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  1. They will also be congratulating themselves that in 180 mins of football at castle greyskull this season since they decimated our away support we have managed about two attempts on goal in two hapless defeats.


    Their will be no change to their away support stance anytime soon.


    As poor as today was I am over it no problem.


    Looking forward to the English football climax coming up this afternoon.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Had to agree with Walker, I know, why so pedestrian when we had pace on the wings. Anyway time to enjoy the full sun in Aberfoyle before home time

  3. No – do read back on CQN – too many truths being told for some I fear. A Celtic team – champions – that can’t be arsed to make an effort against our closest rivals in the league. That along with piss poor tactics from our management team that also can’t motivate the team to compete against Der Hun – doesn’t bode well.

  4. ‘ And now you see why Celtic’s Brendan Rodgers’ decision to get off his mark for double your money, happened today ‘



    The bad old days of Rainjurz at Ibrokes, finally manifested itself this afternoon with a team of bhoys against mere seven year olds, and despite any contrary statistics, we were totally dominated and outplayed, and Neil Lennon’s resistence resembled flop , he was downed in his first game along with his inherited squad, in the first game ever at the Debt Dome with Celtic.



    Fine, and dandy in the days of getting cheated by EBT talent otherwise not afforded, but beaten by a youth coach and some reorganised bog standard players, is another matter and not what Celtic fans should have to endure, in any of our lifetimes.



    If we can lose when Mikael Lustig hobbled off, the last time, it is now a characteristic cornerstone of the big Swedes career dawning, and with no adequate cover for that stadium, at left back either, the first half performance was likely to be mirrored, in round two. If you witnessed Oliver Burke in a Celtic jersey let alone, his hideous miss v Livingston, you really would have to wonder why he was still on the pitch to waste Celtic’s best chance of the day, especially whilst Timo Weah had already packed his ruck sack.



    Invisible in midfield were MacGregor Rogic and Brown and Johnston, four defenders surrounded and hounded Edouard all day, when they didn’t stop him cleanly they kicked his ankles, in a game that couldn’t have started any worse than ball watching it, all the way into the back of our net.



    If full backs cost £6M ( see Jeremy Toljan ) its no wonder we’re ruminating over Lustig’s possible extension that is if he doesn’t hobble off beforehand. Hayes tried manfully, but is hopeless on a big pitch, and Neil Lennon will do well to raise this side to defeat Hearts in a cup final, where they are likely to try a diet Sevco.



    Special mention must go to Kevin Clancy who played the pipers tune to perfection and threw the rule book over the Celtic end, when he awarded a yellow and a corner, when the book says red card and penalty, it seems ‘Red Red card red card’ was only the linesman today..



    When the dust settles over Govan it’ll be the worst thing that could have happened for Sevco, hope kills, and the best thing ever for Celtic, already champions now without a hint of complacency, and a board of directors firmly, once again behind the Eight Ball.



    M.O.M Jozo Simunovic

  5. thought ML did not look comfortable from the off and couldn’t get off the park quick enough before the break , don’t think he fancied it against that kent on the wing.

  6. That was murder. In 30 years I have never seen a Celtic team play so bad at Ibrox. Each player contributed to this debacle, with the possible exception of Odsone Edward. One positive is that this match showed the inescapable truth about Lenny. The cup final is far from a foregone conclusion and if we start next year with this team and this management, 9IAR will not happen never mind 10.

  7. Need cheering up, anyone got a copy of the balance sheet?



    Why have we got huge sums sitting in a bank?


    Why are we paying tax, when the money should be on the park giving us more chance to scoop the European loot.


    Our custodians are a disgrace, its not acceptable, spend the money on players then if we fail to qualify then sell to balance the books.


    We are going backwards, if by the time our squad is back from pre season and the squad is not significantly strengthenqed then our board have failed us yet again and will be responsible if we fail to qualify for the CL.



    Time for change at the top our board have allowed a huge chasm of a gap to reduce dramatically.

  8. When Sott Brown was assaulted by the Sevco defender from the corner was the ball in play?.


    Pandy Walker seemed to think it wasn’t but I would like to see that one again.


    Should it have been a RED CARD and Penalty?

  9. QUADROPHENIAN on 12TH MAY 2019 2:24 PM


    Can the game meaning nothing to our players, be explained to the 800 who bought tickets and turned up?



    As for key positions, I’d have Emilio at LB any day of the week over hapless Hayes (never a Tic player btw)



    Aussie Tom musta been given an invisible cloak for his birthday.



    CalMac still missing BRs mentoring something rotten. We havent learned from repeat matches v them at all!



    Is John Kennedy picking the team, or what??




