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  1. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 12th March 2018 11:09 am




    I believe Chris Sutton could sometimes be see there, supping Guinness and playing dominoes.



    Plus ca change though regarding the Cooncil destroying the built environment.



    The Old College Bar is so called because it was across the road from the original University of Glasgow, which was demolished to make way for a railway goods yard.

  2. KEVJUNGLE on 12TH MARCH 2018 4:44 AM



    A sclaffy Morelos miss away from another Brendan draw vs Murty, and you’d think it was 1967 again!



    *we drew 2-2 there in ’67 Kev where a sclaffed roger hynd (nephew of the Shanks) shot gave them a fortuitous draw unlike more or less yesterday. BTW from one who was there and in their cooshed after Jinky’s wonder goal the game was held up for a couple of minutes due to missile throwing and a field invasion from the copland road end, that was back in the day when 007 was a Tim.