Rare nothing to lose phenomenon, the Great Hunger


International players will begin returning to Bayern Munich’s training facility today. Many will undergo their first session under new manager Jupp Heynckes. Five points off the pace domestically, they face Freiburg on Saturday before the visit of Celtic one week today.

Freiburg are above the relegation play-off spot on goal difference only, largely as a consequence of settling in for a draw. They have lost only two of their seven games. On Saturday, Celtic scouts will likely learn how Bayern play against a packed defence.

If the result in Brussels afforded Brendan Rodgers some Champions League freedom, Heynckes is under pressure to win both games this coming week. This is far from impossible (they are Bayern Munich, after all), but the new manager will be working blind, having little or no time on the training field with his players, talented though they are.

I’m feeling unusually chilled about the game in Munich. We will rest those who need it on Saturday, then travel with the rare ‘nothing to lose’ phenomenon, so scarce for Celtic teams. The contrast for the Germans could not be greater; a loss to Celtic would be cataclysmic. We should enjoy this.capture-20171009-120341

National Famine Day Memorial match-worn shirt

Many thanks to all who entered the raffle for James Forrest’s match-worn shirt, commemorating the Great Hunger, which followed the Blight which passed through much of Europe in the 1840s before hitting Ireland. A million died there, millions more emigrated, some to Scotland. A few of these new communities here setup football teams in Edinburgh, Dundee and then Glasgow.

Is this an important part of the Celtic story? I think so. Its consequences inform our values today.

You can enter the raffle by making a minimum £5 donation to Celtic FC Foundation here. The money will continue the great work carried out in your name. And you might win a signed, match-worn, Famine Memorial shirt.

What a great thing to do.

To enter, send your donation confirmation email to celticquicknews@gmail.com with the name of the PSG player who was booked for diving against Celtic last month in the SUBJECT line.



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    Oh for another HUGH McIlvanney…..But would even the Guardian allow him a say on Scottish football. I still regret his moving from the Observer to Murdoch’s paper.

  2. Hugh McIlvanney certainly has a huge reputation in the world of sports journalism, but he’s not that big in stature – is he?!







  3. Chairbhoy on 11th October 2017 4:13 pm



    Good post and titish as Murray is, I am even more disappointed in David Conn whom I contacted yesterday about an article of his in The Guardiam last August regrading the UEFA license 2011.



    I believe he was fed misinformation by Darryl Broadfoot and when the basis of it was questionned by TJN he refused to go back and obtain evidence from Broadfoot.



    The passage of time strongly suggests Conn was fed horseshit but I’ll give him the opportunity to respond before putting out the letter.



    The Guardian of course are the newspaper who pulled the Persistance Beats Resistance advert and it is pretty clear that the media are as self serving as the SFA.

  4. To Friesdorfer & Greenpinata, Many Thanks for your votes for Niamh, she is both amazed & delighted at the response and she is now stating officially that she is a Celtic Supporter.


    Having said that she knows the square root of nothing about football.

  5. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Did anyone notice the confession (boast) by Archie Knox about bribing the ball boys in the SC semi final at hampden in 1992


    If he will stoop to this what else would him and his superiors do to gain CL entry when the life of the club depended on it



  6. Corkcelt. 5.04.


    Tell Ms Corkcelt not to worry about that, she will fit in well :-))


    Hail Hail

  7. fergusslayedtheblues on

    I have just watched a you tube clip of the game above and IMO it was definitley more than just the ball boys that were bribed at half time

  8. Has anyone viewed the Panama ” goal ” against Costa Rica?. I don’t think any of the ball crossed the line, a staggering decision to award a goal.


    Hail Hail

  9. Whitedoghunch.


    My post to Corkcelt, a minute after yours, was very similar to your post to Corkcelt.


    Normally some would then say, great minds think alike and others would reply, fools seldom differ.


    Hail Hail.

  10. Sorry for the huge mistake on my last post…



    The great Hugh was genetically modified by Spell checker… honest:)






    Yes, it’s a sign off the times that credible journalism comes as a small consideration compared to popularity and commerce, even in what was once regarded as the Quality Press.



    It seems like highlighting any miscreancy in Scottish Football is a no, no.



    David Conn was willing to except the assurances of the SFA spokesperson even though they were not prepared to go public?!



    When you take it in the context of the paper pulling the ad after agreeing to print it, indicating someone “got” to them it is deeply suspicious.



    So now that the truth is out we will see if Mr Conn was “duped” because surly a journalist of his standing would be eager to put the record straight. Or there is something more sinister afoot.



