Real story of football in Scotland in Fifa corruption shadow


This morning world football has plenty reason to be ashamed of itself. US prosecutors yesterday charged 16 Fifa officials, on top of the 14 charged earlier this year. As well as taking bribes and kick-backs, it is alleged money designated for charitable causes such as the relief of natural disasters, were siphoned off by Fifa executives. In recent years we’ve seen how revenue from charity games have been hijacked by club officials to pay bills, or perhaps fund signing bids for Daniel Cousin.

Tomorrow you are going to see the most Ethical Football Club in the World do its thing. Thousands of you will support the Foundation Christmas Appeal by putting money in buckets as you enter the ground.

That money will do incredible things.

It will support the Scottish Refugee Council, as they aid some of the world’s most vulnerable who have recently arrived in Scotland.

It will support the volunteers who run The Invisibles,  who help homeless charities in Glasgow by providing sleeping bags, clothing and toiletries for rough sleepers.


It will support the Glasgow City Mission, in their work with vulnerable adults and families with disadvantaged pre-school children.

It will support the incredible work of the Wayside Club, who provide food, shower, shaving and First Aid facilities to Glasgow’s homeless 365 days a year.

It will support Loaves and Fishes, who open their doors to people who need clothes, toiletries and food.

It will support Glasgow East Women’s Aid, who work with women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

And it will support the Salvation Army, who have been a lifeline for countless thousands for longer than Celtic have been in existence.
Salvation Army

The bar on ethics in football is not set particularly high, few clubs have a social mission as their core value. None do it like Celtic, the most Ethical Football Club in the World – bar none.

This is the story of football in Scotland 2015, no matter what happens in Switzerland or the Concafa region. You should be proud of your part in this great story.  Let’s make it a good one tomorrow – and let people know this is happening tomorrow.


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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Your first premise I disagree with. Look at Sevco …. how many millions ?? The club is those that come together for a unified cause. Cause not business.



    Joining the ECA has no affect on our business. The ECA is a conduit to extract money from UEFA and FIFA for using club players for International tournaments.



    Nothing wrong in telling them how reprehensible we find the, The reason not to is not because of amiable reasons.



    Celtic is the professional game in Scotland. That might sound hun like arrogance, but today it is the truth.



    For that reason and that reason alone is why we should be leaders in this rather than sitting on our hands waiting – hoping for the return of the Old Firm



    If Only DD was the antithesis of Minty. Prepared to use his influence and wealth to bolster Celtic if anything untoward was to happen to us due to us trying to seek a level playing field and cleaning up the game. I honestly think that is tosh. He wouldn´t need to put a penny in. Just have the will to do so. Unfortunately he is only interested in EPL entry.



    Celtic should at this juncture in time be driving the clean up and publicly. They are untouchable in Scotland especially if DD wanted us to be. No catastrophe is going to befall us. Pitiful scaremongering as far as I am concerned.



    My analogy would be driving by an accident scene and not doing anything.




  2. Winning Captains



    punt this book punt that book,all good reading my friend :-)



    CQN annual is available when? we demand to know :-)




  3. Any truth Real Madrid have applied to the SFA to be accepted into our league? :-)))







  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    CLINK\O/ on 4TH DECEMBER 2015 4:39 PM



    It is a direct consequence. You aer getting lots of data downloaded to you that did not happen before. Ads are pics and one pic is about the equivalent of reading 10-15 pages of CQN stuff.



    One video played for about 20 seconds will be more than an entire 45 page thread.



    My suggestion to you would be to install two browsers on your phone and setup one just for CQN use and activate an ad blocker and in the preferences of the browser disable your ability to see pics and videos




  5. Clink,




    Had the exact same mate.



    I’ve got a 2gb limit and I guzzle that if I use chrome for cqn



    I thought it was coincidence.



    I’ve had to move to opera to view cqn when out and about and away from WiFi.





  6. mike in toronto on

    awe naw …



    I agree that RM will appeal… but dont think they will win. I mean the league there is bent like a boomerang … but its not like its SFA bad :)



    TBJ … I was always a Miami fan …. liked the dolphins in the end zone … same reason I am a bruins fan in hockey … liked anything to do with animals (except them of course!) …. so I was always a dan Marino fan …. he and Fouts had great arms, but, even with some great receivers, he never got it done when it counted … and at the end of the day, it is about winning …



    and, even as dolphin fan, if I were betting my own money …. Montana all day long.



    have to run. will check in later.

  7. QUONNO on 4TH DECEMBER 2015 4:07 PM


    Daft question.







    Which would please Celtic most.





    BDO winning, or BDO losing appeal.



    The Celtic support,or the Celtic Board?

  8. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Big greig ( the greatest ever ranger ) was always as slow as a weekend in Orkney Street… he should have got super to cut down those damn hedges and trees when he was on gardening leave

  9. Cathedral View on

    CLINK\O/ on 4TH DECEMBER 2015 4:39 PM,



    To access CQN via my phone I’ve had to go into my browser options and disable Images, JavaScript and Embedded Media.



