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  1. drew1967



    Might have been using a wee bit satire there.


    I thought Eddie really did put a fair bit of effort in today, came back into his own half trying to win the ball on more than one occasion…. didnt work out for him today. And the Griff should have taken the penalty!

  2. 12 clubs confirmed for the super league with 3 to follow. Seems the Germans have told them to stuff it. One assumes PSG will be involved. Wonder who the other 2 will be.

  3. Celtic Mac just pissed off mate.total downer after that.had to go out to work after it to make it worse



    Just watched highlights there.In a nutshell poor defending at goals and terrible finishing.

  4. Welsh looked as though had a club foot when he hit the ball the wrong way from four yards.

  5. drew1967


    I know I know.


    We had chances to get back into the game, for a time in both halves. (If my spelling is correct there)


    But we failed to take them. Last scored more than one goal against today’s opponents eighteen months ago, didn’t score any today, when we needed two, and three to win. Seen Celtic win a whole lot of trophies, but never one for creating chances.


    We’ll always be Celtic supporters though…

  6. At their first goal,we had a great break just before,and Calmac hit the ball around 3 yards in front of himself,they go up and score.


    Hopeless control of the ball by us all day.


    Anyone see”Concrete boots”attempted pass up the line that other dumplingKenny,


    Hit it around 30mph,and 20 yards ahead of him.


    Shocking lack of basics.

  7. If you take all the scum games this season,you might just manage to get into double figures of their on target attempts.

  8. I’ve nothing to add about today it’s all been covered . We all know a clear out is on the cards , and a clear out it needs to be with a few exceptions . We need rid of our 5 foot odd fullbacks , we need a couple of quality buys for there . I was never confident with our twin towers in the heart of our defence , another area requiring a couple of tough as teak no nonsense centre half’s , I would like to keep ajer as he has been one plus for us , but think he could do a better job right back or midfield , julienne is too soft for my liking . Elsewhere like julienne we are over stocked with players who have no stomach for a battle . we need steel in the team , players who would look forward to getting into that mob ,players with arrogance and aggression ,yes we have nice silky players rogic , Christie , eddy , Johnstone ,McGregor , moi , Forrest ,bitton but in rough and tumble games they don’t contribute anything . we are about to lose the only guy who has these attributes broonie , Soro unfortunately is a bit on the small side too . Get rid and bring in battlers . John Hart son called it correct in his summary today ,saying not enough fight in the team . He was like us he was hurting today , Martin O’Neil’s side carried the type we need , wish he would scout for us . Last call on my concern with lawell mentoring our new chief exec , my god surely we’re not going to have a lawell clone interfering in football affairs ,that’s another area of the club we need cleansed the suits from sevco admirer desmond to the others who put our club into this situation . Rant over .




    A very sober summary of our ST prospects. I would love to say rubbish, but I fear you are 100% correct.



    The connect between the club and its ” customers ” has evaporated. Many ST holders make financial and family sacrifices to purchase tickets and it is not a cheap commitment especially where multiple tickets and travel are involved.



    Do our custodians understand this, do they share our despair?



    I really hate being pessimistic about our club, but they are draining optimism from us.



    HH to all.

  10. Paul The Spark on

    The rebuild is probably the biggest we have required for a long time. It’s almost criminal the way the squad has been managed. We are now left with loanees, want aways and players of limited ability. When Martin O’Neill arrived he already had Lambert, Lubo, Henrik, Petrov, Mjallby and Jackie.

  11. We’re finishing second in the league this season. We’re not winning any trophies. Both these things we now know.


    There is absolutely no point in playing loan players for the remainder. Nothing to be gained.


    More than ever, we must start planning for next season. Problem is, we don’t know who our manager is going to be.


    An utter dereliction of duty over the past few years.


    Drunk on our earlier success, we failed to adequately plan for the first real challenge that came our way.


