything last season to zero this season is hard to take,

  19. My God no wonder a few posters just lurk.


    I could be wrong but i think this is Gerrards first winning season yet we can’t wait to see him and his sataff gone to give us a chance.


    You talk about players having no guts look at yourself in the mirror.


    Can’t wait for next season i’m confident we will be a much better TEAM.

  20. Breakaway league is interesting ? It will be a closed shop and really rip the heart out of the conventional


    Pyramid system.



    Also Huns almost certain to be seeded now in round 3 CL qualifiers next season as Copenhagen drop points at home to 5th placed team and are now needing snookers.

  21. Celtic won last 9 years v teams on about 10% of our turnover. Easy Bonus for Peter



    One wee point. Peter will get another bonus this year.

  22. TIMHORTON on 18TH APRIL 2021 6:19 PM



    I admire the confidence but what are you basing that confidence on when we don’t even know who will be managing us next season or who will be staying or going?

  23. Geebee



    Agree. And if he’s smart, which he patently is, he’ll see that too



    HH jg

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I believe Peter Lawwell is a Judas Goat and his lies and support for the 5 way is just the tip of the iceberg.


    At best he was a competent beancounter, I believe most of the trophey won during his time were achieve in spite of his interference.


    Rogers done more for the club in his short tenure than Lawwell done in all the time he was there and that could not be allowed to stand.

  25. HANKRAY on 18TH APRIL 2021 6:04 PM


    Regarding new players to Celtic for the future? Reading Kris Commons comments during the week re Eddie Howe, he was backed to the tune of 139 million by his Russian oilmen during his time at Bournemouth and seemingly spent his warchest badly. doubt if he can expect that kind of money if he moves to Celtic.





    You lost ne at ‘Reading Kris Commons comments……..’




    I would go for Roy Keane with his own staff,at least i think you would not have to convince him.


    Now you never know but maybe a coach etc has already been hired.Have to stay positive.

  27. And another thing .


    Why am I so sceptical that Klimala is going to the MLS for £3.5 m.



    Is this a story spread to try and drum up interest in him ?




  28. So sad – I feel as if I am cursed at the minute. All I wish for goes to pot. Yes, but why? I don’t know – is it fate – did we rub it in too much? They seem to be more up for it. Having said that =we missed four sitters- we keep using the same failed tactics-WHY THE F###?,

  29. WITS – Good to see you posting.



    Even though I have no idea what you are talking about.



    Hope you are well.



    D :)




    Typical hysterical nonsense after a Rangers defeat on here. Sack every body, sell every body and play the kids.



    I wouldn’t pay it too much mind, fans vent.



    Facts are Celtic didn’t deserve to loose that game on chances created. Facts are also we have a poor group of players lacking confidence and leadership.



    A good manager will be the difference.

  31. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Disappointing but not surprised


    Scott Brown legend but when your time is up your time is up


    Unfortunately Scott started to fade early in the season



    And I have been saying this for a year Edouard on his own up front is not effective


    Also probably the worst penalty taker can remember at celtic



    Finally if ever we needed convincing Kennedy is not the man – we got it conformed today



    Overall we are not far off them – but we are not as fit or strong or as organised


    Basically we are not coached to their level





    The bigger issue


    Lennon should have been sacked in Jan – the chaos has dragged on and continues to drag on


    I can only believe Celtic have their man but cannot get him until his contract obligations run


    So I am not convinced its Howe (I wish it was) I dont believe its Keane


    Both are available !!



    No I believe its someone currently in a job that cannot leave that job until a date in the future


    No idea who



    But we are a shambles




  32. Is it bad that I’m not surprised we got beat???


    At 2-0 we are oot.. was that at half time? Shoooooorely that’s the time to make subs. We are oot ffs at that point.



    Auch I gee up.




    JK has failed yet again….sack him now.



    I will take over.



    D :)

  33. Paul The Spark on

    I feel like we need a Martin O’Neill type appointment who will bring in players who are physically imposing and no shrinking violets. We used to have a team with lots of potential captains in it but not now. Struggling to think of anyone who has leadership potential in the squad at the moment.

  34. Geebee1978………….. Presume Kris Commons meant those millions were spent by Howe in a short period as a rescue act to try and save Bournemouth from the drop back to the Championship.