Reality is a different country


I was asked a cracking question last night: ‘Everyone knows Rangers went into administration on 14 February 2012, but do you know what date they came out of administration?’

Can anyone guess? This is the material Cognitive Dissonance is made of.

Duff and Phelps did an incredible job. Had they stuck to Whyte’s plan, put a fait accompli to the SPL, with a matter of days to decide, ‘Our Hero’ would still own the ground, the club and would still be exalted by those who initially crowned him ‘Our Hero’, before the term became a weapon of irony.

We got a further glimpse into the goings-on at Cardiff before popular and successful manager, Malky Mackay, was sacked.  Chief exec, Simon Lim, while commenting on the £30m loss the club made last season, as a Championship club, spoke of the signing of 20-year-old striker Andreas Cornelius for £7.5m, from Copenhagen, with a £45k per week, 5 year contract, somewhat more than the £6k he was previously coping with in Denmark.

Earlier this month Malky said, “What I said at the time still stands. £7.5m was our record transfer at the time but a hit-the-ground-running centre-forward in the Premier League costs two or three times that and every team in the Premier League are striving for someone like that.”

There you have it, £7.5m is not enough to buy a hit-the-ground-running centre-forward, you’ll need two or three times that! In England, reality really is a different country (this is not me getting involved in the referendum debate, before the nationalists start trolling me again).

English football is broken in ways it is increasingly difficult to fathom. Only the persistent annual losses and ballooning debt figures offer a glimpse into what the future may hold.

Our namesakes, Belfast Celtic, withdrew from league football shortly after their players were attacked by a mob following the final whistle at game against Linfield on Boxing Day 1948. Star man, Jimmy Jones, died yesterday. The then 20-year-old was thrown over a wall and out of the stadium, breaking his leg in the process.

That was the end for Belfast Celtic but Jimmy recovered and is the Irish League’s all-time top goalscorer.

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  1. Fin75


    10:38 on


    14 February, 2014




    09:40 on


    14 February, 2014



    You should hang your head in shame “MON worked his ticket” – shocking, really shocking.





    But a hearty congrats to TONYDONNELLY on a fine Admin Day Gold.

  3. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on




    Quick for an o.a.p.



    well done :-)

  4. tonydonnelly67



    12:01 on 14 February, 2014


    67heaven … i am neil lennon, supporting wee oscar..!!.. ibrox belongs to the creditors



    11:57 on 14 February, 2014





    10:29 on 14 February, 2014



    What happens with the 14/15 SB cost if you are 65 in Feb 2015, Tony..?





    You have to wait till season 15/16 mate sorry :(

  5. Ach Paul, ye go and bang up a new article just after I slavishly, single digit type up the p@sh below. So, hell mend ye, am gonny repost……



    Bom dia. Feliz “Dia de Administracao”



    Last night’s Libertadores results:-



    A.Parana x The Strongest 1 – 0


    Dep Cali x C.Porteno 1 – 0


    Lanus x O’ Higgins 0 – 0


    U.Chile x Defensor 1 – 0


    Nacional x Gremio 0 – 1


    Atl Nacional x Newell’s 1 – 0


    Emelec x Bolivar 2 – 1



    I watched the Atletico Parana game and they struggled against Strongest, who were supposed to be a pushover team. Judging by some of the results this first round, it could shape up to be quite a tight competition. Pleased to see O’ Higgins getting an unexpected point away to Lanus though.



    Meedja here (and not often I agree with the Brasilian meedja) rightfully in an outrage over the racist chanting at Cruzeiro’s, Tinga in Weds night’s game against Real Garilasco in Huayacano, Peru. Conmebol sit on this one next week and could expel Garilasco from the competition.



    Rightly, I thought.






    It turns out Garilasco are a wee provincial team from Cusco (the Real was inspired by a certain Madrid team). Garilasco can’t play at home as their stadium is under re-construction. Instead they opted to play at Huayacano, some 800kms away (apparently they chose this, as it has a similar altitude to Cusco). So, in terms of actual Garilasco fans it’s estimated that there was less than a few hundred in a sub 10,000 crowd.



    So fine the team, fine the host stadium, fine the Peruvian Federation or what?



    I suppose the Scottish analogy would be if Ross County elected to played a European game 800kms from Dingwall (lets say, Manchester), there was an incident which incurred UEFA’s wrath, but really it was Chelsea fans who caused all the trouble.



