Rare nothing to lose phenomenon, the Great Hunger


International players will begin returning to Bayern Munich’s training facility today. Many will undergo their first session under new manager Jupp Heynckes. Five points off the pace domestically, they face Freiburg on Saturday before the visit of Celtic one week today.

Freiburg are above the relegation play-off spot on goal difference only, largely as a consequence of settling in for a draw. They have lost only two of their seven games. On Saturday, Celtic scouts will likely learn how Bayern play against a packed defence.

If the result in Brussels afforded Brendan Rodgers some Champions League freedom, Heynckes is under pressure to win both games this coming week. This is far from impossible (they are Bayern Munich, after all), but the new manager will be working blind, having little or no time on the training field with his players, talented though they are.

I’m feeling unusually chilled about the game in Munich. We will rest those who need it on Saturday, then travel with the rare ‘nothing to lose’ phenomenon, so scarce for Celtic teams. The contrast for the Germans could not be greater; a loss to Celtic would be cataclysmic. We should enjoy this.capture-20171009-120341

National Famine Day Memorial match-worn shirt

Many thanks to all who entered the raffle for James Forrest’s match-worn shirt, commemorating the Great Hunger, which followed the Blight which passed through much of Europe in the 1840s before hitting Ireland. A million died there, millions more emigrated, some to Scotland. A few of these new communities here setup football teams in Edinburgh, Dundee and then Glasgow.

Is this an important part of the Celtic story? I think so. Its consequences inform our values today.

You can enter the raffle by making a minimum £5 donation to Celtic FC Foundation here. The money will continue the great work carried out in your name. And you might win a signed, match-worn, Famine Memorial shirt.

What a great thing to do.

To enter, send your donation confirmation email to celticquicknews@gmail.com with the name of the PSG player who was booked for diving against Celtic last month in the SUBJECT line.



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    You been on here before mhate ? First time i’ve seen you post ! HH ! From Girvan !!

  2. Big Packy,



    Yogi could be brilliant one minute and the very opposite a minute later, in the same game.



    He was capable of destroying teams on his own when he got up a head of steam up and driving down the wing, with defenders hanging futilely on to his shirt.

  3. PARKHEADCUMSALFORD spot on.but what a site running down the wing with those hoops. on your probably my age group .the fans today will not have seen yogi in full flight so sad. hail hail.

  4. Welcome to the club Jobo, grandparents and grandchildren have one common denominator, they both share the same “enemy”. lol

  5. Job



    My lass weighed in at 10lb 10 or so. They don’t do small deliveries in EK.



    Congrats to everyone.

  6. cigalasporfavor on

    Congratulations Jobo,surely the best thing ever.


    My own daughter just emailed out a scan of her daughter and my,god willing,first grandchild.


    Can’t wait to get ashore now.


    Oh,and I voted for Niamh on Monday so good luck Niamh!

  7. Thom


    It took thirty years for a kinda justice, or more of an aknowledgement to happen re Hillsbourgh, the huns only robbed the tax man and cheated the game, the truth may come out one day, but knowing how the cabal don’t like their dirty laundry aired in public, I have ma doubts.



  8. Just reading back and it’s slow on here.The wife’s birthday today so just back from the Chinese,and the three grandkids loved it.Jobo happy news for you mate and welcome to the best wee club in the world #beingagranpaismagic




    I’m shouting because I asked the other day and never got any news!

  10. TET


    If David Murray is moving to take over Sevco then you can be sure nothing will be coming to light that isn’t already known, and, ignored by people who should not be ignoring it and have a responsibilty for transparency governance and ensuring football is still a sport.


    Ive given up on the media, they are indeed churnalists.

  11. Corkcelt



    Voted and verified for Niamh.






    Great news many congratulations.

  12. Corkcelt, just voted….good luck to your daughter Niamh…..hope any exposure she gets boosts her business ;-))



    Papa Jobo, congratulations on the newest addition to your Clan….glad to hear all are healthy…..welcome to the Celtic family Maria Rose ;-))




  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    I have heard no news about our injuries.


    Hope Broony, Jozo and Stuart are fit for Munich.

  14. whats the latest on jozo and brown for bayern .. 2 very important players for us.



    many CQN going over.. I’m there tuesday to thursday.

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Big Packy 7.21pm



    Before my time, anything pre1977 (Kenny Dal leaving was my first memory) I only go on what I have been told, and probably learn more on here :-)






    Vote just verified for Niamh, (vote in the good ladies name she knows more about makeup than me :-)


    whatever the outcome of the competition, I hope her business does well

  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    I’m afraid you are spot on.



    I see a mention of Big Yogi the First.



    He was a mercurial player. On his day he was unplayable. Off his day he was not.



    I see James Mc.Clean as a latter day Yogi, with less finesse, but the same lack of tactical discipline.

  17. TET


    They tell the people what they think you should know and hold no one to account unless it suits their paymasters.




    james mcgrory. My old man said ” Jimmy McGrory had a bull neck and could head a ball harder than some players could kick it” Patsy Gallagher was his hero but he was at Hamdump when we played Racing Club and admitted Wee Jinky was a helluva player.

  19. FESS19. cant argue with any of that. loved to have seen jimmy and patsy in the flesh. hail hail.

  20. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Just had a young lhad in the house doing some electrical re-arrangements (usually done by me but invalidate insurance nowadays) who is off to Munich/Munchen/Bayern or wherever we are next week.Good on you son!


    How you getting there then?……. GLASGOW TO MANCHESTER TO STUTTGART TO M/M/B by various means of transport not including a boat… unless he does the last stretch by river!


    Bloody brilliant! Their tickets are for the home end but not giving a sh.t.

  21. Congrats to JOBO on becoming a first time Granda!


    We celebrate together, since I also became a first time Gramps last Thursday.


    Hail to our wee man Innes. I will be on the plane to visit him on Friday.



    Happiness is made of this……….CSC

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