Real story of football in Scotland in Fifa corruption shadow


This morning world football has plenty reason to be ashamed of itself. US prosecutors yesterday charged 16 Fifa officials, on top of the 14 charged earlier this year. As well as taking bribes and kick-backs, it is alleged money designated for charitable causes such as the relief of natural disasters, were siphoned off by Fifa executives. In recent years we’ve seen how revenue from charity games have been hijacked by club officials to pay bills, or perhaps fund signing bids for Daniel Cousin.

Tomorrow you are going to see the most Ethical Football Club in the World do its thing. Thousands of you will support the Foundation Christmas Appeal by putting money in buckets as you enter the ground.

That money will do incredible things.

It will support the Scottish Refugee Council, as they aid some of the world’s most vulnerable who have recently arrived in Scotland.

It will support the volunteers who run The Invisibles,  who help homeless charities in Glasgow by providing sleeping bags, clothing and toiletries for rough sleepers.


It will support the Glasgow City Mission, in their work with vulnerable adults and families with disadvantaged pre-school children.

It will support the incredible work of the Wayside Club, who provide food, shower, shaving and First Aid facilities to Glasgow’s homeless 365 days a year.

It will support Loaves and Fishes, who open their doors to people who need clothes, toiletries and food.

It will support Glasgow East Women’s Aid, who work with women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

And it will support the Salvation Army, who have been a lifeline for countless thousands for longer than Celtic have been in existence.
Salvation Army

The bar on ethics in football is not set particularly high, few clubs have a social mission as their core value. None do it like Celtic, the most Ethical Football Club in the World – bar none.

This is the story of football in Scotland 2015, no matter what happens in Switzerland or the Concafa region. You should be proud of your part in this great story.  Let’s make it a good one tomorrow – and let people know this is happening tomorrow.


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  1. mike in toronto on

    tontine tim



    Just back in …. was not ignoring you!



    did not know that about Staubach .. I’ll admit that I was never a Cowboys fan … too much of ‘America’s team’ for me …. but, based on what you told me, old Roger just went up in my estimation!



    A true Notre Dame story … my pal (a hard core lefty) was offered a job at ND, but because of its political bent (very conservative) he did not want to go there, but thought it might be career suicide to simply refuse … so he came up with the idea of asking for ungodly wages, figuring that they would say no, and he would be off the hook …



    so, he asked for $X (more money than some small countries), and to his surprise, they said yes….



    so, then he asked for something else (I cant remember what), and, again, they said yes…



    and this kept going, until he said he wanted two season tickets to the football … and that is where they said no. They told him there is a huge waiting list for those, including senators, congressmen, so … ask for anything else, but football tickets … they couldn’t give him! So, the deal died.



    It made me laugh.



    (American) Football is a religion down there!



    Imagine that …. grown up men getting that worked up over (American) football …. good thing that we Celtic fans (and particularly those on CQN) are much more reasonable! :)

  2. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    We may well be lions led by donkeys,


    but I very well know who the enemy is.




    I’ve spent all of my life amongst our enemy.




    I will not concede to the horrible hun, the thought


    of their triumphalism should they best us when


    the return sickens me.




    PS…..their coming back,despite what you read


    on here.

  3. topkat on 4th December 2015 7:27 pm



    Will 2 strikers take the field tomorrow ???……..MON”s Celtic gubbed mens against boys Blackburn with sutton hartson and henke, on the road to Seville





    Will the game be on?



    It would be best to, like a few have already said, call it off. The Irish Support are the Absolute finest, and they, IMO, should always be considered first and foremost.



    Even if it was called off, I’m sure a few would still come over. ;))



    It’s all about the Treble whilst we bring through our OWN schooled players, IMO.




  4. Winnings captain. It’s fine to take pride in the charitable achievements of Celtic supporters. But hat Paul is doing is claiming that those who run Celtic are running the most ethical club in the world. At the same time Celtic refuse to embrace the living wage and have supported corruption the Scottish football.



    Aren’t you personally ashamed of such a claim?



    It is cringeworthy.



    If Paul ants to press pride he should express pride in his fellow Celtic supports. After all they are the ones who raise the money.



    I find this stuff particularly distastful and downright disgusting.



    When PL was given an extra £100k bonus (over and above his contractual entitlment), if Celtic were the most ethical club in the world wouldn’t the decision have been to ask Peter what charity he wants to donate the money to?



    It is a disgrace to us and the name of Celtic to claim we are the most ethical club in the world and it displays, in Paul, the same complacent arrogance infecting the board of Celtic football club.



    Do you agree we are the most ethical club in the world?



    TET what plan for the youth? Sell em as soon as we can?



    nYe the enemy is around us. But sadly also within us.

  5. Weans at 9 and 10 trying to play football out in that weather an hour ago.



    What chance have they got?



    WGS will make them hard to beat probably.

  6. Neil Lennon was a Wonderful Manager for Celtic.



    Neil took everything and he was UNBEATABLE by the hordes.



    Something inside is always so STRONG, when you know it is right.



    The Celtic Board know we can’t compete unless we bring through our OWN Celtic Loving players.



    There are so Many educational Videos oot there. Sporting Lisbon is My Favourite.. indoctrinate these Bhoys with what Celtic is all aboot….. even open the eyes of coaches these days.



    That SFA must go.

  7. Was just going to say I hope the game is on tomorrow as met two French Bhoys from Marseille who are desperate for the game to be on. Then, Auld Negaknickers is giving it as per a Friday. Hope the game is on.

