Real story of football in Scotland in Fifa corruption shadow


This morning world football has plenty reason to be ashamed of itself. US prosecutors yesterday charged 16 Fifa officials, on top of the 14 charged earlier this year. As well as taking bribes and kick-backs, it is alleged money designated for charitable causes such as the relief of natural disasters, were siphoned off by Fifa executives. In recent years we’ve seen how revenue from charity games have been hijacked by club officials to pay bills, or perhaps fund signing bids for Daniel Cousin.

Tomorrow you are going to see the most Ethical Football Club in the World do its thing. Thousands of you will support the Foundation Christmas Appeal by putting money in buckets as you enter the ground.

That money will do incredible things.

It will support the Scottish Refugee Council, as they aid some of the world’s most vulnerable who have recently arrived in Scotland.

It will support the volunteers who run The Invisibles,  who help homeless charities in Glasgow by providing sleeping bags, clothing and toiletries for rough sleepers.


It will support the Glasgow City Mission, in their work with vulnerable adults and families with disadvantaged pre-school children.

It will support the incredible work of the Wayside Club, who provide food, shower, shaving and First Aid facilities to Glasgow’s homeless 365 days a year.

It will support Loaves and Fishes, who open their doors to people who need clothes, toiletries and food.

It will support Glasgow East Women’s Aid, who work with women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

And it will support the Salvation Army, who have been a lifeline for countless thousands for longer than Celtic have been in existence.
Salvation Army

The bar on ethics in football is not set particularly high, few clubs have a social mission as their core value. None do it like Celtic, the most Ethical Football Club in the World – bar none.

This is the story of football in Scotland 2015, no matter what happens in Switzerland or the Concafa region. You should be proud of your part in this great story.  Let’s make it a good one tomorrow – and let people know this is happening tomorrow.


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  1. So Paul insists on the most ethical club in the world label. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. Or does he mean the most ethical fans in the world.



    All those cries for unity etc and Paul sticks two fingers up to all of you.



    Or is it two fingers in ears and singing loudly?



    I am sorry but it is,pathetic that the Celtic board will seek to take credit for the charitable deeds of its support whilst at the same time attacking that support at every turn and at the same time refusing to sign up for the leading edge.



    Cqn is fast becoming like follow follow. Full of lies and propaganda. Sham On cqn.

  2. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Evening Timland.



    Widnae turn a smallpox ridden hun


    away fae the door on a night like this.

  3. No doubt the new Queensferry Crossing should be better than the old Forth Road Bridge….after all China got the order to supply the steel…..hope the steel is much better than the motor parts they make……surprised wee Alexs pal tin legs didn’t get the order……he gave the party a donation several ago……guess that must have been a wee sweetener for the property side.

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    G2/3 full



    Elway was a fine Buckin bronco … fantastic arm



    Tim Horton



    I only lived in wi for a year then due to family circumstances I returned to Glasgow.



    The engineering company I worked for was bought out in August 2001 by waukesha bearings who originated in an area of milwaukee ( waukesha )



    I was asked to transfer to their factory in antigo in central wisconsin in may 2002 and ran one of their factories for a year.



    Almost everyone in town was a cheese head. . I liked the fact that we all followed the same team. I was very lucky to be given tickets to attend lambeau through colleagues and suppliers.



    Most memorable was a Sunday night match against the vikings when Brett won the game in the last minute. Crazy temps of minus 30f with snow deep on the ground.



    If I wasn’t a packer before that night I was completely by the end of the game

  5. mike in toronto on 4th December 2015 4:19 pm




    greatest NFL QB ….. has to be Montana …. always a bit scrappy, but the guy was a winner



    plus possibly the greatest ever showing for a college QB in the chicken soup bowl comeback …. for Notre Dame.



    *sat out the 3rd quarter with frostbite and came back in for the 4th and won it.



    what about Roger Staubach, sat and waited for Notre dame and when they didnae come he joined Navy.

