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  1. GEEBEE1978 on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:07 PM


    Just reading that only first place in the group is guaranteed a place in the next round. Runners-up will play off against a team dropping down from the Champions League.




    Yep. Group winners through to last 16 while second spot goes into a last 32 tie against CL drop outs.

  2. Aribo has the whole pitch to spit on and after looking down at an opponent on the ground let’s a gob drop out.



    They attract scum.

  3. Coneybhoy, There was a player on the ground, as An Dún said he let a gob drop out,


    Whether it landed on the player is not clear as the camera doesn’t show it,


    Looking at it live I immediately reacted, I have no doubt it was deliberate,

  4. The Lukintim





    Heavy concepts!



    The angle that has I’ve been contemplating for a while is the contradictory morality based on scale of the event.



    E.g. hundreds of thousands killed in the War on Terror vs the circa 3,500 on Sep 11. The former is too big, remote and not shown on TV hence we are numb. The latter is in the West and has iconic photos and many books on the subject.



    Take it down another level – a person stabs people in a major city and we are horrified and call it murder. Sep 11 then becomes about ‘those who died’ not murdered as the size of it feels like a disaster, a flood, earthquake etc



    WW1 still horrifies despite the mass slaughter of WW2 swamping it

  5. Corkcelt



    Thanks, it wasn’t clear in vid but assumed that’s what BB was meaning.


    Aribo got booked for a dirty one late on as well ; argued the toss as well





    On Virgin they showed a lad from Blandchardstown, Co Dublin scoring against Roma!!!

  6. The commentator’s line tonight about Celtic playing ‘the team who came 6th in La Liga’ reminded me of the line from Derry Girls where Jim from across the road loans then his 2nd best tent.






    HH JG

  7. Not read back but I thought we aauitted ourselves well.



    3 away from home in Europe with a kinda makeshift team.



    Bring on the Livvy the fraudulent barstewards £20 to watch an spfhell game on tv away from home .CNUtS




    D :)

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JAMESGANG on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:51 PM


    The commentator’s line tonight about Celtic playing ‘the team who came 6th in La Liga’






    Noticed that too. Also took the entirely random opportunity to mention Granda Weir of Rainjurz as the oldest player in the Europa League (apart from that other player – a goalie- who was actually older). Could almost heat BBJ beside him thinking ‘WTF you on about ya Hun prick????’



    Used to quite like McClean – he gets more obvious as time goes on.






  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Can’t get into Derry Ghirls for some reason. Tried a few times then get one episode in and drift away.



    Is it good ? And I mean’Father Ted’ good …?????

  10. Coneybhoy…I guess scale plays a part….but let me give u a scenario



    The ruling class for millennia clamp down on the proliferation of knowledge of science, medicine, literacy, law etc…you would think wtf….but that is the catholic church in a nutshell historically



    Or…war is the only human activity that artificially accelerates technological advances…that then bleeds (no pun intended) into everyday life



    Both statements are true…which is most acceptable…

  11. Thanks Tontine, seems a strange one. chances of an outfield player going in the sticks is negligible now. Still remember Butcher in goal at CP and Franko’s header going in as he started his dive!!

  12. The Lukintim



    Tough one but in the latter scenario, the drip down of technology is a means to make huge profit for the ruling classes and perpetuates the lack of progress in the working class who had there family die in the war



    I think that makes it worse than the first but it comes down to penalties i think

  13. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Moussa sticking it to the vermin on twitter.


    Wait till the big man gets a hold of them back in France.

  14. Against the grain maybe, i am fed up watching the same movie, get ahead away from home in Europe, and the coach is incapable of managing us to get to HT ,and FT i posted for the last few weeks, AP can put an attacking team out,but can’t adjust a team formation in play to manage a game.This isn’t Monday morning Quarterback stuff i said it in real time.Pull Montgomery to LB ,move Juranovic in 1,Turnbull and Rogic were creating, Jota was excellent, Ajeti was doing well.If AP’s Plan B,is do Plan A better we are back to Ronny Deila stuff.

  15. !!BADA BING!! on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:31 PM






    your 2-0 up away from europe, next phase of play, maybe 10 minutes should be set up not to lose a goal.



    pretty rubbish to lose 2 in the next 10 minutes.



    its not rocket salid.