    I have to agree with you about Jonny Hayes. He couldn’t keep his footing. I was beginning to think he was wearing clown’s shoes. He cannot be faulted for trying but today’s game was too big for him. Several players were invisible today. However, for me, the main problem lies with the manager. He is not motivating the team. He did too much talking yesterday to the media. To me, it shows that he hasn’t learned. It should be all about the team, the players. Too often, the stories are about him. I want a manager who is efficient, EFFECTIVE, and who is content to let the players take the plaudits.



    Break the bank to make Stevie Clarke an offer that he can’t refuse.

  10. succulentlambstinks on

    The day I stop going to home games and the day I stop buying 3 tops a year will be the day I give up my right to criticise a cowardly performance like that and no managerial tactical know how. Simples

  11. A very flat, and subdued Lenny said the team were lacking in physical and/or mental fortitude. Join the dots.



    We won the league without being particularly good for most of the season, not just when BR left.



    Sevco have played us off the park at both Ibrox games. We are being delusional if we don’t think they are much closer to us now than last season. SG sent out a well drilled team today full of energy, commitment and drive. Only our own arrogance would blind us to the fact that he is closing the gap.



    Time for DD to inject some vision and cash to widen it once again or we will be in a real dog fight next season.



    The Treble Treble team needs a major overhaul. Here’s hoping we get it.

  12. Today was important, we learned that Neil is not getting the job, I’ve never seen him so apparently downbeat during a game. We also found out why Burke has not been used by clubs who spent fortunes buying him.


    It was like an end of the season performance, the problem is that our season is not finished.


    25th May is a red letter day in our calendar, we’ve got 2 weeks to get it right. Immediately afterwards there’s huge decisions to be made.

  13. RON67 on 12TH MAY 2019 2:45 PM


    thought ML did not look comfortable from the off and couldn’t get off the park quick enough before the break , don’t think he fancied it against that kent on the wing.




    Listing got a bad injury against Aberdeen last week and was played today. It looked like the exact same injury. Why was he selected when we had both Toljan and Ralston were available. Lustily is no shirker or coward. Shameful suggestion.

  14. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Who opened this woodwork?



    Since I am out here already i would like to make one meaningless statement: the only thing that crashes more often than this site on a matchday is the Celtic defence. Is there a connection?



    SackTicQuickNews CSC

  15. Ralston would have been a much better option than Toljian. He’s one of our own and deserves a game before someone who has shown nothing.

  16. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    On second thoughts, I’ve never seen poorer football from celtic in my lifetime than today


    Rangers intl are getting better


    Without our top players, teams can nullify a lot/if not all of what we do

  17. the board have proved onceagain they are a impediment to the club that’s why rogers walked out and we ended up with neil they are a bunch of skint flints who will cost 10 in a row,

  18. For me Neil Lennon is not the person to take us forward, neither is Kennedy who seems to survive every manager leaving, I wonder why that is , he certainly does not display from the sidelines any particular skills, Duff was at the academy, will Celtic plc be ambitious or go for someone who is cheap and available, i suppose season ticket sales will determine what the future brings, I’m not optimistic that this board are or will be forward looking.


    The first team needs gutted, plenty golden children in there not contributing, Rogic McGregor Ntcham Sinclair Johnston will not show dig it’s not in their game so we do not win the midfield battle from there every game is an uphill battle.

  19. DeniaBhoy on 12th May 2019 2:59 pm




    Ralston would have been a much better option than Toljian. He’s one of our own and deserves a game before someone who has shown nothing.




    100% agree. 6mill to sign Tolijan, all I can say is that football in Germany must be played at a very sedate pace??

  20. Today was meaningless but that did not give Lenny a free pass.



    His selection was poor and he was unable to change the game with his subs.



    I don’t see an identity or philosophy with lennon’s Celtic.

  21. quadrophenian on



    Yes to Steve Clarke.


    Can he pls bring a smidge of backroom guile and gameplan cunning that we lack.


    To me, both Ollies have left the building.

  22. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Everyone should log off and enjoy the Sun, we’ve had worse day’s


    faint hearts.

  23. Never watched the game today because it’s meaningless ..



    Needing a whole new squad and manager .. the teams been struggling all season …. We made their Poundland players look half decent, AGAIN!

  24. glendalystonsils on

    I wouldn’t read too much into the effect on the team of our very small support today. They had a similarly small support at CP and showed much more threat.

  25. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Taking consolation in a bottle of Californian merlot, Marylyn Merlot to be precise. In the light of eternity, this is a minor flicker of the light. We were feckless, it’s true, and we have let them think they are worthy of more than a “dead rubber”, end-of-season victory by the manner of our capitulation. Perhaps this can work to our advantage since man for man they do not match our squad but, because of today, they will strut through the close season thinking they have arrived, not simply as equals but as our superiors. That will make next season’s victories all the more satisfying.

  26. bigrailroadblues on

    Was angry, calmed down. All that matters now is the Cup Final against the Embra huns. Next season we shall be champions again and they will be sevco mark whatever. Chin up bhoys, this beer is good. ?

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