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  1. glendalystonsils on

    team let themselves and us down badly today . Some failures and a few abject failures…..ON , SS , SB



    Get the break under our belts and start the season again in a couple of weeks…..put todays nightmare behind us.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    We should have lost by far more.


    Rangers deserved to win , but the blatant intervention of Beaton was crucial.



    Good wake up call for Brendan.


    I think he will now reassess his playing staff.

  3. We got what we deserved today we were rank rotten.


    Beaton was their best man MOM for me take a bow you cheat!

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ? on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 2:26 PM





    Sane sound common sense.



    The sky ain`t falling in .

  5. Lefty, exactly, we were poor and could have sneaked a draw at the end.


    We’ll see where we are in May.

  6. Abject performance. Kudos to ON who managed to prove himself even more ineffective than Broonie on the day, no easy task. Apart from CG and Calmac the rest were pitifully poor.


    So many poor performances all over the park really.


    Second to every ball and couldn’t string two passes together all afternoon.


    The only upside I can see is that the Board must surely now realise that not prising the biscuit tin fully open this window is not an option.


    What a crap way to head off into the winter shutdown. Gutted!

  7. Well well well that was pretty awful, say no more. Peter get the cheque book out. Talk to you in three weeks time. Sevco deserved their win just like Hibs did a couple of weeks ago.

  8. Merely pointing out that the CEO and head of the organisation is taking a £2.3m bonus on Monday.



    Blame needs to be apportioned across the board.

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Sell Ntcham now. He’s just given the worst performance I’ve ever seen from a Celtic player. Summed up when he ran it out of play.



    Love Broony, but he’s done. CalMac and Christie are the future of our midfield. Playing CalMac at left back killed us today. Even then he was our best creative force. That’s on Rodgers.



    Despite having a good goal chopped off we are lucky not to be 2nd on goal difference tonight. Thanks to Gordon for that.



    Our away form is becoming a disgrace. 4 defeats and 3 draws in Scotland is negligence.



    We are at risk of blowing 10 this season. They will now buy in the window and Lawwell will continue to use us as nursery club where we blood other club’s prospects for 6 months at a time.



    He sold the squad strength from under us and doubled his bonus. That’s his KPI not the ten.

  10. They had obviously watched Salzburg high press tactic heavy defeat only for Gordon’s brilliance. They got an awful lot of soft free kicks , let’s move on,

  11. Panned out as most of us expected . We didn,t turn up .and whoever expected a game from SS . The occasion was a bit too much for some of our boys . The more experienced ones ,hang your head in shame , getting outplayed by a team with Andy halliday , mccrorrie .Ryan Jack in it .dear oh dear

  12. At half time Tom English said “Celtic turned up for a game of football today. Rangers turned up for a battle”



    He was 100% right. We were outfought at pretty much every challenge.

  13. Don’t want to talk about Beaton.



    It was Stevie Gee and Sevco that won that game- by a mile.



    We have to suck it up and go again- ignore the over-reactions about Brendan going and driving the rest to the airport.



    They won the right to celebrate this weekend- just quietly point out that they remain 2nd in the league and, most likely, they will have to win 2 more games than we do in the run-in.



    I have asked the question for many seasons- how will our fans cope with a lost game to Sevco. We are about to find out.



    Me? I am heading out to do more important work.

  14. I get that the team selection stands to be criticised, but that aside, for whatever reason, we simply couldn’t pass. We utterly failed to assert ourselves in the middle of the park and we invited them on to us throughout. They pressed, we didn’t and we couldn’t get a foot on the ball. When we did, we gave the ball away or put it out even when we weren’t under pressure. There is much to be learnt from the game – we need a break but if we’re serious about winning the league there needs to be some wise investment.

  15. Injuries robbed us of the tactical changes we could have made today, I’ve seen the huns a lot this season and that’s the best their midfield has ever been.



    We didn’t do enough to get any type of result today and the huns will coast on this until our next meeting at Parkhead.



    I have no doubt as to which colour of ribbons will be on the league trophy come May.



    One wee fart in an orange tin can disnae win leagues…

  16. Safe journey home all the Celts @ the hate factory.



    Celtic didnae turn up. There wisnae any need for obvious stuff.



    Mikey looks really ready to rock and roll – I was impressed Big Time when he got the ball.



    Its our Future.



    Garry Bhoy gie young Gordon a hug frae petec.

  17. Stating the obvious I guess, but that is the worse we have played collectively and individually under Brendan. Without Gordon we wouldn’t be top of the league table.



