Real story of football in Scotland in Fifa corruption shadow


This morning world football has plenty reason to be ashamed of itself. US prosecutors yesterday charged 16 Fifa officials, on top of the 14 charged earlier this year. As well as taking bribes and kick-backs, it is alleged money designated for charitable causes such as the relief of natural disasters, were siphoned off by Fifa executives. In recent years we’ve seen how revenue from charity games have been hijacked by club officials to pay bills, or perhaps fund signing bids for Daniel Cousin.

Tomorrow you are going to see the most Ethical Football Club in the World do its thing. Thousands of you will support the Foundation Christmas Appeal by putting money in buckets as you enter the ground.

That money will do incredible things.

It will support the Scottish Refugee Council, as they aid some of the world’s most vulnerable who have recently arrived in Scotland.

It will support the volunteers who run The Invisibles,  who help homeless charities in Glasgow by providing sleeping bags, clothing and toiletries for rough sleepers.


It will support the Glasgow City Mission, in their work with vulnerable adults and families with disadvantaged pre-school children.

It will support the incredible work of the Wayside Club, who provide food, shower, shaving and First Aid facilities to Glasgow’s homeless 365 days a year.

It will support Loaves and Fishes, who open their doors to people who need clothes, toiletries and food.

It will support Glasgow East Women’s Aid, who work with women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

And it will support the Salvation Army, who have been a lifeline for countless thousands for longer than Celtic have been in existence.
Salvation Army

The bar on ethics in football is not set particularly high, few clubs have a social mission as their core value. None do it like Celtic, the most Ethical Football Club in the World – bar none.

This is the story of football in Scotland 2015, no matter what happens in Switzerland or the Concafa region. You should be proud of your part in this great story.  Let’s make it a good one tomorrow – and let people know this is happening tomorrow.


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  1. “Gannon had a dispute with the SFA head of referee development Hugh Dallas, following Gannon’s criticism of Scottish referees.[78][79] Gannon had claimed the standard of refereeing was “bringing the game into disrepute”.[80] He suggested a league table for referees. He then felt the official response to his criticisms to be disrespectful. Following this he temporarily refused to speak to the media, claiming he did not wish to cause further controversy. He also criticised his predecessor Mark McGhee, after McGhee speculated in the press on possible transfers of Motherwell players. As well as this he had a public-falling out with club captain Stephen Craigan.


    On 28 December, Gannon was sacked by Motherwell,[86] with the club indicating that Gannon was “not fully committed to the club” as the reason for their decision.[87] He had been rumoured to be looking for other jobs.[19] Gannon was reportedly working under a temporary contract, and was yet to sign a longer term deal as had been expected. Though the board were satisfied with results on the pitch, they felt that the relationship between Gannon and the directors had broken down. Dubbed a ‘loose Gannon’, it was seen that either he or club captain Craigan would leave the club. Despite this he was praised for his signings from the English leagues, and for the good open passing football his young side could play whilst at their best. Motherwell went on to finish the season in fifth place under Craig Brown.”

  2. Anybody with extra tickets for the Fener game, let me know and I will take them off your hands!!!



    H H

  3. TBB


    And the SFA will take no action until one of these charges stick to them, they’ve both been ducking and diving for almost five year now, it’s like pinning the tail on the donkey, eventually someone will do it, hopefully?

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Let’s pony up the dough and take them to the courts, Tony. The Game was rigged, and those who were rigging it had a legal duty to protect it from abuses. If the SFA won’t act, there’s nothing stopping those of us who care about the Game holding their feet to the fire.

  5. Hearing @StranraerFC v @celticfc in @ScottishFA cup is on @SkySports kick off 315pm Sunday 10th January

  6. Surely with some overtime they could get the new bridge ready for next week.


    So all those wires that have been pinging in the cables that hold up the Forth Bridge must have resulted in extra stress on the metal structure . And now I cant go to Edinburgh . Other roads will have extra traffic to cope with so will have to allow more time to get to the game tomorrow.


    Traffic chaos in the east.

  7. There will be a pitch inspection at @celticfc Park tomorrow at 9:30am ahead of the Ladbrokes Premiership clash with @acciesfc.

  8. !!BadaBing!!



    They are looking for any debris that may have come off the roof during the storm we are to experience tonight!



    The stadium will be closed for three weeks.

  9. tonydonnelly67



    Hats, scarves and badges……..oh and spare tickets.




    Na, not at all. I need 3 tickets my brother, a fellow CQNer (possibly) and myself.

  10. THE EXILED TIM on 4TH DECEMBER 2015 12:09 PM



    Afternoon Timland from a warm and sunny hun free mountain valley.












    Why are journos like AT and the like not taking it up ?









