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  1. ROLLING_STONE on 19TH APRIL 2021 11:19 AM


    If Dave King had been in charge of us this season, he’d have struggled to better our current predicament, such is the complete incompetence of PL and the Board





    Respectfully disagree.


    King’s played blinder. He and his muckers played by the rules as they (don’t) apply to sevco; spent a medium amount of monies they don’t have and prodded to Celtic edifice that turned out to be merengue rather than fortress.



    HH jg

  2. The super league development and Jose’s sacking are the start of a scramble for the top mngnt talent. 20 teams will want the best coaching teams going, money no object. Arsenal and Man Utd will surely now be looking for better managers. Rodgers could be a favourite for one of the gigs. Benitez will be in the mix too.


    Which may mean the likes of Leicester looking at Howe and Gerard – not to mention Newcastle and the other perennial underachievers. Whatever we think of him, Gerard is a media superstar in England and now a successful trophy-winning manager with a good record in Europe.


    He and his staff will fit the profile that many clubs are looking for. Why would he stay at Ibrox? It will not make him any more marketable than he is now.

  3. Scott Brown’s no longer a concern moreso is who replaces him?



    Ismaila Soro clearly isn’t the answer and there are too few potential others that don’t only replace the player and the captain they have to replace his personality, something we are clearly incapable of doing from the current squad. Otherwise his pre contarct with Aberdeen would see him sailing out foor more league games.



    John Kennedy has nothing to lose by dropping all the players that are now by at Celtic.




    Apologists like JHB on here parroting that rationale last night.




    Exactly what “rationale” am I an apologist for?



    *For stating the obvious that Scottish football needs the ‘big two’ to survive. If we ever move to a bigger & better league then of course that will no longer apply



    *For applying common sense that says if you take one of the ‘big two’ out of the game, football in Scotland becomes,over time, a replica of the Irish, or, Welsh, leagues.



    *For pointing out that at this moment in time the health of Scottish football is THE major determining factor in the health of Celtic.



    Why can’t you see this?



    No one is advocating forgiving and forgetting the cheating, deception & manipulation of the old Rangers. However realism demands that we now deal with where we are and what we have got.



    I am Celtic through & through, as are all of my family – however I am not an ostrich. My heart is green, but I haven’t dyed my brain green and incapacitated it in the process.



    I am a supporter, not a fanatic.