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  1. A cuntry that lifted it’s moratorium on evictions in the middle of a pandemic, a cuntry that bailed out multi-nationals to the tune of billions whilst cutting pandemic benefits to millions of below poverty lines families,

  2. A country that insisted that a pledge of alleigence to a flag is not the same as the indoctrination to another one

  3. A cuntry that wages on on a concept like terror…by being terrorists…a cuntry of generations of immigrants that hates immigrants….

  4. helter skelter with Ange is going to crash the house down on all of us once we go 3 up against the huns and we lose 3-5.


    sorro will bring sorrow.


    kyogo through the middle when he comes back.


    seville 2003 – 2021 we have diminished like strange pygmies playing in a castle that used to belong to giants.

  5. @Stepbhoy…Aye all good observations mate …We can only hope that the team learn from


    said mistakes…Onwards and Upwards……..








  6. AIPPLE on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:28 AM



    I enjoyed the insight into American sport, I’m glad you refused the opioids :-)

  7. Gooooood Morning cqn from an overcast but mild Garngad



    If Rogic shot goes in aff that post, If George Michaels chip goes over the 60year old in goal……If ma granny had haw maws etc etc.



    We have a few 1st players to come back.



    Defending was poor at the goals though.



    On to our bread and butter Livvy the robbing barstewards.



    D :)

  8. Worth noting Leverkusen left 4 top players out for the game last night v Ferencvaros. Schlick was one of them. I wonder if they will be so inclined when they visit CP in 2 weeks.



    A win or draw in that game keeps Europa League alive for us IMO. If not we are scraping for the Europa conference spot I reckon.



    So 2 games out of the supposed 7 without Kyogo gone. And a few of the injured list hopefully getting their energy back. Not too much damage and nearly better than that last night.



    Ange ball will generate more need for the full squad and and possibly more need for a defib kit for my house !



    Loving the journey though ! What a contrast with last season.

  9. I too am loving the journey, keeping the faith & proud of our team. Can’t wait till we have a fully fit squad & firing on all cylinders.



  10. I still have hope in my heart, and many of the Bhoys played well last night, especially Tam Rogic….as I have said before…hes just MAJESTIC to watch when hes on form and GLIDING across the grass, as the ball is super glued to his foot.


    Sadly, Soro had yet another ” Mare”…he is a liability…and I STILL do NOT rate Ajeti, despite his latest goals.


    Ive read back and like many others I was shouting for Ange to take Soro off, as soon as he was deservedly yellow carded in the first 8 minutes. He was also very LUCKY NOT to see a Red card after around 19 minutes with his desperate lunge into the back of a Betis player, as they tried to attack.


    Jota needs to improve his crossing…likewise young Abada when he returns.


    Young Henderson in midfield…or even young Welsh in midfield would have been better options than Soro ?



    Its such a pity that we can score 3 goals away in Europe, but still get nothing from the game, after some excellent efforts by several Celtic players…especially Big Tam Rogic.. who was my MOTM.


    When ma Heid came off ma pillow this morning…I was still a Celtic supporter….That will never change !



  11. Please forgive my negative opinions about Soro and Ajeti, I dont like to be so negative about any Celtic player…But I can only form opinions on what I see in front of me.



    Like many others I cant wait to see Kyogo and hopefully “GIO” in action very soon.



  12. ANDUN


    Yep. Group winners through to last 16 while second spot goes into a last 32 tie against CL drop outs.




    If second spot loses that game, do they go into conference or are they out of Europe?


    Main thing for me last night is that our CBs look totally capable for Scottish football, at least.

  13. Morning all



    Agree Big Jimmy.there was a lot to enjoy about.our performance.if only big Tam was more consistent and fitter he really would be an absolute star.likin what i see with Jota.he’l be a revelation against Scottish teams.Soro not for me..lacks awareness and composure.Big Tony had a mare defensively.. he switches off at the wrong times.


    There was lots of good football last night but lots if shit defending not just by our defence.



    Hail Hail brothers

  14. Haven’t seen the game last night, apart from highlights of the goals. When Soro first broke through, I was very impressed but now I just wait for him to be yellow-carded. Has he gone backwards or hasn’t had enough game time?

  15. Bada, thoughtful insightful contributions last evening. So near yet so far was my thoughts on the outcome.



    I thought we’d be well beaten and fail to score tho’.