    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/real-story-of-football-in-scotland-in-fifa-corruption-shadow/#sthash.oFHCsrcx.dpuf






    He is waiting for the trials to happen. Simply does not want to prejudice them which is perfectly understandable.



    However I reckon he is a tad peeved with both Regan and Doncaster and is biding his time.



    He has the lot. Had it as soon as CF leaked it but it’s now in a more digestible form.

  11. TBB


    I wouldent be to hasty there, I wouldent rule out the possibility of them being outed one way or another by Big Mick, that horse hasent even left the gate yet, interesting times ahead I think, I’m very interested on how it all turns out, I can see them adding more fuel to the fire thinking it will put it out.

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    When Brian Quinn stepped down as chairman of Celtic in 2007, he thought his involvement with football would return to solely being a supporter.



    He was 72, “when it’s usually time for pipe and slippers”, and turned down an approach to join the board of an English club. Then UEFA made him an offer. The subject was regulation, and finances, and Quinn, as a former economist and banker, along with his passion for the game, could not resist.



    Quinn often refers back to the banking industry. He might be irked by the irresponsibilities and excesses that were widespread in the industry in recent years, but he recalls, too, the way banks needed to be curbed in the 1970s and 1980s. During a presentation to Scottish clubs at Hampden last week on Financial Fair Play rules, Quinn even referred to the Basle Committee, which imposed regulations on the banking industry.



    Quinn rose to the position of deputy governor of the Bank of England, and was chairman of Celtic for seven years, following five years as a non-executive director. These two areas of his life combined when he was asked to play a central role in drawing up the Financial Fair Play rules. Quinn now sits on the Club Financial Control Body, which imposes the FFP rules on teams that compete in UEFA competitions.



    Promoted stories



    Recommended by


    “We’re trying to bring some order into European football finance,” said Quinn, “and by derivation into football in general because there is no doubt that the behaviour of the clubs at the very top does have an effect that runs right down through the game. So you have clubs like Dunfermline and others who get into difficulty. The effort is to save the game from a gradual and damaging deterioration in the condition of football from the clubs at the top level to clubs much further down.”



    The Financial Fair Play rules require clubs to break even – although there is a sliding scale of “acceptable deviations” to allow inward investment – between income and expenditure. The accounts are assessed over a three-year period, and the system is designed to be an additional form of regulation on top of the club licensing scheme.



    The latter is applied by each national association, while FFP will be policed by UEFA. Yet many individual national associations are introducing their own form of FFP to apply to all their domestic clubs. In theory, the system would have prevented the crises that afflicted Rangers last season and now Dunfermline Athletic, since clubs are obliged to keep up to date with all due payments and to operate as going concerns.



    The Scottish Football Association, in conjunction with member clubs and through the auspices of the Club Licensing committee, are looking into a model of FFP for Scotland. The system is designed to prevent clubs falling victim to financial troubles but also to promote good governance and transparency.



    “The Bundesliga has a kind of financial fair play, and they were one of the principle forces to get the financial fair play rules put in place,” said Quinn. “Whenever everybody is being damaged by something it’s in their ultimate interests to do something about that. Financial Fair Play is a way to stop the mismanagement of football clubs, which is mostly player wages but also debt.”



    The FFP rules are a form of soft wage cap, since clubs will have to limit their spending in line with their revenues. Some clubs continue to spend more than 100% of their income on wages, but that is unsustainable in the long-term. FFP would, in effect, also prevent rich individuals pushing clubs into the elite, such as Roman Abramovich at Chelsea or the Qatari owners of Paris St-Germain.



    Yet a benefactor could still buy a club and invest in its business to drive up revenues. The process would just take longer. Most chairmen welcome FFP – and many leading clubs in the ECA lobbied for it – because it curtails the extravagant spending that can become rife. Now, chairmen can say to their manager and fans that spending has to be curbed by necessity. “[Player wages] is the obvious place to look,” said Quinn. “As a rule, 70% of clubs’ expenses represent remuneration, and too often some clubs pay more than that. It’s not a strict criterion in the Financial Fair Play rules but it’s one of the factors that will be examined and taken into account when you’re looking at whether or not a club is failing to meet the going concern criteria.”



    If clubs breach the UEFA FFP rules, they will be investigated by the panel that Quinn sits on, while another will then act upon any judgement by imposing a sanction, from a fine to a ban from UEFA competitions. Quinn expects a game of intrigue with some clubs. “If you regulate anything and there are big prizes at stake then, no sooner have the parties agreed to a regime to stop the nonsense, they get down to trying to find a way round it.,” Quinn said. “I’d be astonished if that didn’t happen. Our job, as the financial control body, is to see where abuse or mischief might be arising and to stop it. We take that very seriously.”