    I can only hope the lack of urgency shown on these pages (we created enough chances, we could have won the game) isn’t replicated in the boardroom


    The rebuild is already behind schedule

  12. The European Super League proposal should further remind us of just where we stand in the world of football.



    We are now minions in the great scheme of things in Europe. If the big six in England breakaway in August and are subsequently banned from the EPL, they will be replaced quite easily. Sheffield Utd, Fulham & West Brom will not be relegated and teams 3, 4, 5 & 6 from the Championship will be promoted together with Norwich & Watford.



    There will be no chance, at the moment, of any invite to the EPL for us, or, the Ibrox club.



    We all hate the old ‘Rangers’ for their cheating & manipulation over the years, however those on here wishing the ‘new club’ dead are talking utter nonsense. The existential damage to Celtic and Scottish football would be massive.



    If the new ESL goes ahead will SKY still commit to Scottish football. The new league will cause all broadcasters to re-evaluate their expenditure with a new ‘mouth to feed’. SKY, even on a reduced


    contract, would have little interest in Scotland without the “Old Firm’ games.



    Scotland with only one of the ‘big two’ would be on a par with the Irish & Welsh leagues.

  13. DAVID17 on 18TH APRIL 2021 11:57 PM



    German clubs are 51% fan-owned and would need their approval before joining any Super League but I wouldn’t rule Bayern out just yet.



    Also, what happens to the Champions League? Clubs like Sevco, Ajax, Sporting, Shakhtar, etc who will be anticipating this money?



    We can laugh at Sevco but this could be us one day…..or even us in a few months if we miraculously make it through qualifying.

  14. The hand of God on

    How on earth have we managed to go from such a position of strength to a shambles of a football team its mismanagement on an epic scale.We won 12 domestic trophies in a row which is incredible ,how did we go from that achievement to abject failure.NFL coming in as a temporary manager in February 2019 was an understandable move under the circumstances but he should not have been given the permanent job.He won the treble in his own right in season 19/20 and did well in the Europa league group stage but failure against Cluj whilst playing McGregor at left back was unacceptable considering the financial advantages we had over them the alarm bells were ringing and after losing to Ferencvaros he should have been replaced To be fair to the board at the beginning of this season they spent money and kept our big players..another mistake.The players who didn’t want to be here should have been shown the door and whoever was making the decisions on signing players did an awful job..Ajeti who didn’t want to come instead of Toney who did.If we had got a MON/ Rodgers type manager in at the start of the season and let the manager choose the signing targets we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.The quadruple was fantastic but I for one would have sacrificed all but the first one for the 10.

  15. Will need to see the detail of the so called super league but my initial reaction is one of disgust but not surprise. Although litigation would likely follow right, left and centre I’d simply throw the English lot out of the EPL and let them play friendlies each Saturday in between the football equivalent of Kerry Packer’s cricket circus. Wealthy, greedy owners have long since destroyed the soul of the game.

  16. The future of football will be based on the survival of the fittest.



    That’s us ruled out then.

  17. Mazzy



    Kerry Packer is a great comparison to consider. Ultimately it didn’t continue, but changed cricket forever. Arguably still to this day through the Indian IPL.



    American sport with its closed shop franchises offers other (just as worrying for Celtic) parallels.



    However it goes, the food chain will get still more top heavy and our supply of plankton will be further reduced.



    HH jg

  18. JHB on 19th April 2021 7:37 am



    Status quo junkie, forelock tugging got us into this position in the first place and your solution is to continue unchanged. I think I prefer your political sectarian scare mongering.

  19. TImmy7



    Give me football talk any day.You must be in a bad place today mate if you prefer JHB’s political rantings

  20. Good morning cqn from a dry and mild Garngad



    I want the new entity playing out of ipox (with 1 league title) to die the same as the aul Rankers. They are cheats the same as their deed club, they are bigots the same as the deed club, they avoid paying their debt the same as the deed club. Anyone who doesn’t want them in their rightfull place as in finishing 3rd or 4th each season as they cut their cloth accordingly is a HUN.



    D :)

  21. Strachan spoke at half time about the huns being explosive at times. In reality that was down to our woeful organisation. Time after time, Kent was turning Brown and had 20 yards to run into, where as, we were faced with two organised lines of defence.



