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  1. A few wee signs we are getting better. The number of fantastic defensive clearances suggest we may run them out in the last 15.




  2. Walker is a soup taker…that goal was onside…that still from sky was after Christie had touched the ball..no mention of Morelos consistent late tackling

  3. fan-a-tic on 29th December 2018 1:59 pm



    The amount of times they have left the foot in with no punishment is telling.







    The jolly jaunts to Spain are to hide their cheating. I have no doubt thats the Reason – Sick and twisted Bonding.



    Celtic have been poor the day Howevaaaaaah,



    Got to turn this around.



    Hey whats wrong with You.

  4. It’s not the Refs fault we are playing SHITE – that is down to the players and BR’s weird formation. We have been total pish for the majority of the game against a team with little skill but heaps of effort and heart

  5. Love broony…but he has not been at the races today ..too much changing around from Brendan..agree about Scottie…he just does not deserve a shirt…his ball retention is terrible..ntcham in a daydream