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  1. MOISEY17 on 2ND MAY 2021 12:40 PM


    Is every fk on the ground now a yellow? Cal Mac commits two fouls for sure but those two fouls mean a red card???





    Of course not but players assess what they can and can’t do in every game. The ref set the standard and CalMac took no heed.



    His stupidity is inexcusable for me. I’ve had my fill of CalMac this season. If he leaves, I’ll shed no tears. It may be best for everyone.

  2. How many games has sevco played against 10 men this season.


    Quite remarkable

  3. PHILBHOY on 2ND MAY 2021 12:44 PM


    Kennedy to be announced on Tuesday.



    Ha ha! Am pretty sure that will NOT be the case. A nice bit of satire though ;)

  4. Once again losing against a bang average side. Thank eff this season is almost over. Let’s hope Eddie Howe has a big broom to sweep out the Club.

  5. Not an excuse here, but taverner pen brings down Eddie when he has just been skinned. No card? Exactly the same type of challenge Cal got sent off for.



    Plus ca change

  6. This game and so many games this season demonstrates the importance of having a very good goalkeeper. Last season we had two.


    When Tommy Burns was manager the difference between us and them was the goalkeepers.

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Nothing to lose here. We are very, very, limited in the full back area. Both offer very little.



    I’d go 3 at the back.

  8. I wouldn’t keep a single one of those “defenders” and as for the goalie..jeezus.



    Any new manager would clear the lot out, not a decent player between them

  9. A very predictable first half.



    We are making the huns look good, they are there for the taking if we show aptitude, courage and conviction.






    Where is GG.?

  10. Unpopular opinion but I don’t think Celtic have played too badly. The problem is in the two boxes. Soft goals given away and a lack of cutting edge upfront.



    Eddie played fairly well but still looks to beat one man too many when sometimes a simple lay-off would do.



    Would like to have seen the energy of Soro in the midfield but sentiment got the better of Kennedy and Brown is struggling. Also, how bad must Ralston be that Kenny’s keeping him out?

  11. As I’ve said before, there is a difference in the numbers of cards awarded in games involving the champions this season compared to other seasons. It is stark. it is biased. The numbers don’t match. I call it cheating.

  12. fieldofdrams on

    GeeBee1978 at 12.36, yeah, I know, I’m just sick of this season and getting beat by this mob.

  13. Regardless; Calmac let everyone down with terrible decision making. Not captain material.

  14. We’ve created some decent stuff.



    Often through Ajer’s direct runs


    Maybe his new team will play him in his most effective position?🤷🏼‍♂️



    Their full backs are much better than ours


    Their veteran midfielder makes a goal saving challenge, ours doesn’t.


    Their keeper pulls off a wonder save. Ours doesn’t.


    Their McGregor is back for the second half. Ours isn’t.



    HH jg

  15. We didn’t play any worse when down to 10. Kent’s pace far too much for Brown. Get Soro on to shore up midfield.


    MacGregor saves 1-2 goals in every game for them. Like watching Goram all over again.

  16. An dun.


    They may be bang average but they are better than us.


    They have gone further in Europe than us over the last two seasons.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Not being able to block crosses and not being able to win headers when those crosses come in , is an absolute recipe for disaster .


    We need a new management team who can build a competent team on the park .

  18. DENIABHOY on 2ND MAY 2021 12:51 PM


    “MacGregor saves 1-2 goals in every game for them. Like watching Goram all over again.”



    Like watching Big Fraser in goals for us also, por cierto.

  19. Career enhancing decision from the ref …. never in a million years would the red card happen the other way.



    Simpson for them looks pish , he could pick up a second if the ref forgets he’s already booked him



    Let’s finish the season and regroup

  20. Calmac-brainless


    Ajer – turns his back on Moreorles shot.


    Testimonial team selection


    Usual result


    If Ralston is worse than Kenny he should give


    the game up.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    We don’t defend well.



    We don’t compete well (and instinctively) in contact outside the box.



    We’re therefore giving up opportunities to the opposition.



    FWIW – The grand sounding “Atholl Industrial Solutions” who are sponsoring Sevco TV ….



    …. are a repair shop operating out of a wee hoose in Milngavie.



    Don’t think I’ll be patronising this establishment anytime soon.

  22. Even before Callum was sent off the midfield was really struggling badly, mostly for pace.


    por cierto

  23. The beast being in goal for them doesn’t explain their defensive record. He was in their goals in previous seasons when they have had worse stats.



    Don’t discount the weirdness of the covid season, the crapness of most other teams this season. And luck. They have had more than their share.

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