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  1. Third and fourth goal for Real really disappointing. At the third Soro fails to cover the run then turns his back as the cross comes in , a cross ffs not even a shot .How can you cut it out if your not even facing the ball. Thats the last straw for me for me re Soro. Ralston poor game but at least put his head where it hurts and gave us a glimmer

  2. JHB



    Can’t agree. We would beat any SPFL team with that Perf. Hearts game was too soon and we froze at Ibrox but should not have lost



    Onwards and upwards

  3. There’s always going to be plenty to criticize with Ange’s Celtic, if that’s your thing. Games like that will happen against better opposition.



    You don’t look too hard at that game to take many more positives out of it than negatives. If you want that is



    Ange looks at the game differently, he keeps on telling us about his philosophy. We should know what to expect. We’ll carry on conceding goals like that, it’s obvious – commit lots of players forward and you’ll get picked off by better teams.



    4-3 in Spain, where we’ve never won against that team with that team is decent

  4. A fast paced game definitely does not suit Soro


    He was better than most last year when we played across the back….to and fro….to and fro….

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    They’ll stopped being mentioned when Ange is no longer living with their shambolic legacy.

  6. BGFC here.



    Great signs of positive development from Celtic.



    Need bigger squad /better bench options – but some of that was due to injuries.



    However- some fabulous football from Celtic, and no shortage of bravery on the ball.



    Great effort from Rogic and Jota…and Ralston and Ajeti…and Montgomery and CCV…and all the rest of them. They all tried!!! For the whole game!!!! I know it shouldn’t be a big deal – but NL couldn’t get them to do that.



    Really chuffed to see us still coming forward with skill – Rogic was fabulous – some of the skills unique.



    Team is heading in a hugely exciting direction – most I’ve enjoyed the fitba since Tommy was in charge.



    Yes, improvements to be made – mainly in defensive midfield organisation I think – but direction is rapidly upwards. Amazing job so far from Ange – transformational appointment for the team.






  7. with helander out – its about time ranger lost someone like goldson for a few months – see how they handle the level of injury we had last year and into this season!



    they would crumble

  8. All in all,we were the better team for 60 mins.If we had taken our chance like they did to make it 3,we win.They were hanging on at the end at home against our severely depleted side.We have good quality to come in,players in their proper position.No way am I downhearted.Opposite.

  9. Entertainment is almost as important as winning. A full pub was entertained, and I do not wirness too much negativity.



    We are on a journey and I’m onboard with AP.




  10. Apart from the defensive lapses we were the better team. At 4-2 I did fear a real doing but we dug in, showed some heart and continued to be brave on the ball.



    I thought we improved when McCarthy came on bit I couldn’t say if that was cause or coincidence.



    Ajeti played well and Jota looks like he could be a tidy player for us.



    I don’t think we would have lost had Cal Mac been fit to play.

  11. Amazing how Soro has hit the skids after being one of the bright lights from a very bleak season last year.

  12. RB — caricature of a good Spanish side.


    Played some good football but they are not a class side.


    Unfortunately we made them look good all too often.



    Very sloppy performance from us — we played enough positive stuff to win the game but we wasted plenty of good opportunities.



    The SPL breeds bad habits — muck a move up and no worries / another will come along soon.


    It is our biggest weakness — we don’t treat every attacking move as if it was going to be our last.



    Have to say that AP needs a set of P plates for these games.


    He is a quick learner but he looked undercooked for this level of football.


    Plus the squad have not settled down with a constant style of play.



    The lack of substitutions was very worrying.


    First that AP could not see that change was needed.


    Secondly that the bench was so weak.


    Fresh legs and fresh heads were needed badly.



    AM had his moments but he was shot well before the end.


    DT played some good stuff but his race was run by seventy minutes.


    AR came alive at the end but he was shocking when they scored.



    Consequently the team we could be would have won that game.


    The team we are should have won that game from 2-0 up.


    Huge amount of work required to get us moving.


    The glass jaw is still there for all to see.

  13. When we get our respective breaths back, it’s worth having an honest look at this.


    Another away defeat


    4 goals conceded


    Uncertain recruitment personnel and approach



    Won’t be popular opinion but there we are



    We need to be going all out to support Ange. He is doing a lot right



    They’ll stopped being mentioned when Ange is no longer living with their shambolic legacy.






    how many in the team tonight were PL signings ?