    Sour grapes or not, referee was bias in a way that was sleekit enough to not be game changing, but certainly favoured only one team.

  18. A perfect storm of injuries, tactics, application and refereeing has handed the huns an unexpected victory over us.



    It had to happen eventually but I wasn’t expecting it this season.



    Lots will be written about it, some things we can control and some we cannot.



    Keep your powder dry.




    It was going to happen sometime. They now believe they have a chance. They will float during the break. They may even be deluded enough to spend more money they don’t have.



    Undoubtedly we will strengthen. The squad is strong but losing Edouard and Tierney from the starting lineup and Lustig and Benkovic meant we were unable to make the changes required. It’s only 3 points and we will make them up in January and February. The 8 is still in our hands.




  20. Not watched it but by all accounts bad day at the office. Some pi** statements at the end.


    We will still romp the league.



    Supporters or fans ?????




  21. Craig Gordon deserves praise for keeping the score down.


    Unfortunately his outfield team mates didn’t respond.


    DB was poor. Couldn’t place a pass.


    KA looked more assured than the more experienced CB. I just hope Ben returns after the break.


    Brown didn’t get any help from ON who was missing most of the game.


    We didn’t present any threat up front, yet had CM not strayed a half yard offside we would have been even, undeservedly.


    Huns were up for it. We weren’t.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HRVATSKI JIM on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 2:31 PM


    At half time Tom English said “Celtic turned up for a game of football today. Rangers turned up for a battle”







    He was 100% right. We were outfought at pretty much every challenge.





    Maybe that`s why Brendan brought on Ralston.


    He certainly battled.

  23. To many passengers today. Boyata & Nitcham especially. I don’t like calling out players, every one can have a bad day………..


    We got what we deserved…………..,…,……………..,.,, …………….



    . meanwhile, Peter Lawwell sits on his arse , while we have all the evidence that we play in a league that’s anointed with corruption , while we sing about 10 in a row.


    The more things change the more they stay the same. Mr Beaton & his assistants all played their part . Disgusted, but that’s what we pay into.

  24. Shocking with our resources we start a game at Ibrox without a recognised striker and a left back



    18 points dropped on the road.




  25. Don’t hate to say I told youz so, so…again: this was about DESIRE and PASSION – which team looked hungry for it? Not us. Again, we have not sorted that we can be soft touches when other teams give it dig. I wish we could turn Tony Ralston into Broony’s replacement. Will Porto still give us E13.5m for ON pls?

  26. Well, wasn’t expecting a performance like that. Absolutely woeful. We learned earlier in the season that Brown and Ntcham in midfield results in a slow, sluggish side. In a game like today, we had to move the ball quickly and weren’t able to. Christie and McGregor showed up in flashes but no-one else did other than Gordon. Hopefully Brendan saw what we saw. If Boyata is looking for a big move, he’ll want to bury the DVD’s from today – he was shocking.

  27. Was Brendan sending a message to the Board today about the January transfer window? Sticking plaster signings won’t cut it. Considering the disastrous summer window, I think our players have done very well to still sit at the top of the League with a game in hand, win the League Cup and qualify for Europa last 32. However, we’re now running on empty and need a couple of class signings and not too many projects.



    We need another experienced striker and loads of defenders at full back (both sides) and centre back. Boyata has soiled himself twice this season at Ibrox. That isn’t acceptable. If he’s going, good luck to him. Unlucky with Benkovic today but he’ll leave in summer. Get a replacement in now.



    We need to make sure we win the game in hand without any slip ups. No more experimental line-ups from Brendan and take it from there.



    Hail! Hail!


    Keep The Faith

  28. No surprise — typical away performance.


    Half the team know they are on their way out.


    Total lack of leadership — plus a coaching team that are phoning it in.



    Things need to change.


    Performances like this have become the norm.



    Not his biggest fan but CMcG was immense — only person on the park that seemed to understand the game we were playing.



    MIB — superb job.


    Controlled the game without any howlers / obvious honest mistakes.



    Jobs for the mid season break …



    Does the SPL carry out any drug testing?


    Will AM @ TFOD2.1 be brought to book for his off the ball and on the ball violence?


    Will the bookies be happy with this result?

  29. rangers wanted it more and thoroughly deserved the win. Celtic had too many players out of touch. injuries didn’t help with making changes to affect the game. Beaton and the linesmen were utterly shocking constantly robbed us of possession. overall, bad day at the office.



    Ntcham for me showed no heart and has looked disinterested – I’d offload him.



    over you to PL – clearly the team need freshen blood , you need to deliver!