Rationalising the wingers


At the time, you and I talked about the hoard of wingers at the club after the summer’s transfer business.  James Forrest, Mikey Johnston, Liel Abada, Daizen Maeda, Luis Palma, Yang and Marco Tilio.  That’s seven players for two starting spots; it was always going to be a handful keeping everyone happy.  Marco got his first outing of the season at the weekend, playing for the Australia under-23s, and has apparently intimated a willingness to leave on loan in January.  A rationalisation was always likely.

Unfortunately for Brendan Rodgers, he has never had all seven available to him.  Mikey and Marco started the season injured, Liel soon joined them and Daizen is now out.  We head to Rome next week without Liel, Daizen or suspended Luis, meaning Yang, James and Mikey are each likely to play some part in the game.  It would be bizarre and unfair to ask Marco Tilio to make his Celtic debut in such circumstances.

Brendan needs to concentrate developed work on Luis and Yang.  We are hampered by being unable to attract the finished product to Scottish football, so we have to excel at improving the players who arrive here with little more than potential.  If either of these two leave Celtic without pushing forward as professionals, a key metric for the club will have failed.

Development is never linear, they will need support to realise their full potential, but by the end of the season they should be competing for a start alongside Daizen and Liel.

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  1. The Blog is being seriously damaged at the moment.


    SFTB deleted? Dearie me. A step too far methinks.



  2. Mod 1888 think about going back to your day job. Appreciate it isn’t an easy task and we sort of need the occasional prompt to avoid stepping over the line but you are ruining the blog mate. You wound StStivs up before banning him. Take a back seat or give up the mod and take a front seat, and let someone else be the judge and jury.

  3. It’s seems every time I log on the conversation is about a Moderator


    I think it may be time for him/her to take a break HH

  4. The mods job and the ceo of Celtic seem kinda similar.



    Everyone thinks they could do it better.



    The only difference is the mod doesn’t get paid, or to my knowledge doesn’t have a heated driveway !



    He does it to try to help something be better.

  5. Hot smoked



    I am sure this can all be sorted out reasonably. I think everyone understands how much St Stivs contributes to the blog. Obviously SFTB also. I think it was just one post deleted by SFTB which I am sure most agree was a reasonable call.






    I’d ban ye anyway, ya bloody hooligan. 😂




    You turning into Nostradamus, J……… or is that the drink talking???

  7. Evening all.



    I understand SFTB is (as I post) not banned, however, to see he has recently had a post deleted worries me.



    I have been fortunate to be in his company a few times, a nicer guy you couldn’t find.



    A passionate and well read Celtic supporter.



    I have scrolled by, in my opinion, intentionally antagonistic posters.



    It took some time for them to be called out and binned, thankfully.



    St Stivs and SFTB are most certainly not antagonistic, they IMHO, regularly post informative and interesting information.



    I sincerely hope that what issues are causing problems, are resolved quickly.




  8. I don’t give a toss about having a post deleted- it’s Paul’s blog and Paul’s rules and I won’t be seeking any explanation. However………….




    Burnley78 @ 4.11



    “That said I do think it is totally wrong right now and unhelpful for anyone on here to be directly talking of mental health issues (everyone kinda has them) / alcohol issues of any individual though. That is not right. I am surprised to see people sharing such comment re the mod whether there is any basis of fact in it or not.”





    I can only guess that you have not been on the blog when this has come to light. It is not a matter I would talk about lightly or suggest someone had issues without it being evidenced and admitted previously.



    The Mod has posted on several occasions about having had these issues, at a serious level. Everyone on here, including me, has sympathy for this and several of us have expressed our concern for the struggles he faces. No-one would be using this as an invented accusation without it having been volunteered as information directly from the Mod’s own writings. You appear to have come to the conclusion that I am using it as a weapon in an argument.



    I stand by my view that much of Social Media, including football blogs, is not the forum in which these issues can be helped. And then to add the burden of Moderating a social media site, to that, then an impossible task is being presented.



    As I said, I don’t mind posts being deleted, even this one, but I won’t accept an evaluation that I am being insensitive about MH issues; it is the exact opposite motivation that led to my post.

  9. Happy to say I will be joining the Shipbank Shipwrecks on Friday week for a small libation and much hearty singing, dancing and sundry other forms of revelry.



    Cannae wait.

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Tam 8.18


    “hearty singing, dancing and sundry other forms of revelry.” Ffs Tam have you seen the nick of this rabble?