  16. Coneybhoy…oh dear…someone gives you 2 choices…and you won’t ask if there’s a 3rd like egalitarian ;-))

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Watched the game in the pub with friends and thoroughly enjoyed it.



    Read back comments during and immediately after the game and was quite surprised by the levels of reactionary negativity.



    We lost.



    Some players made mistakes.



    But I can’t help feel we’re on to something.



    Ange took his first training session 13 weeks ago.



    We signed 12 players.



    Half of our starting outfield were unavailable tonight (Julienne, McGregor, Kyogo, Abada, Giakoumakis).



    … and we ran Real Betis close. Very close.



    This was a bump.



    There will be others in the next 13 weeks.



    The individuals and the unit are not yet equipped physically, mentally or psychologically to fully deliver what Ange wants.



    But there are signs and snippets.



    It will be an eventful journey.



    When they click? Wow

  18. Hart – lost 4 goals but actually had no chance with any. Made a few good stops.



    Ralston – poor performance, never stops trying



    Starfelt and CCV – looked like a new partnership throughout game with both making poor decisions



    Croat – decent but restricted down the left.



    Soro – all over the place trying to win every ball in a 20 foot radius. Needs better discipline to his game.



    Sub mccarthy – slotted into the middle, calmed things down and held position well. Needs games but would prefer he took up the anchor role allowed mcgregor to push further up alongside either rogic or Turnbull to play the 10 role.



    Turnbull – decent game but does not like the dirty work much, needs to learn to stick the foot in too.



    Rogic – majestic football from the big mhan tonight, if being picky held on to it a few seconds to long a couple of times but best player in a hoops top.



    Montgomery – worked hard, had some nice touches and was calm. , prefer him a little deeper but think he will turn into alright good one.



    Jota – showed bags of ability all game long. Must be a mare to play against. Did not track back to much but like a few out there lack of game time likely also effects that.



    Ajita – worked hard outside the box but not much link up play until close to the goal. Showed good strength, took up good positions in the box and attacked the ball when it was thrown into the box (takes a gamble in old money).



    Some.of the football was very good, some of it was very bad.



    Lots of talk about our squads lacking depth but no club that has 9 first team players missing would easily deal with it.



    The return to fitness of jullian, taylor, mcgregor, abada, bitton, abadi, forrest, johnston, Kyogo and Georges will make a huge difference overall. Let’s hope they all come back into the fold soon




  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    As for Sevco, I overheard chat pre-match from a spread of people who fully expected them to win tonight.



    That they lost seemed to be a real surprise to quite a few.



    I simply don’t understand where this comes from.



    Sevco have played 10 competitive top flight matches this season.



    They’ve won 5.



    3 of these by a single goal.



    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.



    Sevco’s zenith is behind them and moving further into the distance.



    The only way is down.

  20. BADA



    Noticed it in slow motion on DAZN but couldn’t see how close he was to the player but it was picked up for sure……..will the authorities act??

  21. Stepbhoy 67..Good summin up mate…


    Regarding young Tony i thought his performance was admirable tonight..


    You made the link wae Jota not tracking back….Add also no help from any midfielder a lot of the time….


    Which Betis exploited big time ….A hard shift for the Bhoy got to give him credit for hangin in there.






  22. Fitba is proper mental isn’t it?



    I watched the game and followed on here while *ahem working. I subscribe to CelticTV, have since the good old days when I had to install windows on my Mac to get it but tonight CelticTV game audio with the video, well, coming from somewhere else. The Spanish commentators lively as ever. Even when its the full video stream in HD I seldom have issues, other seem to though. Buy a Mac.



    I wasn’t too gutted at all. We can score, we can play, we can defend like we always could but some improvements there and it’s still early doors. Thought DT was decent, CCV showing signs, albeit in both directions and if we had gone 3-0 who knows. There’s a player in Monty. Actually, I should stop saying Monty, upper class English sounding bile. Game was a rollercoaster.



    Ach well. Weakened team. A lot of negativity about strength in depth on the pages today but I kind of think that is a little harsh. Some key players out and I thought that we still had some options on the bench.



    Soro however?