    I’m hoping the glaring deficiencies in defence are addressed


    come Christmas.



    Ange As Santa?







  16. Bada @ 11.31


    110% correct


    Betis targeted the huge gap on right back area full game


    At 2-0 up, Ange and our coaches should have noticed this and killed the space Betis were attacking


    At 2-2, into 2nd half, Betis created 3 chances before the 3rd goal by again attacking the huge hole being left in the right back area


    (PS – this is not down to Tony Ralston, but our team set up)



    Unless we get the defensive side of our game sorted, we ain’t winning anything anytime soon


    We have failed in every competitive game away from home so far this season


    Some may be happy with Ange style,


    I see exactly same frailties in defence as we have had for at least 2 seasons


    It needs sorted Pronto

  17. In ither news……..



    Wot, no furore over Sutty ad NFL’s treatment at The Toilet Block?



    Everywan, Anywan!






    Great summing up last night.


    The thing about our subs bench was, Ange had no faith in any of them to make any more changes.


    Which is a poor situation to be in when 4/ 5 players were out on their feet in the last 20/25 mins.

  19. BANKIEBHOY1 on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:48 AM



    It’s BT who should be called to account over this.



    If they couldn’t guarantee a safe working environment for their employees they should have cancelled their coverage.

  20. ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:58 AM


    BANKIEBHOY1 on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:48 A



    It’s BT who should be called to account over this…





    Did this make any of the news channels last night?



  21. Last night the Ibrox club officially confirmed that it cannot guarantee the safety of media personnel within its stadium. That may be a first for any club affiliated to UEFA and surely must be addressed.



    *Rangers have also banned contact with the BBC for a number of years seemingly with impunity. The broadcaster continues to cover their matches and day to day business as ‘normal’.



    Why hasn’t the Scottish media shown the slightest bit of interest in highlighting this situation? It a serious restriction of press freedom and you would imagine would cause an uproar in media circles. Imagine the furore if this kind of thing happened in England – the Guardian, Times. Telegraph. Sun & Mirror would have had banner front-page headlines for days on end. BBC News, Newsnight, Channel 4, ITV and all radio stations would be screaming about censorship of the media. The English Football authorities would be warning about the detrimental effects on TV contracts and sponsorship. In Scotland the silence is deafening.



    By winning one competition in ten years it appears that this new club playing out of Ibrox, incurring multiple millions in annual losses & living hand to mouth financially, has effortlessly managed to assume the position held by its predecessor in Scottish Football – that of the recognised establishment club, not to be questioned, or, challenged & able to dictate the shape and direction of the game, on and off the field….astounding!!!

  22. “ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:58 AM


    BANKIEBHOY1 on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:48 AM



    It’s BT who should be called to account over this.”



    That is certainly true but BB1`s point is still pertinent.


    Even so, I am just about to look for BT complaints and ask them about the matter. Others can feel free to do similar.

  23. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Where you are depending on the team to be greater than the sum of its individual parts (which I think is our lot in Europe), you are only as strong as your weakest link.



    Soro was one such weak link and, despite his goal, so was Ajeti.



    The yellow card definitely affected Soros’s performance right from the imposition of same. He was extremely lucky not to have received a red and his general play- particularly in attempting to defend their goals- was lacking.



    The disappointing thing is that we brought in McCarthy- from the EPL- and he was only deemed sufficient for a late sub role.



    Ajeti needs another striker in and around him. He is not a line leader. I don’t see him in Ange’s preferred 433. He got fairly lucky for his goal and play broke down around him on a couple of occasions.



    Jota started brightly but faded badly. He needs to work on his passing as he definitely overhit the ball on a couple of promising occasions. He ought to have squared for the great chance to make it 3 however, let’s be honest- Betis could still have scored their 4 even if we went 3 up.



    The defence as a unit is miles off. We really need Jullien back. Ralston is a trier and gives his all but surely Juranovic must revert to his preferred position as soon as possible. Montgomery has promise but we still need a first choice left back and the board have been lacking in not securing an upgrade on Taylor. Starfelt is improving and the Carter Vickers has added a bit of steel. He was, however, badly caught out for at least one of the Betis goals.



    I never expected anything from the game last night but 2-0 up calls for game management. This is something completely absent from our European away games.



    Additionally, why is it we concede multiple goals in minutes? This is a systemic problem away in Europe. It’s total panic stations and has been going on for years.