Rate card for Kent violence suggests 4 game ban


Alfredo Morelos apologised to Newco fans for his red card on Sunday.  The incident, which marked the troubled striker as the player sent off more times in a single season than anyone in the history of European football, may yet do him good.  The Mea Culpa moment and the weeks suspended from action will provide an opportunity to the player to get some help.

You and me have previously discussed how clever you need to be to be a footballer these days.  Now, it is not all about having brains in your feet, as it was in Charlie Nicholas’ days.  Footballers need to make hundreds of decisions in line with tactical plans each game.  They also need emotional intelligence to make the most of their talent.  Managers will only invest time in players who cannot learn for so long.  Gordon Strachan’s limit was telling a player something three times, after that, he moved on.

Of immediate concern is what the SFA Review Panel will do to Ryan Kent, Newco’s best player on Sunday, who delivered an upper cut to Scott Brown in the aftermath of James Forrest’s winning goal.  Punching off the ball is rare in the game.  Bilel Mohsni’s punch on Motherwell’s Lee Erwin in 2015 resulted in an additional three-match ban for “excessive misconduct” on top of a one game ban for the red card, and another three for totting up.  Kent is 22-years-old, a guiding ban at this stage of a fruitless season would not be the worst thing for the player.  The rate card indicates he should spend four games contemplating his violence.

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  1. I think Celtic will be crowned champions against Livingston on Sunday. Can see the wee huns beating the big huns tomorrow.



    After that? Play the reserves if it suits. All that matters is we have a fit and sharp team for the remaining cup games.

  2. Garngad to Croy on

    He should also be given a further ban for ‘ssshushing’ the Celtic fans after his very well taken Goal !!!!

  3. Just the laws of the game please! You punch someone on-field……the world falls on you…..you get sent-off and banned.



    The rest is just guff.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Another article about Rang – sorry, “newco”. Rangers aren’t around anymore. Keep forgetting. Can’t think why. Old firm, old firm, old firm……….

  5. weebobbycollins on

    An example of hun intimidation of the BBC…


    Morelos……”was dismissed for elbowing Scott Brown in the face, (reacting to an off-the-ball trip by the Celtic captain.)”


    The part in brackets, in my opinion, is a result of recent hun intimidation…It is also the beeb sooking up to the ‘orrible uglies…check out Alisdair Lamont’s post match interview with Neil…the guy sounded uncomfortable asking some of the questions…obviously told to ask them by one of the producers…Mr Lamont is a rangers man, he is not a hun…


    Btw…Gerrard says the Morelos fine will go to the hun supporters…(that 1872 mob?)… :-)

  6. I hope Celtic seize the initiative now and announce that they will not be taking any tickets for Greyskull.

  7. I notice the Scottish Police Federation bumping their gums about ‘worst scenes in 20 year’- albeit the 6 minor arrest suggest otherwise. Did their favourites get beat?



    I take it they misssed Kent common assault too?

  8. SFTB (on last thread re playing Broony at Ibrox game)



    Good question but I think you answered it yourself with your last line….Broony would not stand for the club ‘protecting’ him by non-selection.



    Broony has amazed me and proved me wrong over the years.



    I was never 100% behind the signing (thought £4.4m was way too much for a young lad with so many rough edges) and I was glad (and I still am) when he was ruled out of the 2008 title run in thru injury allowing Barry Robson to partner Paul Hartley in midfield. I think that was a major reason in us winning the league that year. The young Broonie was not great regarding ball retention and many of his passes went astray (he also tried too many risky passes).



    Talk about self-improvement though! I don’t think I have ever seen a Celtic player who has matured so well in a seemingly upwards trajectory throughout their career. We’ve had legends with more skill than Broony but none that have actually got better as they moved into their 30s.



    As regards leadership, he is up there with the very best of Celtic Captains who have the character as well as the ability to drive the team relentlessly – up there just behind Big Billy and ahead of legends like Aitken and McStay in my opinion. We will miss his leadership badly when he leaves – his strength of character and mentality is incredible, as is his will to win.



    He is a natural wind up merchant on the pitch – he always was and that will never change. I remember a goal he scored against us at Celtic Park in the 2005 title run in – Hibs beat us at home to put one of the nails in our coffin that year and he was ‘standing to attention’ in front of the Celtic End, milking it.



    As someone who comes from a traditional Celtic background (Irish heritage and Catholic), I think I might love our Celtic heroes who do not come from that background a wee bit more – my favourite Lisbon Lion is Bertie Auld, favourite all time Celt is Danny McGrain and there will never be a Celtic Manager better than Big Jock. History will show that Broony is in that type of company.