    Oh wait a minute, that one’s already been used………

  6. coatbridge paper bhoy on

    Paul, 20 million in transfer fee and wages excluding bonuses…….for a 20 year old striker I’ve never heard of. Two thirds of their debt?.



  7. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Sorry but I haven’t been on much lately. Are you able to confirm that an Open Meeting is being organised by JP Taylor and if so; where and when is it and how do you go about attending? Thank you.

  8. Going down memory lane here, Paul. I just can’t get enough of this stuff.



    Rangers in administration without tax case


    Posted on 13 February, 2012 by Paul67



    There are not words powerful enough to describe today’s news. The English language is insufficient and I have no Greek or Latin. Rangers Football Club have today asked the Court of Session to appoint an administrator, unable to service their creditors. The freight train of their tax tribunal has yet to hit, these events relate exclusively to how the club has operated in other areas.



    Scottish Premier League rules state that clubs are deducted 10 points on going into administration, which will give Celtic a 14 point lead at the top of the table once in effect.



    This is a day we have predicted will come for over three years. It has been inevitable for that long. Now the really interesting events will happen.



    We don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers.

  9. Fin75



    12:03 on 14 February, 2014





    10:38 on


    14 February, 2014




    09:40 on


    14 February, 2014



    You should hang your head in shame “MON worked his ticket” – shocking, really shocking.




    Ach, stop gettin yer knickers in a twist.



    That’s oot the same book as those types of fholk who throw a sickie cos their 10th granny has died. imho

  10. KevJungle


    12:18 on


    14 February, 2014



    Shocking – way out of line…..but nothing new when it comes to you.



    Spouting drivel for far too long…..try and engage your brain before your pollute this sacred place with your verbal diarrhea.

  11. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    The EPL operates on the premise that TV money is an ever increasing source of cash. Reality would tend to suggest that this is not the case. Football’s importance to SKY is diminishing, BT Sport is getting into football as a loss leader. The thing that should terrify most EPL teams is the prospect of clubs cutting their own deals. John Henry has strongly hinted that he believes that the distribution of TV monies is overly generous to the smaller clubs and unfair to the top six.


    The Arsenal v Man Utd game had a lower wage of £60 000 per week, many players are on six figures per week.


    It’s the kind of madness that killed the govan team.

  12. Paul 67



    Do you agree that, Celtic’s financial heavy weights on the ‘bored’ should have advised Neil tae go for – £650k Dundee Utd player Johnny Russell – istead of spending £4 mill(?) on Balde and Pukki ?



    Or…is it a case that, Balde and Pukki hivny been managed right ?



    Only asking – Hail Hail

  13. Rioskorrie, deliberate, of course.



    coatbridge paper bhoy, their annual loss, not their debt.



    Hamiltontim, not aware of an open meeting. I’m meeting him and I know there are a few others going. If it’s open, I don’t know about it.



    EmeraldBee, palling that up.

  14. Fin75



    12:22 on 14 February, 2014




    Sacred place ?



    Look at the words that you’ve just posted !!!



    Dear, dear….

  15. Posted this on the last thread! Hopefully nobody throws me over a wall for it…….. Apologies for the long post:-)



    Okay okay we didn’t sign a £6 million pound striker. Perhaps we made a bid for one. Maybe that was accepted. Then we opened talks with player. His demands are out of our wage structure. Intelligently and in a business like fashion we as a club have a wage structure, controlled by Peter Lawell who would succeed in business wherever he went. We do not sign this player as this would break the structure and have a very good chance of disrupting the squad. Why? because EVERY player we sign and their agent is told we have a wage structure and a limit. I cannot say this for certain(only because I don’t work for Celtic) but it is the way I see it and how other clubs manage expectation of their players when it comes to contract time. (Blackpool in the prem for instance. Maximum wage was £10,000 a week.) What would then happen if we, as a club broke our promise to these players? Why not put it this way, how would you feel if you accepted a modest wage when you joined a company because that’s all they could to offer only for a young-gun to arrive a year later on double the wages you were on?


