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  1. In 40 years of watching football, I have never seen a yellow card for an off the ball elbow.

  2. Red all day for Flanagan.



    More concerned right now with our inability to pass the ball.

  3. Sums us up this season – attacking position and chance to put pressure on but we turn back and end up losing a throw in in our own half

  4. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Lennon MUST change this.



    However history shows he always leaves too late



    MJ is completely anonymous. Surely he has to come off?

  5. Trying not to get angry with the seeming lack of effort from this team. COME ON TO FECK CELTIC.

  6. Anyone familiar with the rules comment on why the foul on Brown was not only a red but a penalty as well?

  7. Burke and Mikey Johnston just hasn’t worked. Managers live and die by these calls and Lennon is about to walk the plank.

  8. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Celtic have actually come out and played worse than they finished the first half.



    Lennon is a motivational vacuum cleaner

  9. Ball not in play so no pen or freekick. Albeit that was a straight red for an assault on a player.

  10. Very few clear cut chances at either end.



    Doubtful that sevco goal was even a shot.



    Poor, end of season fare