  15. TheLurkinFan on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:28 PM




    I don’t think it’s acceptable for any amatuer player, never mind professional, not to heed a floating baw oot from the danger area and concede a corner, instead of, into the danger area onto the boot of a forward attacking player.


    I’m telling you one thing that’s two goals conceeded.


    By the way TLF, do you know the difference between a fan and a supporter?


    Someone whom puts their hard earned cash into the club.

  16. MICKYBHOY on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:55 PM



    Tony lacks that bit of class,but you can’t beat that effort.Even Big Tom got affected by it.Running about like a madman.

  17. Irritated. That’s the best description of my mood. With the personnel we had missing I had little hopes for this game. At two up and failing to make it three, it was a worry.



    We were our own worst enemy in defensive. Not due to the risks playing out from the back, which I expect and accept. But just silly decisions. Carter-Vickers trying to step up, Turnbull and Ralston (I think) heading into danger rather than out for a corner.



    Still, for the first 30-35 minutes we showed that our style of play can cause any team trouble.



    Will be interesting and hopefully enjoyable to see home games with key players fit again.

  18. Coney



    Turnbull – poor header at one goal but average all game. With full squad i would not play him in Europe. SPFL level right now






    he set up 3 goals

  19. Has anyone mentioned Sutton and Lenny being barred.You know how all the pundits like to stick together.They do,don’t they.

  20. maybe not for the purists, but let me try it.



    If Mr Stein went 2-0 up away from home, in a european tie, after 30 minutes, what would he done next ?

  21. SEAN THORNTON on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:00 PM



    The keepie uppie and pass by Rogic fir first goal.







    BGFC here.



    Me and WeeBGFC were amazed at that, and several other passages of play by Rogic.



    One near the end – going through in inside-right position – against two defenders. Fell on the ground under pressure – a yard away from the ball with two STANDING defenders with the ball at their feet – Tam dragged the ball back and got to his feet and away with it in contron. Incredible bit of play.



    Thought he was finished at Celtic – one of the best things Ange has done is giving us some more time to enjoy the unique genius that the Tom Rogic – a real treat to watch playing for Celtic.






  22. BGFC…stoap logging on wae yer boys moniker…am like wtf did wee bgfc see of Tommy Burns’ Celtic…;-))



    Agreed we have a shit load of potential but, as I sed, we’re still a bit threadbare…a few to come back from injuries with a few quality additions in January shouls see us win the league







  23. Liverpool,Man C,etc,all top class CL players.A host of goals that could have been avoided happened last night by nearly every team.Stop beating ourselves up.1st game,and great progress in style of play.

  24. Stx2 @ 8.01



    How many in tonight’s team were PL signings?


    Very good question …



    KS — typical PL signing / no value in it at all.


    IS — typical PL project.


    AA — typical PL signing / paid over the odds and he has taken a year to wake up.



    CCV — last minute loan deal / the ghost of PL looms large.


    J(NPF) — last minute loan deal / the ghost …



    JH — DD style signing / small fee — one multi millionaire to another..


    JMcC — Another DD style signing — 26 county links all over it.



    The bench was threadbare.


    Our medical staff are on zero hours contracts.


    But PL got his bonus and yet still they clap.

  25. JHB on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:48 PM



    Consolation is that with this squad we can be confident of having ten below us in the SPFL this season.





    You expect your team to win the league then?



    You are an unadulterated hun and you don’t even pretend ypu’re not.



    And a big cry baby into the bargain.



    Please post again soon.

  26. Ange before the game:



    He said: “My philosophy is if you win games, you’ve got a good chance of progressing. That’s irrespective of whether you’re home or away, and it’s even more so in group stages.



    If you start thinking about scratching around for a point here and there or trying to accumulate a certain amount of points to get through, that’s not the kind of football team we want to be.




    “We’ll go there and try and win a game of football. That doesn’t change. Our approach doesn’t change.



    “It’s not that we don’t recognise the difficulty of the opposition or playing away from home – I understand all that – but I think playing for those kind of outcomes is inviting danger.



    “You’re kind of starting off by conceding something and I’m not prepared to concede anything to anyone in any way, shape or form with a team I’m involved in. It’s about trying to impose the way we want to play on a very good opponent.”

  27. Well done Celts!



    A full squad tonight would have made a difference.



    Very positive for our upcoming Euro matches.

  28. Shawna…aye, a fan spins around throwing shit (you)..a supporter is me…if you honestly think that someone who has financial priorities over Celtic is lesser…then you’re for pitying…