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    I don’t know if I’m talking nonsense here but it struck me quite forcibly just now listening to Radio Scotland. The 2 broadcasters were having a joke about the expression “Mother of God”. which seems to have been used on the programme Line of Duty. It meant nothing to them, apart from something to laugh at. It might explain to some degree how Scotland is seemingly blind to anti-Catholic/Irish/Celtic bigotry.






    Another expression from Line of Duty last night was ‘failed upwards’ in relation to a non performing police officer who inexplicably climbed the career ladder.



    If reports last week hold true then John Kennedy is about to fail his way up the Celtic hierarchy.

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Lawwell has succeeded on his own terms. He got rich by mugging the rest of us off. My only satisfaction from this season is that he has finally been found out for what he is. A conman.

  3. Bhoys


    We are all hurting this morning


    A self inflicted disaster of a season



    For me it’s how we now move forward, with a complete structure change


    A huge job faces our new manager, with a full team of players required


    Not 1 of yesterday’s team got a pass mark


    For me at least 9 of them needs to be moved on



    Hail Hail

  4. Re: SIONNAIGH – a business DD cares passionately about? which one is that?Not Celtic!

  5. AD @ 10.43



    Some accounts suggest that BR asked JK to move to the Midlands / Egg Chaser Central.


    The fallout was so bad because the spat between BR and DD had become personal and the club was second to both of them — BR just wanted to get one over DD / PL and the club.



    I also think that BR has been at it with some of the players — promising moves tomorrow / tomorrow.


    When it comes to BR and his love of our club — it only went so far and his ego came first.


    The fall out seems to have been brutal and would account for the lack of focus from BR that season.



    Not happy at BR’s way of leaving — however we all have our egos.


    Having to listen to PL’s waste water would have put me over the edge as well.


    Not a huge fan of BR — he still had CL L plates on at CP — but he took us to a new level.



    However DD could not see that or it was of no consequence to him and his EPL dream.


    Although we would be lucky to survive in League Two this year down south.


    So he has been pennywise / pound foolish.



    What is it with DD and his managers — they always seem to get the two year itch.



    MON @ 2002 / BR @ 2018?

  6. PETEC


    the problem with Bain is he catches nothing


    useless now and always was

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Bain is a third choice keeper . He should only be at CP with two in front of him or not at all . Of those who might stay , Taylor should be back up (the new Ralston) as should Welsh .

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD MAY 2021 10:17 AM


    Ernie I am aware of “assume” ass/u/me



    I have exchanged words with you before as you assume our Board have rolled over this year and let them win the league ?? I don’t think you are right


    Lets hope you are right on one thing “our Board are not stupid”







  9. still livid with that debacle yesterday , has Kennedy , McManus, O’dea, strachen and the rest of the hangers on left the building yet , no more jobs for the bhoys.

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    UNCLE JIMMY on 3RD MAY 2021 10:24 AM


    Thanks it must be the wine !!!!!


    I’m not usually credited for writing something that’s referred to as “well thought out”



    Hail Hail my friend




  11. and if anyone think Ajer is the answer , they are living in cloud cuckoo land , Ajer is a major part of the problem.

  12. spikeysauldman on




    not at all.


    but you’ve maybe outlined what will happen.


    I’m interested in what people actually want and what they will get.






    watch out for the food poisoning

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    MADMITCH on 3RD MAY 2021 10:35 AM


    Yes I can understand why you would think I am being too kind to PL


    However I try and see the good in people


    PL made a couple of mistakes – I don’t believe intentionally – and we the Celtic support paid the price both financially and emotionally



    Let’s hope for all our sakes that in 5 years time our criticism of PL was justified


    Because if the next guy is no better than PL well, we are in big trouble






    If you look at the squad you wouldn’t be surprised at anything

  15. Paul The Spark on




    I wasn’t advocating a boycott of season tickets. Just my personal choice to not put my hand in my pocket. The only constant is fans always paying their way and I don’t think we are appreciated by our board. We haven’t heard a peep from them but I can guarantee as soon as season ticket renewals are due we won’t be able to shut them up. Hoping for a brighter future but with the incumbent board I think the same mistakes will be made.


    Hail Hail

  16. squire danaher on

    RC on 3RD MAY 2021 11:17 AM


    and if anyone think Ajer is the answer , they are living in cloud cuckoo land , Ajer is a major part of the problem.






    A major part of the problem is that for large parts of this season, and several before, we have been playing this player – and others like Bitton out of position at CB.