    Celtic would not be their first love, but we will certainly be their last.



    And to get back to the question (!) Broony will play at Ibrox.

  9. Shouldn’t they drug test the players.. cocaine is meant to cause the fans’ aggression after all ..so why have there been no drug tests in Scottish football for approx. 5 years?

  10. Bhoys good Tim Scaniel needs our help, please read & vote for his Project.



    SCANIEL on 1ST APRIL 2019 9:46 PM



    Whilst we are still in celebratory mood from yesterday, can I take you back to 25th May, 2017. CRC and myself were sitting (i.e. drinking) in Pink Street in Lisbon deep in conversation about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. There was plenty to be Happy about; celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our greatest triumph and shortly to secure our first treble with The Invincibles. Life, however was not quite so rosy. Retirement wasn’t the glorious hurrah I had expected it to be and Mrs S was feeling the same (except the retirement bit…she has a good bit to go). Anyway a kernel of an idea was born then – work from home by using our FRED donkeys and other animals to provide animal assisted therapy to those in need or want. Now, two years later, having set up a not-for profit Community Interest Company (CIC), we are asking for your help to take this to the next stage.



    We have been selected by Border TV to bid for National Lottery Funding in order to build an inside enclosure so that we can deliver this service all year round. Please, please vote for us by visiting this link: http://www.thepeoplesprojects.org.uk/projects/view/going-undercover?



    There’s a short film there which, thankfully, I did not contribute to much, although I did manage to keep my Celtic bunnet on in the last scene. I left most of the talking to Mrs S. For those in the Border Region – hope you’re lurking Malorbhoy – we’re on the telly tomorrow night, 6 p.m. Border News.

  11. Well done Wee Bobby you beat me to it. Last year I needed votes for my daughter CQN backed her to the hilt for which I was extremely grateful, vowed at that time to help out any other Tim in a similar situation, this Project is a really good one so come on lads shoulder to the wheel and let’s get it over the line. As we used to say in the Elections in the Wee6, Vote early & often.

  12. overseasbhoy on

    no interest in newco or ryan kent. more interested in our selction/tactics/subs last weekend and reluctance to use our loanees. Maybe tomorrow’s article will cover?

  13. One of the best things about signing Scott Brown is that he didn’t end up at ibrox , shudder to think what would have become of him if he went there.

  14. GREENPINATA on 2ND APRIL 2019 1:00 PM


    I hope Celtic seize the initiative now and announce that they will not be taking any tickets for Greyskull.




    I agree 100%.





    Re Scott Brown being blamed for everything since Sunday, again I dont remember ANY Hun Player in the past like Bomber Broon, Tam Forsyth, Hurlock, Greig, ALL the Fergusons, Moore, or numerous other Hun Thugs being blamed for any violence on the pitch, or any subsequent violence on the streets after Matches ?


    I mention the assaults on at least One Celtic Supporter ( who has just been named in the media), being stabbed in Merchant City,who is in a very bad way, and I honestly do not know if the Two other people stabbed were Male or female, or indeed Celtic Fans ?


    Which brings Me to Scott Brown being blamed for everything ( yet again) and The Police statement where there was NO MENTION whatsoever that whoever carried out the assaults/stabbings have obviously either went to a Football match carrying a knife, or have left the House, or a Pub armed with a Knife with the probable intent of using that Knife, irrespective of the result of the Match ?



    I do NOT remember Scott Brown, or any any Player including Hun Players, before the Match suggesting to any of their supporters to get “Tooled Up”, and go and attack and stab someone who supports the OTHER Team, after the Match ?


    If you have no intention of stabbing anyone, why would you go to a Football Match, with a knife, or leave the house after watching it on TV etc armed with a knife…UNLESS You fully intended to use it, no matter the result ?


    Whilst there maybe some element of truth in that players on both sides behave themselves on the Pitch etc, as not to incite violence in the Stands and/or streets later, the truth is, that IF anyone goes to the match, or leaves the House with a knife, and BOTH sets of Players DO actually behave very well etc during the actual Game, the Nutter(s) with a knife is going to use it anyway ?



    For the record, I also don’t remember seeing any Celtic Player deliberately, kicking, elbowing, Punching any Hun Player on the Pitch as to “incite” the Hun Hordes watching at the game or in their Caves/Pubs etc into unwarranted violence ?


    The TRUTH of the matter is, that that Despicable Hun Mob just Hate The Green…Simples !