  6. Evening all.



    I hear the weather in Glesga is a bit mental.



    Nice here.



    For the time of the year.




  7. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    G2/3 full



    Given that others have been turfed out the cup in Spain for the same ” error” I don’t reckon king wan carless could dig them out that hole



    I also reckon that madrid see that cup as an insignificance and will take the punishment

  8. topkat,



    This SNP shower are horrible for Scotland.



    Not any real alternatives but these populist chancers. Shakes head vigorously…..

  9. petec on 4th December 2015 6:26 pm









    Smell the Glove






    The single greatest day I’ve ever known at CP.



    The greatest pressure any Celtic team ever played 90 minutes under.



    The greatest player I ever saw in a Celtic jersey showing his greatness with the greatest opening goal I ever witnessed.



    The greatest comeback a celtic team has ever made over the course of a season, after giving the cheating Huns a 6-point start, against all odds and masonic bastard skullduggery.



    The happiest, most joyous Celtic crowd I’ve ever been in.



    The best pitch invasion I ever took part in.



    The culmination of a decade of angst and uncertainty. All pain vanquished with one swipe of the King of king’s boot and the intervention of a much-maligned Norwegian librarian.



    Special, special hours.

  10. topkat…



    If it’s anything like the steel they supply to where I work, I’ll stick with the Forth road bridge when visiting my brother in Fyfe.

  11. Stars


    A few cents EW, here’s hoping this is one of the ones that does the biz, I seem to keep missing your winners and hit the losers, no complaining tho :-)





  12. TBJ………………I watched a lot of NFL on Sunday nights on channell 4 and the players you mention like Dan Marino and Joe Montana and the great Jerry Rice a wonderful player. I have to say my favourite was Walter Payton. The live games for me are far too long and fragmented and all those add breaks are unbearable. I suppose all the advertising revenue is necessary to big salaries to those enormous football squads.

  13. No nye I will not lighten up. Pauls leader is hunlike in the extreme. It’s simply lis. The support do well for charity not the club. The club take credit for the charitable deeds of the support.



    The club then attack the support at every turn.



    It’s absolutely disgusting.



    I watch the witchunt on stokes and it’s all about protecting the failed Ronny experiment.



    Man Celtic are a mess and you are all propping up the mess.



    What will it take for you to realise?

  14. At 3pm today I was standing alone looking out on Celtic Park, which looked in immaculate condition. I was waiting for a meeting to start and was trying to work out where Murdo scored his goal at the end of the 4-2 game and also where I thought he scored it from!



    My memory was that he was just past the half way line that Monday night! Funny the tricks that the mind can play on you. I was just a boy I suppose.



    Anyway a few guys appeared pitch side and started unrolling these massive white sheets around the goal-mouth and then did the same at the other side. Puzzled, I had a look at CQN and saw !!Bada Bing!!’s post re the pitch inspection tomorrow morning.



    Anyway, I was meeting a club Director and gist is the park is fine and playable at that time (say 3.30pm) but with the wild, wet weather forecast that might change. Celtic Park drains very quickly but the worry is around kick-off time when the forecast is very bad.



    So if it is on wrap up, it’s going to be wet and miserable weather wise.



    The wind is going to make it practically impossible for the ferries to get the supporters over from Ireland.



    And don’t forget if it is on that the bucket collectors will still be there, will be getting soaked so look up and don’t miss them!



    I reckon it’s 50-50.



    Oh and talking about winds…hopefully quite a few of you are looking forward to receiving The Winds of Change at Christmas – point those ladies in the direction of CQNBookstore.com!



    Apparently the game v old co in December 2011 when Joe Ledley scored was very close to being off. It just made it…

  15. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Unless it’s the packers playing I usually have the game on but am on the Internet or reading so the ads don’t bother me



    If your watching a us stream you get expert analysis of the game which helps my limited knowledge.



