Rascal racism


Football’s impudent scamps have long caused more annoyance than actual harm to their clubs.  Many live by a different moral code to the rest of us which leads to all sorts of excesses, including the occasional violent bust-up.

Can you kick a team mate on the training field and punch him in the dressing room?  You bet, there are hundreds of precedents for you.  You can certainly kick lumps out of an opponent, but what about doling out racial references in the middle of a game?

The use of a racist term in my office, and I’m sure your workplace, would lead to summary disciplinary procedures, but football has a way of looking at miscreants through rose tinted lenses.  The hoary old defence on these occasions, be if for footballers or anyone else, is ‘He’s not a racist, some of his best friends are….’.

This doesn’t matter.  The guilty party may be more rascal than racist but he needs to be treated in the same way anyone else using racist language in the workplace would be.  English football has done enormous work to combat racism since the 1980s but it’s in danger of undermining these efforts by accommodating people who should know better.

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  1. Lundy and who has been given 2 single tickets instead of a return by mistake or just the wrong ticket? it used to happen all the time, don’t know about now.



    The point of the big bloke and the wee skinny runt is the main thing, he would have said nowt if the wee skinny runt was a 6 and half foot giant body builder type.



    I agree with ernie but not how he’s made his point…….. lets move on from this please.







  2. Ernie



    agreed, I’ll leave it at that as I’m going out..




    BT ,fare dodger extraordinaire…..




  3. The best scapper I ever seen was a wee toattie bloke, Mitzesuke Haradi sensei was his name.



    Wee folk are nippier sweeties than big folk IMO



    Wee folk have an easy time of it when buying shins (shoes) they can get shoes n stuff way cheaper than yir ave bloke on steroids.



    back in the day, wee folk got a punt into the game for free.



    wee folk never stand out in a crowd.




  4. The Idiot says:


    22 December, 2011 at 16:48


    hen1rik says:


    22 December, 2011 at 16:13


    That’s a great point.







    Cheers matey.

  5. fergus slayed the blues on

    I hope we find the net early against Killie and put some goals on the board ,a good show from the bhoys in the run up to the derby would be welcome .


    Is it possible Lenny will look to set the team up with the ragers game in mind (mainly CBs ) .Will Ledley make it to give Lenny more options for the ragers game .


    hail hail

  6. I note with interest that the English FA have appointed their first female to the board. Wonder if the SFA will follow the lead!! Probably will but she will not have a surname beginning with ” O ” or be Catholic, I wager. !!!!



    May I wish all CELTIC fans, who are the greatest in the world, a very happy, peaceful Christmas.



    Hail Hail







    We love you Lubo, we do


    We love you Lubo, we do


    We love you Lubo we do


    Oh Lubo we love you

  7. the thing that amazes me is that the kid managed to get through the barriers at Haymarket, hats off wee man. i’ve skipped fairs too – in my day – given what is happening to the young in this country as context i think we should be more aware of the wasteland we are leaving them.. S**trail should have exacted a business process i.e. the one that says ‘ticketless passenger process revision v2.3’ and i can guarantee that it doesn’t involve some fat, fud, fund manager.. the conductor failed in his duty to resolve the situation – right or wrong..

  8. fergus slayed the blues on

    whitedoghunch says:


    22 December, 2011 at 17:23


    Is that your local lodge canteen


    hail hail

  9. Vmhan, Kano 1000 – Supporting Lenny & the Green Brigada! says:


    22 December, 2011 at 17:15



    I wonder if cadizzy was on that train, will he show up at christmas dae ye think?”



    Show myself up at Christmas…well, almost certainly



    30 minutes more work this year

  10. Ernie Lynch, Lardo66, I have removed several comments which can easily be misinterpreted. Please be careful with this topic, preferably leave it.

  11. Happy green bunny on

    Evening Bhoys



    Looking for some help.


    Over the the last few days CQN seems to take an age to open up, it also takes an age to change page etc.