    Largely because of our unofficial DoF’s supposed eye for a player.



    Anyway, everyone seems to think that because Ajer is the height he is, he should be able to be dominant in the air. The problem is he is not a natural CB.



    Square Pegs in Roon Holes Championship Manager.

  17. Thinking out loud here……could it be the case that say, Celtic, under PLs guidance, recorded a profit of £5m in year 1, £10m year 2, £15m year 3, and back to £5m year 4, therefore showing a loss of £10m in profit over year 4 would show Lawwell wasn’t up to the job? With that in mind, he was happy treading water resulting in no significant progress, profits wise over his 18 years.


    There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be up there, just below the behemoths with the fan base we have/had

  18. 67 European Cup Winners on

    SQUIRE DANAHER on 3RD MAY 2021 10:45 AM


    I agree about P67


    I admire his dedication to providing this blog – but it does not mean he is always right


    Some of his stuff about 20 years of dominance came from PL arrogance


    He has never debated the PL issue on here and never mentioned the performance of our Board



    I am not here to simply slag off PL and our Board but I do thin P67 has a platform to open the debate


    Not everyone hates PL – he is an easy target



    Without being dramatic I am trying to be positive about the future


    DD has got to get the next structure right


    His next appointment be it DoF or Manager needs to work


    If not the Hun will run away from us – God help us




  19. THIS is not meant as scapegoating AJER but as i have asked before where do you play him


    imo he is not a CB


    But different management teams don’t see him as a MF option


    Has undoubted talent but it needs harnessed



  20. squire danaher on

    67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 3RD MAY 2021 11:27 AM



    I did not intend to imply criticism of P67.



    I admit my 10:45 may read differently.



    I think he is caught between a rock and a hard place namely the anger of the support and his relatively privileged position re: access to the Board.

  21. THIS is not meant as scapegoating AJER but as i have asked before where do you play him



    sell him and let another club have that problem.

  22. Looking forward to the new article – was it the ref or the SNP to blame for yesterday ? Bated breath.

  23. squire danaher on

    POR CIERTO on 3RD MAY 2021 11:56 AM



    Mr Lawwell and Mr Desmond thank you for your continued support of the football department.

  24. RC on 3RD MAY 2021 11:17 AM


    and if anyone think Ajer is the answer , they are living in cloud cuckoo land , Ajer is a major part of the problem.




    Ajer seems a nice boy and a very good professional. However, he’s not the Centre Back we need. If he stays with us, then it’s either at right back or midfield. He’s very good with the ball at his feet and can go by players but is nowhere near a natural defender. We don’t have a first choice full back and it’s almost the same for the centre back positions.


    Whoever our new manager is, he’ll need our support and patience. Not so much a watershed game, as a watershed season.

  25. ajer is not a midfield player either , not composed enough and he has no final product .

  26. ECW67. 1021am



    An excellent and balanced summary of the PL years.



    Going back a few years, I was never able to fathom out why Bobo Balde was sitting in the stand but inferior players were playing in central defence.


    That couldn’t have been a decision that made us stronger on the pitch.


    Meanwhile we paid him approximately £30k a week to do he haw .



    It’s a very long time since Celtic PLC strived to have the best Celtic team, we could have, representing us.


    As you say.


    PL liked a deal .


    Unfortunately, football wise , he thought like an accountant.


    The bottom line mattered more. It also helped his bonus.



    Horses for courses , was apparent.


    Maybe this suited Dermot Desmond ? HH

  27. Madmitch



    “some reports say’



    what we dont need is your scattergun approach,combined with a gordon the dyscalcic aporoach to numbers


    we have work to do but its not what you think.

  28. Tiny Trot @ 12.53



    Now back under that bridge of yours.


    You are bumping your gums about topics you don’t understand or care about.



    Please try harder.


    Or better still don’t bother your erse.

  29. An Tearmann on




    is that you confirming Denis Healey introduced monetarism in 1976 budget.




    What is left today? sir keev !

  30. An Tearmann on

    MADMITCH on 3RD MAY 2021 1:19 PM



    Tiny Trot @ 12.53


    mitchy☝️ is an ezample of you making up something and believing it so when it is..not reality based.i will call it ‘×’ 😊





    Now back under that bridge of yours.




    You are bumping your gums about topics you don’t understand or care about.




    Please try harder.




    Or better still don’t bother your erse



    .i will speak out as and when i see fit


    freely openly.


    what bout red top vermin setting tone and reaction,anythin to say there?