  11. SFTB



    No argument at all. No suggestion’s of weapons.



    I respect loads and loads of what you write and say so often. I also disagree with you on some stuff which probably also doesn’t belong on the blog.



    I have definitely missed that issue being discussed on the blog before . I reiterate I strongly don’t think it should be. I am glad we agree on that.

  12. SFTB’s post was correctly deleted. I doubt he would have a problem with that. Good to see we have a new Mod.

  13. Gentlemen …we have all been given the gift of Celtic …and this above all our differences unites us ..none of us knows what’s round the corner ..so bury the hatchet and move on ..life is too feckin short ..in fact at the next session in Shipbank let’s all do the huddle in memory of those fine contributors to this dear green place…who are no longer with us 🤔🍀

  14. To err is human …to forgive divine…and I should feckin know ..some feckin bassa stole the saddle of my bike whilst at the last gathering 🤣

  15. AuroraBorealis79 on




    I appreciate that Paul felt the need to ask people not to comment on the Middle East situation on the blog so we should, imo, respect that.



    This really is a new rule? ()()))

  16. Tom Mc



    Hoping to make the Shipbank on the 1st, wife and daughter will be in Buchanan Galleries spending a lot more money than any of my rounds



    Belmont Brian … your on the bell … BRRB is skint after all of his travels

  17. GG



    the blog and p67 himself have long discussed politics – from Pauls continued bashing of the SNP (deserved IMO) to excerpts from Bobby Sands diary.



    the rule about the Middle East, coupled with the Tory (Red or Blue) board’s treatment of the GB totally stinks.

  18. I see Ross County have appointed Adams again !! as there manager.


    Why oh Why.!!


    To appoint failure after failure results the same end .


    Where is the ambition of these clubs .

  19. Shankland is so”Yesterday”.Big Pierres wean now being touted as a possible.No problem with anyone who does what a striker should do.About time we were hearing some credible info on a keeper.I like Joe,but we NEED a new keeper.


    Roll on Saturday.

  20. btw, until tonight, big joe was the last england keeper to save a penalty (versus Ronaldinho no less)



    also, i usually give the big man the benefit of the doubt but my god, big dion talks one load of shyte

  21. FANADPATRIOT @ 10:57 PM,



    Totally agree



    Smacks of NFL 2019



    Guaranteed failure



    Hail Hail

  22. Hello again all you young rebels



    Finally made it home from rebel town, my ghod


    those bhoys and ghirls know how to drink, and I


    thought I was a contender.


    Now Paddy’s getting plans in place for a jaunt to


    the Latrobe Valley for a Swaree, bet BRRB has


    never been there. 🤣


    Thank goodness we’ll be back talking Celtic this


    week, so miss the bhoys these international days.


    H H. Mick

  23. Goood morning all from a fresh, crisp Garngad.



    Greenpinata hope you are well, whether you drink in the shipbank or not is not the issue here, I for 1 like to stand to right a wrong.



    D :)

  24. Quadbhoy, I hope you and the young in are good.



    Get him on posting, we will look after him.



    D :)

  25. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 20TH NOVEMBER 2023 8:18 PM


    Happy to say I will be joining the Shipbank Shipwrecks on Friday week for a small libation and much hearty singing, dancing and sundry other forms of revelry.







    Cannae wait.





    DON’T DO IT Tom….


    There are some things in life that become ADDICTIVE….



    TOO MUCH Merriment in one afternoon can damage your health.







    Matt taken off.






    So MATT O’RILEY was PULLED OFF by his Manager….?



    MATT was LUCKY……as all I got was a slice of Orange !






    The auld wans are the BEST !



  27. DAVID66 on 21ST NOVEMBER 2023 6:44 AM


    Quadbhoy, I hope you and the young in are good.







    Get him on posting, we will look after him.





    What DAVID66 said.



  28. Good on the Socceroos for donating a proportion of their match fees v Palestine to the Gaza aid efforts!



    Aussie Jackson Irvine has fair matured into a strong ball-winning midfielder at St Pauli – enough to rise to become Socceroo captain. Personally I’d like to get him back into our midfield fold to add some steel and bite. He’s matured into a right good human and is pretty tidy with the ball too and an energetic competitor for headers. A fair fighter of a player.



    Nice wee article about how much he’s loved at St Pauli:







  29. “MNCELT on 20TH NOVEMBER 2023 8:51 PM


    Good to see we have a new Mod.”



    Have we or am I missing something?

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