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  1. BGFC @ 8.08



    Love TR but he is high risk / high reward and that is too much for us in games like tonight.


    Plus he has become very sloppy with his final pass.



    That is OK in the SPL but has failure written all over it at the EuL / CL standards we need to achieve.



    Loved J(NPF) — ran out of steam at the end but he was at their class and more.

  2. Don’t understand why Welsh can’t get a game in front of CCV and Starfelt.



    Ralston great attitude, but poor defensively.


    Juranovic and Jota outstanding.



    Pity we never had some players on the bench , rather than projects.

  3. Didn`t see the game so my point is in general rather than specific.


    Is it not the case that, after Ange`s arrival, we were all expecting games like this ie high scoring games where we would not always be winners?


    It is my belief that the better side NEARLY always wins. If I am right and it comes down to losing 1-0 or 4-3 to a better side ( and I am not saying they were the better side), then I would find the 4-3 defeat less painful.

  4. Notthebus



    I know it sounds harsh but I’m a defensively minded person in terms of midfield and the midfield were part of us losing 4 goals.



    For example , in the 80s i was of the opinion that Aitken caused more goals against than he inspired . The ones we scored are on DVD , the ones we let in are not. I wasn’t popular in the pub then and i should probably shut up now!!!!!

  5. I’m beginning to work out the huns on here.


    It’s took me a while,but I’m getting there.




    PHILBHOY-shame on you 😉

  6. Hot Smoked



    You would have enjoyed the game – brilliant then all over the shop and then brilliant again. Celtic way

  7. I wanted to be wrong re Soro as I have never really rated him. Comments on here would suggest he is not really right for us.

  8. For me a lot more positives than negatives.


    If we had CalMac & Kyogo , I reckon we would have got something out of the game.


    Ange obviously didn’t trust the Bench.


    10 of our players played the full 90 minutes, whilst our opponents brought on at least 5 subs.


    We are building, Montgomery is a wee brammer.


    We will continue to improve.


    Personally not overly bothered by European Football this Season,


    Still want us to win every game but 3rd in the Group win our play off & qualify for Group stage of Conference will do me.

  9. Philbhoy…am surviving thanx…it’s not that he’s a bad yin, he’s insidious. Hope you n yours are well. Has O had any more sleepovers…cannae believe you’re so naive lol ;-))






    Just as Lyon go 1 yp ;-))

  10. the 4-3 defeat tonight was disappointing in the manner in how we lost 4 goals , 4 goals from basic defending errors that we haven’t managed to eliminate from our play , lots of fantastic forward movement and tempo but defensive midfield to back 4 shockingly poor.


    What a goal for Lyon

  11. Overall I enjoyed the game tonight. Thought almost all of our player played to average or above and that in my opinion was down to good coaching. I’m happy to wait and see as I like Ange’s style!!

  12. My take is that with at least 4 starters then it’s a great performance, yes we can get better however anyone thinking that we could have sorted the squad in one window is not in the real world.



    I really don’t get the criticism of the central defence as most players take time to settle but as a forward you can make lots of mistakes but score a winner you are brilliant, defender makes mistake it’s a goal for the opponent therefore he is a dud



    I don’t know who the benchmark is a Virgil made mistakes for us and was criticised on here




    I think the holding midfielders are more culpable. Actually unpopular opinion but thought McCartjhy made all the difference when he came on .



    Turnbull and in particular Rogic were quite sublime going forward . Tunbull has a gait that suggests he on the periphery of the game, but often his stats are up there with the best .

  14. Everything’s changed, nothing’s changed



    Played great footie, well beaten



    beaten by a quality side who won’t win the EL and aren’t near the CL



    conceded 4



    defence not as good as attack



    we could have scored more



    lennie would hammered for that



    more quailty defensive midfielders please

  15. What a strange match


    Sublime initially. Ridiculous defending at times.


    We could have put it to bed.


    They should have put us to the sword.



    Rogic was like a Harlem Globetrotter at times. Sublime skills.


    Jota dangerous.


    Ajeti, slimmed down and interested


    Montgomery – looks assured at this level.



    Frustrated to lose from a winning position away in Europe.


    But encouraged that we’d even created a winning position away in Europe.






    HH JG

  16. I don’t know who talks the biggest amount of garbage between Alex Rae and Craigan


    It’s a real toss of the coin!!

  17. Well l enjoyed the game .


    Sure mistakes were made ,as in every game ,but we tried to play the Celtic way


    I am sure that on the journey there will be high scoring games ,for and against, but we will be entertained.


    Ange a modern day Big Jock .

  18. Jamesgang…good to see you posting even if it’s few and far between…but you don’t half obsess about that curates egg…;-))







  19. every time thems Goldson makes a rash tackle and I mean every time he will stay down feigning injury to con the ref into thinking that he wasn’t the offender , watch him.