  8. The BBC News Channel doing what it does .



    Relating Climate Change to Terrorism, Domestic US Terrorism with the way they set up the Cameras.



    Aye George Orwell.




  9. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Goodnight Timland.



    Need tae give up the laptop tae the


    young Miss,if the game’s on the morra


    get yerselfs up tae CP….wrap up well mind!!!!

  10. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Has the Dundalk donkey finished yet, ha ha? :-)



    Hope you are well?







  11. Caltontongues. Ah neganickers. How very clever. That’s what it’s all about eh.



    Best you have got?

  12. Well just watching the development squad _4.0 London Huns. We are a country mile away from europe against team like them> I have just had a reality check watching this .Best we can hope for is a Scottish treble again and again.

  13. johnbay on 4th December 2015 8:03 pm



    Well just watching the development squad _4.0 London Huns. We are a country mile away from europe against team like them> I have just had a reality check watching this .Best we can hope for is a Scottish treble again and again.





    And we should rejoice when we win the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and all subsequent Trebles.

  14. Mayanman



    If you email me I can keep you in the loop.



    Nothing definite yet but if family agree we will install and pay for a year and then renew next year etc. Try to get sky, BT and Celtic TV.



    I was talking to Celtic today about doing something big for our lions and for those no longer here, their families. May 2017 – anyone doing anything on the 25th?

  15. I hope we play Chelsea one day soon.



    I’m sure the Lord will enjoy watching the outcome, he has so many people to take care of, if we Won, he’d be unlikely to be called on.




  16. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    I would like to help







  17. JOHNBAY @ 8:03 PM,



    Yeah watched the earlier round v Benfica.



    We were way behind them in development, that’s with playing the likes of Aiden Nesbit and Callum Miller.



    Still I think it tends to be our U19’s v their development squads, we are hardly doing ourselves any favours. If we are not prepared to put out a Competitive side, even relatively speaking, we shouldn’t enter these Competitions.



    Against Benfica it was Men against boys, we got a late goal to make it a respectable 2:1, but could have been four easily.



    Maybe you’re missing the single striker from that game… Anthony Stokes:-)



    Hail Hail

  18. NA2


    As I said I agree with you on the charity front.


    But why, Oh why can you not even see a chink of light, RD has told them who matter that he has a plan, a plan that involved running the footballing side from the top to the youngest weans, where all the teams play the same way, this as far as I understand hasn’t happened before.


    Now he obviously knows he has no control over the ins and outs, the PLC dictates, so he will do what he can with his hands tied behind his back blindfold, and as far as I am concerned, he is doing a grand job all things considered.


    I don’t buy into the budget pish, he is given players to coach, I would wager now that if he was allowed to spend what has been wasted on the likes of Cifcti he would have brought in a much better player than him, also Carlton Cole, wtf is that all about, as far removed from a RD kinda player you will find, players like Anto Stokes are sidelined from above RD, so again, given time he will prevail imo.


    But when a vast majority of the support, yourself included are on his back and buying into the msm agenda, he is on his plums, but imo he will show you all he has what it takes.


    I have the faith.



  19. Chairbhoy



    Fair comment . Have watched them a few times but first in europe , A hell of a lot to learn. Cant say i will see a Celtic team in a European final again

  20. 25th May 2017 is a Thursday, just like 1967.



    Just another working day. I think that we should remember that not all Scottish clubs have won this competition and we should restrict our celebrations to a few polite words about the Lions and then get on with our work.



    I am sure that you all agree.

  21. Paul67,



    Roy Keane became one of the Greatest midfielders because he worked his socks off and was determined to ‘get better’.

  22. I don’t know the ins and outs, the secretive sh!t going down.



    The place is emptying, Roy is a Man that is Himself, not any of the Self crap espoused on here.




  23. Read Paul’s article and it made me proud that I support a club with such a strong charitable ethos at its core.



    As an unreconstructed happy clapping board apologising head burying sheep I applaud what Celtic do to help others.



    I can remember when the board of Celtic interpreted “charity begins at home” to mean they could take the gate money with them on their way out after the game. For some people it is too uncomfortable to accept that Fergus McCann and the plc he created reinstated Celtic’s charity culture and enshrined it in our clubs values.



    Before 1994 I had heard loads about our charitable beginning but nothing, other than the odd signed top or ball, about on going activities.



    It might kill some people to admit it but the arch capitalist Fergus and his plc have done more for charity in the past 20 years than the “real” Celtic did in the preceding 100 before it “died” with the advent of Fergus and his plc.

  24. JOHNBAY @ 8:39 PM,



    “Fair comment . Have watched them a few times but first in europe , A hell of a lot to learn. Cant say i will see a Celtic team in a European final again



    Well we have… But I wouldn’t be too despondent about Europe, in the mid nineties we would never have dreamed about a European final within a decade.



    I was talking to a Liverpool supporting pal of mine yesterday, who was obviously as pleased as punch with Klopp… He’s around 40…



    He reckoned 70% of his friends have ditched SKY and are watching the matches on line.



    If that carries on the current FAPL model will be broken and not easily fixed. Starved of the oxygen of TV money for years, we are in the prime situation to take advantage.



    I wouldn’t like to predict how long it will take, but no doubts, the 2020’s are a very different Footballing prospect.



    Hail Hail

  25. weet weet weet(GBWO)…



    I remember it well, was at Celtic park to watch the reserves, Douglas…you reep what you sow. GIRFUY.