    My point here is, now we’ve got that out of the way (as it seems to be the fall back position on here) why would we go out of our way to overspend to win the Scottish League. Deadco did this, and the clue is in their name as to why this is a foolish idea. Whilst we compete here we should not be signing 6 mill players until at least, the other teams (Aberdeen, DU, Hibs) have grown financially and are competing or we are in the prem or a euro league. If we go on to spend like the huns did to win the Scottish league it will feel dirty to me. I never want to be anything like them, ever. If we get too successful in the future we should give our 9th title in a row to albion rovers to show them(sevco) how much we don’t give a france! In the mean time there is nothing wrong with saving and preparing to compete in a bigger environment where Champ League qualification money will be chicken feed to the regular tv money of this bigger league in whatever shape or form.



    Only then, and quite rightly will our intelligent board outlay a larger transfer budget which will match the revenue streams. the quicker you get over this the better. You’ll feel much happier. The reason, for me, Neil said the six mill statement was just to remind the “peeple” we could and they can’t. I still think we shouldn’t. I didn’t always think like this but it makes sense to me now.



    Also, for me the club cannot comment publicly on everything, The Scottish Press would have a field day and it would we end up engaging with sleekit and the orcs, they want this, the press and media want it but we don’t. Let them talk themselves back to another oblivion. As one of their fans said on r*ngers media after they were kindly allowed to join the old third division “when it comes to them and us-we’re not even in the same league”



    Anyway for me Peter Lawell is following up on the magnificent foundation of Fergus and stability brought by Brian Quinn. Please accept that a modern football club is nothing like the club we grew up supporting. There is something else with Celtic, different to all of us, it will always that way in identity, we are a special club, but the shape we are in business wise, marketing wise,charitably- in the modern game, given our poor revenue stream is remarkable, truly remarkable.



    Lawell must stay. Hail Hail:-

  16. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    KevJ – so Martin O’Neill “worked his ticket” out of Celtic by feigning his wife’s illness?



    That’s just about the lowest thing I’ve read on here.

  17. Paul67



    12:25 on 14 February, 2014




    Well, do you think the ‘bored’ should sack the scout before he sends the club to the same place as the huns ?



    Or, do you think the ‘bored’ should be asking why the manager canny get the expensively recruited ‘assets’ on to the pitch – scoring goals – just like it said on the tin ?

  18. KevJungle


    12:25 on


    14 February, 2014



    “Look at the words that you’ve just posted !!!” – Obviously not something you do very often based on the tripe you post.



    Couple days ago you claimed there we NO Celtic men at any level in Celtic and you included Lenny in that comment – ramblings of a complete roaster.



    Now today St Martin used his wifes illness to work his ticket – deplorable statement.

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    ‘Everyone knows Rangers went into administration on 14 February 2012, but do you know what date they came out of administration?’




    I think it was at the time the holding company appeared from the mists and was then liquidated. This allowed the club to survive. I thought everybody knew that…..

  20. Fin75



    12:30 on 14 February, 2014




    This’ll be the same Lenny who was trying to spin a smoke-screen yesterday by his – “Don’t blame Sammi for us, going oot the SC !”



    Lenny is on the same planet as PL – where there isny a Celtic supporter to be seen.

  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    KevJungle 11:54 on 14 February, 2014



    “I stopped going when – MON left and WGS was brought in cos – ‘that’ was the time that the’bored’ announced to every Celtic fan that – they would be downsizing. They didny say that but, ‘thats’ what they meant.”



    Come on Kev. We have already established you no longer attend Celtic Park for financial reasons. No harm in that. I know plenty of people who don’t go anymore for the same reason. Money is tight and family takes priority over football, as it should.



    “In other words – we’ll be cutting the level of quality from the product on the pitch but, you’ll still be asked to pay the ‘top’ price to watch the new inferior quality team that we’ll be putting on the pitch for yeez tae watch.”



    The glaring problem with your position here is you constantly reminisce about bygone days of the Jungle and Murdo ect, ect, ect … a time when Celtic fans were constantly taken for mugs by the people running our club and when investment in the team was minimal.



    Yet you hanker for those days. I’m confused at such contradiction … well, not really, as I know devilment is your forte on here.




  22. timaloy29



    12:32 on 14 February, 2014



    Johnny Russell



    Is that the chap who cannot get a game for Derby?




    Unluckily the player has been injured.

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull @12:32



    described as a Business Incubator in the press…wasn’t it? Normal practice move along…

  24. Ahh KevJungle, you’ve got to love him


    The Jimmy Sanderson of CQN


    Agent provocateur extraordinaire.


    ‘and by the way, were you at the game caller ?


    aff oot.

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