    Got to admit I like all the American sports. .. packers / lakers / celtics / brewers / blackhawks are my teams .

  16. Neganon



    I appreciate your in a permanant state of anger but it might make your posts more readable if you proofread before posting….

  17. NA2


    I agree with you re the support and the charity thing, but 100% disagree that Ronny is a failed experiment.


    He will get it right, it will take time, but he will, I have the faith.



  18. Neilbhoy I am afraid that the old predictive text on iPad is my undoing. The old days were better. I could proof read my stuff. But hey ho.



    Petec Celtic and cqn are now attempting to lie and distort the truth to cover up both the corruption and their own ineptitude. It’s unacceptable and the thing that really burns is the betrayal.



    The most ethical club in the world. My arse.



    TET Ronny is simply another victim of the board. Given a job too big for him, stripped of any power of influence and shoved out into the media without any backing.



    He is simply a victim.

  19. NegAnon2,



    All the indicators, indicate that we have been betrayed, hopefully, we haven’t.



    The Time is near.



    As I say, Yer an absolute Legend in the way you debate things, things that are unpalatable to some.

  20. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    I don’t doubt for a minute your love of


    Celtic,or if you like what Celtic could be,


    I’m a thicko, a simpleton who will buy a


    ST as long as I am able to,I have seen great


    sides and very poor one’s, the current one


    is very moderate at best,I agree with you that


    the powers that be at CP lack ambition and are


    waiting for the return of the hun,but answer me


    this if we boycott WHO WINS?

  21. Peter I hope you are right but sadly I sorta know you aren’t. The Celtic board are plotting to ensure the old firm return and to hell in a handcart with the consequences. Paul is playing to that agenda.

  22. Neganon 2



    There speaks a man who doesn’t read FF.



    If you did your post would be the winner of the most stupid thing ever on here.



    Anyone know how much it would cost to install Sky and pay for it for it on a ongoing basis with Celtic TV added?



    I am thinking of getting this together for a lion who is poorly and misses most of our games. He has a seat for life but Celtic TV would be better.



    Anyone want to assist let me know.

  23. Nye bevans I am guessing that just about everyone on cqn has got the scars of the good and bad times. Some of those scars relate to the Huns nine in a row or should we say ebt era. We were clearly cheated. Scottish society is rallying around its racism to cover it up. I expect that.



    But for the Celtic board to join in? That’s the death knell for Celtic.



    If you continue to blindly support Celtic they will have your money. But they also want your soul. They want you to enjoy being a victim of racism and to pay for the privilege. They want you to play your part as victim. To be the angry guys howling against injustice while Scottish society calls you mentally ill.


    And by they I mean Celtic.



    They are betraying you. Paul is betraying your.



    Know your enemy.

  24. WC. Sure there isn’t quite as much swearing on cqn. But for cqn and Paul to claim that Celtic is the most ethical club in the world is tantamount to the Huns claim that they are the most successful club in the world.






    I thought WC that we were supposed to be better than this bullshit?




  25. twentyfirstofmay1979 on




    Best pitch invasion has to be Love Street 1986, never forget that day. Wee auld guy with a radio started hugging me telling me Dundee were 1 up, when the 2nd went in it was bedlam. By the the way, St Mirren apparently let us win that day as no doubt hearts let Albert Kidd win.




  26. Will 2 strikers take the field tomorrow ???……..MON”s Celtic gubbed mens against boys Blackburn with sutton hartson and henke, on the road to Seville

  27. Neganon 2



    You are attacking a Celtic supporter for expressing pride in the Club and in particular the Foundation.



    Paul is on the Foundation committee and has posted about this today.



    4-0 Chelsea

  28. NA2


    Of course he is a puppet, it’s one of the reasons Lenny left.


    Difference imo is that he has a plan for the youth.


    I have the faith.


    And after supporting the club since the early 60s, I am willing to wait.


    No hun like entitlement from this Tim.



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