    Everything else on my laptop seems fine (?)


    I know there was major work done on CQN and it’s server over the last few months.


    Anyone else having this problem recently ?



    Any help appreciated


    Hail Hail

  12. Paul67, in response to your article, racism is a cancer and a sin and should mark the perpetrator as an ignorant fool..

  13. The Singing Detective on

    Never mind,Ernie.



    I’m sure that there are new waves of large scale Urban Violence/Murder/Rape/& Pillage,just around the corner.



    Can’t have you being deprived of your vicarious thrills for too long !



    Dontcha just love the smell of Britain Burnin’,first thing in the morning ?



    Oor Ernie,who should not be let out on the streets with anything sharper than a courgette…..

  14. anyway – we are Celtic supporters, I have my Celtic slippers, Christmas tree, shirt and scarf – my twin is with me so I feel complete, 2 hearts, 2 brains and 4 fists.. Hail Hail and may the most wonderful of christmas’s come to all of you and your families X God Bless

  15. tamrabam



    the boy said he bough the tickets


    perhaps he should have checked them


    but (if he did buy them) he took it in good faith



    if i turn up at celtic park with a ticket which had been sold to me by the ticket office in good faith


    i would want in


    i would argue my case



    and id happily tell those involved to shove their arguments up their end ofs



    i suppose in your lifetime every single transaction you have been involved in happened without incident, with cause to question ?



    its a simple world




    without need for correction or dicussion

  16. fergus slayed the blues says:


    22 December, 2011 at 17:27



    it will local in the years to come !

  17. BlantyreKev - Hail Hail to the Kano Foundation on

    I got on the train home from London at the start of this month, East Coast line for a change just through circumstance. £98 return.



    Got on at 3pm. The ticket collector (woman) comes along and checks it, maybe an hour into the journey.



    This is an off peak ticket sir.


    Yes, I’m going to Glasgow.


    3pm is peak time sir.




    You’ll need pay to upgrade.




    I need to charge you the upgrade.


    No, I am going to Glasgow, it is 5.5 hours, it is not possible not to travel during off peak times entirely, and off peak does not apply (it doesn’t on the west coast line)


    You need to pay the upgrade, departures 3 till 6.


    Harumph! How much?


    £98 sir.




    That was the cost of the return journey!


    £98 sir or I’ll call the transport police.





    If she had not been female I would have thrown her off the train for dodgy fare.



    Marvelously there is a happy ending. It was delayed over and hour and another passenger who had heard the rip off showed me the passenger charter that says full refund for a full hour delay. 50% for 30 mins or more, just FYI.



    And I don’t meet any CQNers on the East Coast line so I will never use it again.

  18. Kris Boyd? We’d have to change his name to Bhoyd I think.



    Would hate to see him score for us – especially with that horrible scowl he always used to do.

  19. Happy green bunny says:


    22 December, 2011 at 17:41




    re slow access to CQN.



    People have been mentioning this quite a lot over the last couple of days, I have no problems accessing CQN and I wonder if the techy Xperts can advise, is it possible there is a memory requirement for opening up CQN, what with the graphics and the magazine etc, if a CQN’er has other tabs/ links opened up as well then would it cause the access and useage of CQN to work a lot slower than normal, actually as I type this it makes a bit of sense to me that this may be the problem, I guess this would be the amount of ram memory required for multi tasking etc, thoughts?




  20. If the student on the train is a Celtic fan and the big man is a h++ does that make a difference as to who is in the right?





    Caption competition:



    “It’s well seen yer fae Ayrshire,ya choob”

  22. spikeysauldman





    The student (celtic fan) is refused bail and has to celebrate his Christmas and New Year behind bars and is also given a UEFA ban and euro fine.


    The big man(hun) is found not guilty by a specially selected edinburgh jury.

  23. fergus slayed the blues on

    Caption .


    what have I told you about listening to motorhead at full blast .


    hail hail.

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