    During his time at Celtic, Quinn could see the direction the game was travelling in. Now, it is stark. Over the past five years, revenues in the top divisions have grown 24%, while employee costs have risen by 38%. Cumulative losses across Europe in 2007 were £512m, and by 2011 they were £1.5bn. “Fergus McCann rescued Celtic once from serious financial difficulties but again the competitive pressures in Scottish football, the pressure from the fans, the unwillingness to try to recoup it all through season-ticket sales, meant it was a continuing problem,” Quinn said.



    “I didn’t leave and then think, I must now propagate that widely. But then I thought, this matters a lot, for a game that I love, that I’ve been dedicated to, that I’ve worked in and maybe some of the experiences I’ve had as a regulator in another field could be relevant. It needs doing.”







    After yesterday´s arrests …and there is far more to come out then the game cannot police itself.



    For as long as the countries governments who are members of UEFA and FIFA accept that they have no jurisdiction over the activities of UEFA and FIFA then nothing will change.



    For as long as all the clubs are afraid to speak out and tell their customers the truth (and who can blame them) then nothing will change



    You either join them or perish.




  13. My guess is that BDO lawyers will contend that judgement was flawed as ‘Common Sense’ is a matter of opinion and not law.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on




    Doubtless there will be all manner of stuff to come out in evidence at the assorted court cases, much of which has been entirely hidden thus far.

  15. To be very honest, it doesent look good for tomorrow.



    Yellow warning of wind




    1200 on Fri 4 December




    2355 on Fri 4 December


    Updated 4 hours ago Active


    Southwesterly gales or severe gales are expected to affect much of northern Britain during the second half of Friday. The strongest winds will affect northwest Scotland throughout the afternoon, reaching the Central Lowlands, southern Scotland and Northern Ireland by early evening, before spreading to parts of northern England further into the evening.



    This warning has been updated to separate Friday’s warnings from Saturday’s, for which a separate wind warning, including reference to possible medium impacts, will be issued.Please be aware of difficult driving conditions, and the risk of travel disruption on roads and to ferries. Winds may be strong enough to bring down branches or perhaps even uproot some trees, not helped by the saturated ground. A period of heavy rain will also affect some western areas, for which separate warnings will be issued.










    Doubtless there will be all manner of stuff to come out in evidence at the assorted court cases, much of which has been entirely hidden thus far.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/real-story-of-football-in-scotland-in-fifa-corruption-shadow/comment-page-3/#comment-2731462



    I totally agree with you, but there’s not much gets past Big Mick, and since they ( SFA/Sevco ) teamed up against him I think he’s taken it personal, and I don’t think he’s the kinda guy to get personal with? Nasty piece of work as a person, but a shrewd business man from what I can see.

  17. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    TBB sid:



    ” Failing which, count me in if there’s a crowd-funding appeal to support the costs for a Judicial Review. ”



    I think many would be happy for such a knowledgeable and respected poster as yourself to actually front such an appeal should the need arise. I certainly would be happy to contribute to such a fund and would be even happier were it to involve someone with the legal understanding of the situation that I believe you have.


    Go for it ,T.




  18. GIVEN recent weather conditions and the current forecast for the next 24 hours, there will be a pitch inspection at Celtic Park tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 9.30am ahead of the game against Hamilton Accies (KO: 3pm). We will update supporters with further information following this inspection.

  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I know the weather is wild but is it a pitch inspection or a Stadium safety issue?




  20. Cheers Bada Bing .Thought it must have been somewhere there. So season ticket holders can get free tickets for tomorrow . But it might be cancelled!

  21. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Tontine Tim



    I used to live 90 miles from lambeau field and attended a few packers games with the legend of Brett Favre at QB.


    Didn’t know how Aaron would follow that when favre left for new York but he has been amazing.


    Many people questioning him since October when we lost 3 of the 4 games we plated after a 6-0 start to the season but by all accounts a change in responsibility for offensive play calling has lost the impetus and drive.



    Hoping last night’s hail Mary victory gets us back on track as I always say .. it’s the team in form at the 14-16 game point that goes into win the superbowl

  22. “SA to replace SA?



    I’m with you now!”






    Aw man. I never thought of that.



    Madmitchs posts are gonna be right confusing now ;)





  23. Aw Naw



    I’ve long held the view that football is incapable of governing itself.



    Who guards the guards when the guards guarding the guards are a bigger set of thieves than the guards they are guarding?



    Or as the a Romans said.



    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?



    (The Romans being worshippers of the God Brevity)

  24. weebobbycollins on

    Auldheid…in case I have not mentioned it before, I must say well done to you and all others involved in the fight against injustice. I do hope you obtain the outcome we all want…Good on you sir!

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