    When I landed over here those short 17 years ago I was a spritely 29 year old Glaswegian. I joined a few leagues. I played Kick-Ball, Softball (home run once with a pint of whiskey in my shorts pocket and did a Ronaldo type celebration when I got to 1st base and the whiskey fell out, work team, not good), 5 a side and co-ed 11 a side. I was shit in Scotland but here I could be mediocre. It’s the American dream.



    My softball highlight was probably my whiskey fueled home run, that or the diving catch I made in my first game. The f’ing yanks be like “WELL DONE, YOU CAUGHT A BALL!” I lit a smoke and stayed in the outfield.



    The co-ed highlight was when I had a 50/50 with a lass in the game (were only ever 3 of the fairer sex in a team) and she hurt herself trying to be a bit too tough. Her wee 19 year old frat boyfriend broke my ankle and tore my ligaments as an act of perceived revenge. Wore a boot for 3 months I think. Prick. Funnily enough I knew it was bad and leapt to my foot to head butt him, hoping and chasing, hoping and chasing. I got a yellow and tried to stay on for 5 more minutes to seek retribution but I just couldn’t do it.



    Wee side story to that. The doctors couldn’t wait to give me pain pills. I said no thanks to refills after I saw what that shit does to you but that’s for another night.



    5 a side always had older dudes just there to shoulder folks and barge. Could have been a contender. Right then mate, this is the beautiful game not boxing. A team mate got charged, old dude did some wrestling shit and slammed down on top him with his elbow out. I ran across the pitch and kneed the clown between the legs. Sent off, kicked out the hall and banned for two games, Work team again, not good.



    Proper mental this game but not as mental as yanks.




  23. !!BADA BING!! on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:31 PM


    Against the grain maybe, i am fed up watching the same movie, get ahead away from home in Europe, and the coach is incapable of managing us to get to HT ,and FT i posted for the last few weeks, AP can put an attacking team out,but can’t adjust a team formation in play to manage a game.This isn’t Monday morning Quarterback stuff i said it in real time.Pull Montgomery to LB ,move Juranovic in 1,Turnbull and Rogic were creating, Jota was excellent, Ajeti was doing well.If AP’s Plan B,is do Plan A better we are back to Ronny Deila stuff





    Senior players successfully undermined Ronny, Ange will cut players loose if they dont follow his plans. The players know the score.



    Given the injuries we have I am not sure Ange had that much choice regards his subs etc. His interview was just right, no excuses about players being unavailable, avoiding the easy get out put on a plate for him, class.



    As I understand it Ange’s style is hard working, high pressing, offensive attacking football. That is plan A. The ability to change formation/ shape is likely to evolve once plan A is fully implemented. That change in formation/ shape is likely to be plan b, c and d.



    I can live with that but we need to recognise that there is no quick fix. Most players learn from an early age to avoid risk, to make the safe pass, to time waste, to kick the ball aimlessly ip the pitch or down the line, to clear your lines and to limit chances conceded etc.



    Players at celtic are now having to reset their footballing mindset. Those that cant or wont do that will leave and be replaced with others who will and can.




  24. Aipple…honest question(s)…how the fuck can you live in a broken cuntry…Ron Deathsentence of Florida is determined to kill his voters, Texas has legislation that protects incestuous rapists, California has wasted $270 million on a recall…but not all states have the privelidge, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs has had to diminish the diaper Donn who made $150 million by having government events held at his properties etc…I could go on…but Idiocracy is now a documentary




    Tony’s commitment to th cause is clear for all to see, he works so hard all the time. He was up against it tonight and as ever he put in a shift.



    However, re: second – he is in line with the guy who eventually puts the ball into the net. He switched off and made the decision to square the ball by the boy who beat the offside trap easy. CCV needs to make sure boys offside or track the run. So he takes some blame.



    My bro also point out that he tried to beat 3 players in the middle of the pitch ,lost it and immediately they went on to score. He was shouting at soro to get out to the winger, but it looks like he caused the issue in the first place.



    Not having a go at Tony, if he is honest with himself he will know these decisions were costly and he will know he needs to improve to play at that level.



    The 4th goal they scored came from a very good finish, but turnbull attempted to head the ball away from goal when the only good decision is to concede the corner, re-shape and defend the set peice. He was never gonna generate the strength to get beyond the box.



    Decisions making can be improved on the pitch. First this requires the players to know what went wrong and to practice such mistakes out of their game.