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  1. BURNLEY78 on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:38 PM



    Can anyone tell me what McCarthy is supposed to bring to our team ?




    When fully fit…calming influence, organisation, class.

  2. RC on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:38 PM


    2 up , then give away 4 , not good enough defensivley.




    No shit Sherlock!

  3. What is the Stars on

    Starfelt Carter-Vickers and Soro should never play for Celtic again !!


    Jota is decent.Rogic was brilliant tonight



    Get Lawwell off the beach and back to his desk in Celtic Park .

  4. RC


    You disappeared very quickly when Ralston scored but I see you managed to find your way back to continue with a negative comment. I’ve got a fair idea what RC stands for

  5. Great game. Some positives despite defeat. I thought Pellegrini changed it at half-time. Soro was sorrowful maybe lack of gametime?

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Lovely to watch going forward, couldn’t keep weans oot a close at the back. Much more credible than last season, albeit that’s a dispiriting benchmark. Teams with no defence don’t win things I’m afraid. Still, gave Betis a decent game with an even weaker than usual,squad. One sub in the sapping heat won’t help us for Hammer Thrower FC away. Boys lasted well, but a sad state of affairs Ange felt we could on,y bring in one sub who was up to that standard.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    That was a entertaining game of football, a neutral would love it, had no expectation of a result with injuries. However we were so close😵







    Superb CSC




    In fairness…some maybe nearly even enjoyed some of that……

  9. @ GEEBEE1978 on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:37 PM



    Watching the 5 minutes of tonight’s game made me think what a waste it was playing OE at Ibrox. Ajeti can hold the ball up well and bring people into play – that’s a vital asset in European football. He’s also scoring. I hope he continues getting game time.

  10. I thought a draw would have been a fair result – unlucky celtic and a bit of naive coaching.



    we will beat them in Glasgow – for me ;-



    CCV – Brilliant considering he’s not fully up to speed


    Juranovic – Star


    Ajeti – more lively and could have had a few


    Jota – Clever and skillful delivery


    Ralston – ran himself into the ground


    Rogic – Best he’ played in years and years and years – master class from him


    Monty – he’s a joy


    Turnbull – I thought he looked like he bossed when on the ball



    Soro – let himself down. Did he learn anything from playing alongside broony (maybe too much)


    Starfelt – I actually think he will come good – problem is , he shows up well then he falters – needs that coached out of him



    Ange – should have hauled Soro off after we go 2-0 up.



    McCarthy – not for me. With one minute to go – he had an easy pass to the right wing that sets up a cross to the box that he could have attacked. Instead he plays high hopeful ball into keepers arms. Lazy and careless. Having said that , it could be argued that our midfield was better when he replaced Soro. I think Biton, Welsh or Scales would have done the same!



    Well played Celtic – I was entertained and think we are getting there!

  11. What is the Stars on

    We had a few players out on their feet in the last 10 minutes.


    Ralston really gives everything. Great attitude.

  12. FAIRHILL BHOY on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:39 PM



    That’s true, he did but at least he’s getting into those positions. Last season he looked slow, sluggish and off the pace.



    Tonight he looked sharp, willing to run behind and let’s not forget he won us the penalty as well as his goal.



    More to do but when Georgios and Kyogo are fit, we’ll have some decent options.

  13. ROLLING_STONE on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:44 PM



    Agreed. To be honest, after his non-appearance at Ibrox, I thought there was no way back for him.



    Credit to him and Ange…

  14. Consolation is that with this squad we can be confident of having ten below us in the SPFL this season.



    Good to keep it to one goal tonight, but let’s not kid ourselves – Betis took their foot firmly off the gas after the fourth goal.



    Lots of honest endeavour from us but an enormous deficit in class.

  15. Thought we were the better team over the 90


    When our players get a few more games together we can only get better


    By November we’ll be absolutely flying

  16. Midfield weak as mush ; it’s not just the defence. Midfield disappears when pressure is applied.



    Ange has nobody on Bench., however Soro should have been removed after 20 mins —- will he ever learn. Don’t think so —- move on in next window. Turnbull never won a tackle in his life. Rogic cause of 3rd goal.



    The glacial pace of building a team , arguing over a few shekels, internal politics shows the transfer window was poor.



    Also the team is not fit. They run out of steam after 20/30 mins in each half. They do not know how to take a rest in a game.



    League will be gone soon and Ange will be gone well before Christmas if he doesn’t learn quickly —- I have serious doubts about his capability. Pity I like the guy. Doesn’t help he had his team picked for him and told to get on with it. Kennedy don’t trust him.

  17. ajeti, kind off held the ball up like on 2 occasions, his best work is in get rebounds.



    soro, miles behind a broonie.



    at what point do we stop mentioning Neal and PL, ffs, so last season.



    and ralston, he is a roy type player, shite at the back, good forcing the game, he has something the bhoy.



    the golas, spaces all over, runners running into them, our not following, pretty crap defending he haw to do with coaching, thems the basics.

  18. We should have got at least a draw they were out on their feet hanging on, defensive errors and a lucky shot in off a post cost 3 goals,Ralston had Juanmi terrified he shit his shorts, we will gub them here.


    Soro will not do, McCarthy very disappointing when he came on, they targeted Juranovic with the ball over the top in the first half but Celtic showed huge guts throughout the game and deserved something out of that game.


    Hold your heads up guys you gave it everything.

  19. The luck we deserve will eventually come in Europe.Enjoyed having a proper ref which makes the spectacle much more enjoyable when you know it’s just 11 v 11 instead of the usual spfl undercover agents.


    Ralston is a proper gladiator but is obviously playing through an injury and despite the doubters he,s old school Celtic and will play a big part in the way this season unfolds.He needs a rest!

  20. Hart – excellent, made saves and sweeper role was key


    Ralston – pretty poor at 3 goals but last 15 when the character of the bhoy showed


    Vickers – loads of good stuff and tackles – one big mistake for a goal


    Starfelt – solid but involved in 2 goals


    Juranovic – brilliant


    Soro – poor all game


    Turnbull – poor header at one goal but average all game. With full squad i would not play him in Europe. SPFL level right now


    Rogic – gave loads of ball away first half, no defensive effort and at fault at 4th. Going forward in last 30 mins he was brilliant, deserved to notch


    Montgomery – great overall, had a few spells when he dipped. Potential Tierney in there


    Jota – brilliant


    Ajeti – excellent, we have another striker!


    McCarthy – OK but not forceful enough . Hope he improves


    Postecoglu – brave but should have hooked Soro earlier and tightened up at 2-0.

  21. You won’t here from lucky Cody after 20:00 will be too busy watch his team.



    Either predicts Ange will walk or sacked….why? Because he’s scared of Ange and our new style…..they all are.

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