    Hail Hail

  11. South Of Tunis on




    Yup -first Panama goal did not cross the line..When it was shown on the beach bar tele earlier,an Old guy in the corner(not me) shouted -“Where’s your wall now Trump?”



    Did anyone notice the confession (boast) by Archie Knox about bribing the ball boys in the SC semi final at hampden in 1992



    If he will stoop to this what else would him and his superiors do to gain CL entry when the life of the club depended on it






    ‘When in doubt, cheat yer way out.’



    The Hun Philosophy.

  13. South Of Tunis.


    Talking about “the wall”


    I noticed Mexico who had already qualified lost to Honduras.


    Thus ensuring USA didn’t even make play off v Australia.


    Hail Hail

  14. Congratulations to Opa Baldie….braw news ..



    Welcome to Celtic Maria Rose…




  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Congratulations on becoming a Grandad.



    Best wishes and hopes for a great future for the newest member of the Celtic family, Maria Rose.



    Congratulations to Mum and Dad.




  16. Congrats to JOBO and family.



    Grandweans make your face hurt with all the smiling they make you do.




  17. I think Ewen Murray is a Hearts supporter. If so he should know the difference between administration and liquidation.


    The minis still glorify their 5-1 win over Hibs in SCF despite winning with a financially doped team that they couldn’t afford.

  18. Didn’t take BBC long to get EBT Dodds back into the punditry groove on Sportsound. Keeping up the EBT dead team quotient, suppose it makes a change from a Ferguson brother.

  19. HebCelt & IrvineMagnum,


    Thanks very much lads for the votes, ye’re 2 votes has taken the CQN vote to 100.


    When I posted initial request, I was expecting maybe a dozen replies but never in my wildest dreams did I expect anything like the response I received.


    If she does make the top 3 it will be down to CQN plain & simple.

  20. Jobo:


    Many congratulations to you on becoming a Grandfather and a big Hail Hail to Maria Rose in entering this world and to a great Celtic family.


    May God Bless her and to long and happy life with her Mum and Dad, Grandparents and extended family.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  21. Absolutely disgraceful analysis by Mark Simpson of the court case against the PSG intruder.


    Celtic fans involved in numerous cases taken by UEFA but the import was that it was as a result of violent acts by Supporters thus little ,if any, research,


    Gleefully reporting that given the number of instances


    UEFA could force Celtic to play a European match behind closed doors. Could hardly contain himself.




    Voted for Niamh on Monday evening I think. Whenever link was posted


    HH and ktf.

  22. Ps


    Congrats to the weatherman Jobo. Going to be wet and windy for at least the next 18 months



  23. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Fergusslayedtheblues at 5.14, that semi final in 1992 is another game we were denied a stone wall penalty when Brown brought down John Collins in the second half.



    Knox is horrible . If you watch the post match round up from the BBC coverage of the 1985 cup final, big Billy is beelin with him.

  24. okay back to footbal. wallace/mcbride/deans/hood/nicholas/larsson could they have scored more goals than mr james mcgrory. too young to have seen him play but by all accounts a fox in the box.

  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I’m not convinced that the media avoidance of the real issues in Scottish football are down merely to circulation and popularity reasons.



    The quality English sports media are not slow in shining a light into sporting scandals, at home or abroad.


    If that is the case, why has the open goal of SFA facilitated fraud not being forensically examined?



    Personally, I can’t see past the all reaching Masonic influence, that underpins the Establishment.

  26. It was with a degree of reluctance early morning when I posted the news about my first grandchild. My worry has been proved to be correct as I appear to have somewhat hogged the blog today! What an incredible community CQN is. I really can’t thank you all enough for your very kind wishes along with the occasional wit and repartee! I held Maria Rose in my arms today for the first time and, oh what a feeling! Proud as punch.



    Without going into specifics, my daughter was only admitted into hospital yesterday morning. She knew the delivery was to be a c-section as Maria is rather big. She entered the world at 4.11pm at a very impressive 10lbs 13oz (so the ‘by section’ decision was justified!). but here’s the rub – she was discharged this afternoon and we arrived back home half an hour ago! Not quite sure what this says about our National Health Service but there you are.



    Everyone in fine health.



    Right, back to the football please…. ;-)

  27. and another thing. gerry from the brig come on in. big yogi hughes was one of us from the brig dont think he got the recognition he deserved. on his day he could tear any defence to shreds okay on an off day? anyway hail hail big yogi.

  28. Congratulations to the Jobo Balde family on the birth of Grand daughter Marie Rose.


    Hail hail wee yin,God bless and protect you.

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