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  1. Dexter P. Bampot on

    ML injured



    Goldson v nearly 2-0 from corner.






    Pish poor

  2. Well that was a poor 45 minutes. Them playing out their skin and we were pish. Still, more possession than them and only one real chance after we gifted them a goal. 1-0 can be turned over if we start playing.





  3. Has Tom Rogic finished his warm up yet ? Completely anonymous.



    Lustig too slow in the first minute and we end up losing an early goal.



    We seem to have lost the midfield yet again so are not creating anything dangerous.



    Come on Lenny – do something !!!

  4. Dexter,


    So a header that soars well over the bar “nearly” makes it 2 nil?.


    Guess Burke nearly made it 1 all earlier in the half .

  5. HT Sevco lead 1.0. Poor showing from the bhoys thus far. Lenny has a lot to do during the break. Sevco obviously want this more than us but that still doesn’t excuse the poor performance. Mickey Johnston yet to justify his inclusion in the squad and Tommy Rogic has been a virtual spectator in the 1st half. Johnny H and Scotty B at least showing some effort.

  6. Two poor teams. Lenny has 45 mins to land this job for me. Today has been simply awful so far.

  7. O.G.Rafferty on

    Very poor all over the pitch. Celtic lacking conviction and focus.


    Balls played to OE with his back to goal sees him surrounded by Huns.


    Formation and personnel not working, no real shape to the team and little threat.

  8. Johnson, Burke and Rogic are totally lost.



    Poor shape, no threat. poor performances all over the pitch.



    As poor as it has been for some time

  9. So…,,still a meaningless dead rubber is it Paul?



    Our custodians are sleepwalking is towards on field parity with deidco. Let that sink in for a moment.



    Awaiting the 2nd half with more hope than expectation/confidence.



    HH jg

  10. Dexter P. Bampot on

    GORDYBHOY64 on 12TH MAY 2019 12:52 PM





    So a header that soars well over the bar “nearly” makes it 2 nil?.



    Guess Burke nearly made it 1 all earlier in the half






    It was a good chance for them. It wasn’t that far away.



    Didn’t think it was a controversial observation.




    Why oh why are we not playing to the strengths of the individual players? The ball needs to go BEYOND Burke and short to Edouarde. It’s like the players don’t even know each other

  11. Sevco well worth their 1:0 lead.



    Fairly predictable pattern to the play (apart from the first early goal).



    We were obviously looking for long balls for Burke to chase by slow defenders but they are not falling for such a crude tactic and most balls are sailing on through to Foderingham.



    Neil, obviously, got fed up with it and switched the front 3 around but we were still launching “Burke” balls to Edouard.



    For me, Burke does not have it, and we would be better with him off and Eddy doing his best impersonation of a centre forward. I would even consider Ntcham coming on for him and moving Hayes forward (even if Benkovic has to be brought on for Lustig).



    Now, if previous match thread commentating plays out- Olly Burke should get a 5 minute hat trick after the interval- canny see it, mind.

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    It’s Broonie against 3 sometimes 4 in midfield. Our wide players are just not in it, and Calmac has had a very poor half by his own high standards.

  13. 64% possession and a gift of a goal, we’ve all seen before.



    Much as expected and as invisible as James Forrest are the rest of the side, including star players that need to up there game, no disciplinary problems evident for Sevco who have easily snubbed out any semblance of attack.



    Hard shift for the second half where any changes for subs could be guessed.

  14. They have four in midfield, we have two plus luxury player Rogic. Lenny needs to change it.

  15. this may be a “dead rubber” so to speak but its by no means meaningless,










  16. now that rangers have won the league, i am really worried about next season.

  17. Dexter P. Bampot on

    2nd half looking much the same as 1st. Sevco midfield under no pressure

  18. Taurangabhoy on

    Lots of possession and no cutting edge. Need to do better in the second half. Pressure them in the crumble dome and they will crumble. Defoe should be red carded for the amount of bad tackles he has done on Dafoe. Keep the faith. Hail Hail.