    I’ve no idea what these options do but it works a treat now.




  10. Whats the chance of the “hate factory” in govan surviving another weather pounding?



    sensible decision to have a look at things in the mornin before people set out for game.


    though just a precaution imho



    some roaster from this parish has just been decanted off train as the lines are down

  11. Mahe the Madman on

    Good morning from a brisk yet bright and pleasant central California.


    Auldheid,,if I may ask,,I read your posts that the sfa won’t answer you guys. Is it in their articles of constitution that they answer shareholders of member clubs? If its not they will hide behind this. If it is,,is that not a breach of duties and could be legally pursued? Can we have a whip round to legally pursue them? Can the club itself not ask why their shareholders legal rights are being ignored?


    Hail Hail

  12. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    ` The Norwegian said: “Scott has been very good from day one. It’s always tough to come in from a Championship club, up to the best team in Scotland.” `


    Straightforward enough but I can imagine a Sevconian reaction. Not that any wouls see the comment, of course, it was from the Celtic FC site.


    Off to watch the final frame in Higgins v Robertson.




  13. Awe naw Geordie Munroe and Cathedral Veiw.


    Cheers ghuys.


    Already disabled images but adblocker tends to only work on wifi.


    Looks like I need a larger data package.


    Thanks again

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    No shouts for John Elway? Not as consistent as Montana, but some unforgettable comebacks.

  15. What is the Stars on

    Spirit of the Law worth a few bob each way Dundalk 705


    12/1 at the moment,


    doing good work at home,


    Can it replicate that at the track ??


    That is the question


    As Boyle said to Joxer


    I ofen looked up at the sky an’ assed meself the question — what is the stars, what is the stars?

  16. Mahe…,


    They require the details of the signatories as a condition of reading any cerrespondance.


    I have a problem with that due to the published examples of both intimidation and failed security issues, I thought there was a data protection act to ensure people’s details required forms, that’s why we got a lawyer.apparently yer lawyer is required to break laws to reciceve an answer in Scottish institution land, except it’s no an institution.




    Just my own preference, pay your taxes to prosecute the SFA for fraud.


    Use the tools at your disposal :)

  17. Scottish Football in the need for radical change IMO.



    Hopefully, both the fans and the board of CFC work together to make it come to fruition. Hopefully, other fans from other clubs come to the fore as well, unless there is of course the customary self interest from certain other clubs, laptop loyal list and hierarchy at the SFA.



    Time to weed these people out of the game, people who dare to mock others for opinions or try to better themselves due to self preservation or greed. Make no mistake, for all the flak the Celtic board receive countless attempts over the years have been made over the last twenty or so years from players and personnel of CFC to try and deliver a competitive football nation and move Scottish football out of the doldrums.



    The switch can become reality if all clubs work together.



    On Celtic just now, forget the propaganda getting spouted about Ronny Deila and European football or lack of. Just know your watching watching a young Celtic team with young scottish talent at the heart of it. Potential is limitless if Ronny and John are given time. Look long term!! The experience they have gained will show in forthcoming seasons . They have to be acustomed to that sort environment and as the great Fergie proved with the class of 92 in that arena, took them a few seasons then it clicked. Patience is the key just now. Once it clicks then each season you will be looking probably 3 experienced players to keep it ticking over along with buying potential.

  18. The Battered Bunnet on

    An Tearmann



    Thanks, and thanks. Appreciated.



    BDO live in the commercial world. If an offer was made to fund/support the costs of Appeal, provided it was legitimate, they’d be duty-bound to consider it.



    Minty’s out of the game though. Chap’s down’ to his last Peploe and won’t be ponying up a sous, despite what you might read elsewhere. He has no financial interest in the case now, given his company is bust, and it’s the company’s case, not his.



    However I maintain that there is a huge amount of live interest in the case from those with Trusts at risk, and the professional sector that advises them. A ‘contingency fee’ based proposal would be attractive, or some other defined-fee arrangement where theinterests of the non-HMRC creditors can be provided for, without compromising theCreditors’ pot in the event of a loss at appeal.



    Would they have to disclose it? Only as much detail as was required by the rules of engagement, which would be the costs and impacts, rather than the identities of the players involved.



    That said, some informed sources estimate the costs in the region of £250-500K. Small beer altogether.

  19. Mahe the Madman on

    Canamalar,,thanks for that. Not surprised at all. I understand the reluctance of anyone not wanting to go through that. In your opinion would it not be best then for those abroad to try and carry it forward to minimise harassment? Hail Hail

  20. Mage…,


    Many signatories signed upon the basis their private details would no be used for free market applications.


    Think you’d need to go back and read what the conditions of support would be. In short


    Not exposing the signatories to spam.

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