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  1. We deserve nothing, we’ve been outfought, completely unacceptable. Ntchams effort to help Lustig there was hopeless.

  2. FFS we’ve been aking for that ,get the finger hoops put these cnuts back under their rock COYBIG

  3. They’ve followed Lennons recent blueprint.


    Press high and simple long punts into empty space.


    Our coach gave to much respect to them.


    Beaton playing well for huns.

  4. No one knows formation..everyone on back foot..lost before game started..5th time this season be has done this

  5. You can’t say their goal wasn’t deserved as they’re playing with great intensity and we can’t hold onto the ball.

  6. lustig fouled as hunmunky halliday screams abuse at him ignored by brother beaton and the sfa crew