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    I could have added to your list, but as you know, I am too much of a Tim Ghent!

  2. sevco defense a shambles – Lyon could be 4 up – this is a team who’ve been together for 4 years defensively – YET you won’t hear the radio media cutting them up!! Celtic have not had the luxury of a settled back 3 or 4 fort 18months !

  3. Sevco aren’t as good as they were last season. We’re better than we were last season.



    Is it enough for a 25 point swing? Time will tell.

  4. Obviously, disappointed by tonight’s result.



    However, after Ange was unveiled as our manager, I Googled and Youtube lots of info on him.


    Our Southern hemisphere media told us that we will see loads of high scoring games and that Ange’s philosophy was that at the 90 minute mark, he will encourage his team to still press forward until the end of the game, irrespective of the score.



    For me, I like that.



    Mr Stein, stated that to take the Referee out of the equation, (in Scotland) score more goals than your apponent. I believe Ange has a similar outlook.



    I think this is Ange’s 13th game in charge, more on top, posters will correct me, but I think it’s about,13 games, how much has he turned about this team in such a short space of time.



    As I said at the start of this post, disappointed, not dispondent, give the manager the tools that he requires. he’ll deliver.






  5. It may well develop, however there is no discernable pattern to our play. Different players play cameo roles at different times – it can be pleasing & entertaing to see, but it doesn’t last. We are not a team in the true sense of the word, we don’t compliment and compensate – it’s all ‘off the cuff’. It is early days under Ange but surely that is an honest assessment right now.

  6. Another hun game with missiles thrown onto the pitch…what was the SFA disciplinary resilt from our game at Ibokes? must’ve missed it

  7. I would never wish a hamstring pull on another footballer.



    But Kent’s a cheatin’ divin’ scumbag, not a footballer at all.



    Get well soon.

  8. I think we saw tonight where work and coaching is needed , Our defence is very suspect and not one tough nut in midfield , notthebus with regards to David Turnbull think we will agree to disagree on that one pal , he is a terrific player but tonight I never saw what you did . Sorro gets stuck in But is over zealous in his tackles . The boy joto is a player although a wee bit timid but once he settles in will set up some goals for us . ange needs to pick our full backs and play them . He imho has decisions to make regards the centre of defence ,pick his best men and play them . We spent a lot of money , we have brought in some decent players . But it looks like some are not near the first team ,where are the guys from Sheffield Wednesday we had high hopes for , both looked like they had a bit of dig still something we lack . Always disappointed when we lose but hopefully if ange is the coach many think he Is we will come good . HH

  9. No long in, watched the game with my neighbour, a mad Real fan, we have much to learn but are learning.


    I hope whoever scouted Soro and Starfelt has been given their jotters and those who know me I never slag the players, they do their best and sometimes it-they just ain’t good enough.


    I did think that once Soro was subbed we became a tad more stable, J McCarthy has a fair bit to go yet by the looks of things, but I do have faith he will come good.


    I would much rather lose a game like we did that trying to park the bus, we will fly when we have a full compliment to choose from.


    Even better now that the hun are losing.


    Oh and JHB, do one, you really are becoming a bore, I wouldn’t lower masel to call you a hun cos you are even lower, you know fine well what I am talking about.