  15. Paul67 et al



    Not saying that the Huns failed to lay a glove on Scott Brown, they threw a few punches…


    but Broonie landed the knockout blow.

  16. Yep Wee Bobby, my wee daughter will be chuffed when I tell her all the Bhoys who voted for her last year are now voting for wee donkeys.

  17. OVERSEASBHOY, agree. Some of the team selections and substitutions have been baffling

  18. weebobbycollins/tully57



    Another example of the genre is former debenture holder Roddy Forsyth BBC commentator, who, in his Daily Telegraph column yesterday peddled the same myth re Ryan Kent despite the accompanying photographs clearly showing Kent exhibiting the wide arc of a deliberate punch. Roddy is still hurting over that debenture, and knows deep down Scott Brown was responsible for his club’s downfall. (@PhilMac)

  19. Neustadt-Braw on

    Corky …vote sent …



    smiley the donkey derby at Butlins was a big big beer earner for me thing






    Saor Alba

  20. OVERSEASBHOY on 2ND APRIL 2019 1:18 PM


    no interest in newco or ryan kent. more interested in our selction/tactics/subs last weekend and reluctance to use our loanees. Maybe tomorrow’s article will cover?



    Exactly, OSB! This fixation is getting worse…



    Paul, here’s a idea…how about forgetting about Newco, even for just one week? Maybe blog about the run-in, our ongoing injury shambles, possible new managerial candidates for next season, NFLs antipathy to the loanees, dubious substitution choices, that sort of thing?

  21. fieldofdrams on

    On a point of order, Mr Speaker



    Kent’s punch on Scott Brown was not an uppercut, more of a left cross.




  22. Having a huge swipe at McKenna (rescinded)



    Kicking Brown in the goolies (no foul)



    Sly kick at Christie (no foul)



    Elbow on Brown at Ibrox (no foul)



    Stamp on Ralston’s back (no foul)



    Grabbing Christie by the goolies (no foul)



    All this talk about Morelos “losing his cool” fails to take into account all the violent conduct he has got away with. Is it not more likely that Morelos fully expected to get away with another elbow?



    We should be really shocked he got sent off.

  23. Maybe their put the Morelos fine monies towards the GoFundMe page they’ve started to buy Kent. I would laugh and laugh and laugh again if they did.



    Hail Hail

  24. I know it will never happen, but Seethin Gerrard should be asked by The SFA to explain his defence of Halliday, at the end of the Match when he stated…”Andy was only PROTECTING OUR PEOPLE” !



    So here we have ONE Hun “Player”, PROTECTING 800 Hun supporters from Big Bad Bhoy Broonie ?


    From what exactly ?



    This Gerrard is funnier than Pedro, McCoist, murty, McCall etc etc all put together.



  25. weebobbycollins on

    Corcelt…indeed we are! Many more years ago than I care to remember I lived in Surrey, not too far from Kempton Park and the old Hurst Park, real horse country…a couple of pals were occasional riders and they encouraged me to join them at weekends which I did…I got the hang of it quite quickly and also became very fond of horses at the same time…my son learned to ride and now my 4 year old grandson is learning to ride and he loves it…


    So?….So, his his 71 year old grampa is now taking proper lessons for the first time…it’s great fun (once the soreness wears off) and we are riding together next week…



  26. TIMALOY29 on 2ND APRIL 2019 1:48 PM



    I was thinking just this on Sunday – maybe he hasn’t got a cool to lose.

  27. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    The academy twitter indicating Bayo not involved in the reserve squad at Ralston, Paisley today. Kids day out. Good luck Celts.





    Had a look at the plans for the FRED sanctuary – 3 bedroom bungalow with attached conservatory and heated swimming pool. Lucky donkeys! Vote cast from here.

  28. I meant to also add, that Gerrard should be asked by The SFA to explain his other comment regarding Halliday, who raced 50 yards or so to deliberately assault Scott Brown at the end of the game , when he stated ” I would have did the same as Andy” !



    Is this comment NOT a further example of Inciting violence ?



  29. Hrvatski Jim on

    NATKNOW on 2ND APRIL 2019 9:21 AM


    Hilarious reaction to Sunday’s events – apparently it’s all Scott Brown’s fault! I’ve had this in my head since Sunday night..



    And it’s big, bad Scotty Brown,



    The baddest Tim in the whole damned town,



    Badder than old King Kong,



    And meaner than a junkyard dog.




    I am a devoted Jim Croce fan. One of my favourite songs. I might write a few more verses to add to yours.

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