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  1. DAVID66 on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 10:59 AM


    New club, same horrible, bigoted shite that follow it.



    Let’s feckin do them.




    We have a better team with better players, better manager, better supporters, better ground, more cash, already won a cup, top of the league no matter what happens today, still in Europe, won back to back trebles, on course to win 8 IAR….relax and enjoy a free crack at sevco today, cause no matter what, we will end the year on top, then push on.???




    Oh and any lurking Hun sevco bar stewards…..GIRFUY




    Right, shower then pub, stay safe everyone and enjoy yer day.




    D. :)

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    The outcome of today’s league match, like every league match, is largely down to the Celtic players; Turn up, perform and go home with 3 points, the final score a techhnicality.



    Only a below-par performance permits the vagaries of luck and refereeing to bear influence.



    Over to you, Bhoys

  3. According to Big Jock, If we’re good enough, the cheating MIBs are not in the equation.




  4. Not particularly liking the rumoured side either but wouldn’t be a bit surprised more players kicked and pulled Eddy at Pitoddrie in 20 minutes than he’s suffered in a season in France.



    Scotland expects ‘Heroes’ for Ibrokes © Daily Express whereas we want footballers, and agree with DBBIA everyone home safe from the run down stadium and area is first and foremost..



    On the footballing side I expect Celtic to play it tight ( judging by the side ) and invite Sevco on allowing them possession that they are used to against SPL sides, high press and break worked so well at Pitoddrie it would be rude not to.



    If football wins, there is just the one winner in this game taking all else out of the equation stay safe in Timdom should the now traditional humping occur.

  5. Jock also said, “only a fool would predict the result of a Celtic v Rangers game”.


    But I suppose it’s alright to predict the outcome of a game v Sevco!




  6. I would settle for 1-0 but another hunskelping in their own midden would be nice !! Mon the Hoops !!

  7. Today’s starting line up ……


    Gordon; Lustig, Benkovic,Boyata ; Brown, McGregor, Ntcham, Forrest, Christie Sinclair, Johnston



    Subs: Bain, Ralston, Ajer , Edouard, Hayes, Morgan,Tierney


  8. Confirmed starting 11
























  9. Gordon, Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic, McGregor; Brown, Ntcham, Christie, Forrest, Sinclair; Johnston


    Subs: Bain, Ajer, Ralston, Tierney, Hayes, Morgan, Edouard

  10. Good team



    Would have preferred all our first team bhoys fit and ready to go, but hey ho.



    Those bhoys on the park are good enough to beat that Hun shite, weather the first 10-15 minutes then we win comfortably






    D. :)

  11. FRIESDORFER on29TH DECEMBER 2018 10:37 AM



    Snuff out Moreorless and Tavernier, that’s all they’ve got, and not great at that either. Get right intae thum Celtic. HH

  12. Make Yourself a Legend Mickey Johnston ?



    Run them ragged, pace, trickery and goals



    Hail Hail

  13. Calum is never a left back.Cant understand KT on bench.As I said the other day,he has about 4 weeks off,after this game,surely worth a go.Mikey is a wee bit lightweight to lead the line against these hammer throwers.Seethin has stuck out guys who have been struggling ,probably taking a chance,but its a one off.Just my thoughts,but to lose Calmac from the midfield,and KT from full back,is a double whammy for us.


    Hope to God I am worrying for nothing.

  14. Another away game — another experimental line up.


    I wonder if the bookies are smiling at the moment?



    Our squad really is in some state if this is all we have got.


    I fear we are trying to be too clever at the moment.



    Saw your post earlier about Boston did you know a guy called Matt McKenna from Govan who worked in the shipyards out there ? Btw I might have already asked you that when we met in Melbourne ! Keep up the good work down under !

  16. First set foot in that place on New Years Day 1959 .



    A truly minging day . Game was stopped in the second half while the REF decided to abandon or not . Celtic played them off the park , scored first and lost 2-1 . Bertie Auld missed a penalty very near the end of the game .



    Off oot for lunch on a beach – (it’s 18 degrees ) I -won’t be watching today – I don’t do Temporary Licence FC – The SFA / SPFL might have facilitated and accommodated them – I didn’t and dont . .



    Take care !!!!

  17. Ffs been talkin to maself again….



    No OE and CM starting at LB….still a strong enuff team to rip thems a new one




  18. Any 11 we put out today should be good enough to win. Our players are much better than what they have.


    No score predictions, but I expect us to win today.



    Sound off on Sky presentation already. Deluded.

  19. i see the drama has started allready.



    eyes down for moaners bingo.


    torn faced frasers.



    ffs get behind the team, support the bhoys accept the managers decisons and help the seven fifty and the squad and management team get us 3 points.

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