    Kennedy and Gavin Strachan must join Lawwell and Lennon out the door. Should Kennedy and Strachan be kept on first team duties then no lessons have been taken on board this season.



    Boardroom, management and players – have all been found wanting this season.



    We’ve grew fat (in some cases literally) and lazy. Talk of generation of domination, Davis being retired at Ibrox in September 2019 all seems very silly now.



    The generation of domination has turned into the worst Celtic side in a generation and Davis is scoring overhead kicks to knock us out of the cup.



    It’s a long road back from here.

  22. squire danaher on

    JHB on 19TH APRIL 2021 7:37 AM



    Am I to consider this, the footballing equivalent of “Too Wee, Too Poor, Too Stupid”, to be a “yes” to my direct question of last night?

  23. The new super league might be good for us, who knows? If it takes the richest 20 clubs out of the CL then there will have to be a massive restructure of UEFA’s European tournaments and a chance for big clubs in small ponds to be properly represented.

  24. I’m not getting too hung up on the super league proposals, we’re so far away from that level that it really doesn’t matter. I’ll certainly not pay to watch it but many will.



    Any remaining UEFA competition will effectively be an expanded Europa league level tournament.



    Clubs like Liverpool and Man Utd with so much history invested in the European Cup have shown themselves up. Leave them to it.

  25. We’ve increasingly struggled in recent years to compete with tv-rich funded football. Whether that’s in the European contexts, or versus the English premiership and (in recent years) championship.



    The European top table just got shorter, with fewer chairs, but even more of the feast. And we’re so not invited, we’d be as well being serfs in the field.



    The Brentfords of the world may just have joined us in that field. So Toney may again become a realistic signing target one day!



    HH jg

  26. To think that there were some on here at the beginning of last week advocating JK for manager because we had beaten a Livi team who have downed tools for the season.



    Really is laughable

  27. DAVID66



    Bet you never played with such poor full backs in your life.gettin money for nothin.no fit to wear the hoops.i dont include Taylor in that btw.

  28. Usual pathetic baiting on here this morning.



    No more loanees in the bounce games left. Broonie, get him a train ticket to Aberdeen. For the rest of the want always, out them publicly. Then send them to train with the youths.

  29. It’s been said that DD refused to join an Atlantic League because he had his eyes on a bigger prize. If the big 6 from the Premier League do leave, will they be looking to plug a hole?



    Combining the two leagues may not be a bad idea. Not just Celtic/Sevco jumping ship but even allowing the likes of Aberdeen to play-off with say, Portsmouth or Charlton to join the Premier League Division 2.

  30. Drew @ 8.59am



    Good morning Drew – You are right never played with poor full backs like that yesterday and I do include Taylor I think he is crap. Couldn’t cross the road never mind a ball. But Kenny once he went past someone yesterday, once, surely the manager can see him turning back constantly and scream at him to get up the line.



    We have to many guys not wanting to be there and if anyone talls about body language experts away and chase yersell as you have obviously never played a game of football in your life.



    D :)

  31. Against the sheep on Wednesday get all loanees out of the team.



    Play Ralston at Right back he is no worse than Kenny and no better either but he is our player.



    Give Taylor a run at left back as maybe I am being unkind to the guy. But he is our player so piay him.



    Get Soro in and Brown out. Brown is going so thanks Scott but bye.


    What are we keeping Broony fit for his Aberdeen role?



    Where is all our natural wingers gone?


    D :)

  32. Word of the day is ‘ingordigiousness’: extreme greed; an insatiable desire for wealth at any cost.

  33. Winning 10 in a row could only have helped our chances of an invite to this new super league and the riches that will flow.


    German and French teams will get an invite which leaves room for a few clubs ou with the big 5 leagues. Portuguese clubs, Ajax and maybe Celtic.


    God forbid that sevco get an invite.

  34. Hail Hail Drew maybe get a pint with you and catch up when things are back to normal if you are up for it.



    D :)