Reason to enjoy Wednesday night number 67


Reason to enjoy Wednesday night number 67: Victor Wanyama didn’t get booked.

21-year-old Victor is a fabulous talent but he has also been a tad rash in his earlier Champions League outings this season.  One more yellow card will bring a suspension but his timing, and more importantly, his concentration, on Wednesday was excellent. This is a player maturing; more to come.

The 1254125 charity cycle left Lurgan this morning for Belfast port where they caught a ferry to Cairnryan. After they set wheel on Scotland they have a 37 mile cycle to Maybole, 7 miles of which is uphill, one of the most difficult parts of the endeavour.

They are people with the spirit of this club pumping through their veins right now. Check out their everyclick page for more information.

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  1. Jeff Stelling is by far the best football pundit on the box.



    His all round knowledge is fantastic.



    Whenever a scorer or a team is mentioned he can rattle off stats.



    Talking of stats there are 400 members of HM forces due on the pitch at half-time.

  2. proudbhoy



    15:38 on


    10 November, 2012


    Anyone from here manage to make it to the pre match fan Zone on wednesday ?



    Saw few people asking if barca game would be made into dvd but i read tweet from tony hamilton say ur only allowed max of 50% from fifa and celtic disnt have time to fill the rest of dvd before crimbo.

  3. niall mcginn scores again.



    7 in 7.



    he is going to be a danger against us soon, well more dangerous that Villa & Messi.




  4. No solemn tribute to the fallen this.



    A jingoistic show of triumphalism, Singing and dancing to the strains of Rule Brittania.

  5. hamiltontim



    15:52 on 10 November, 2012





    I was at the fanzone for a while on Wednesday night.



    Dont worry im not a peeler, you can provide more information mate.



    How did it go ?

  6. Paul67



    I think his discipline at the game at camp nou was even more crucial,


    if booked then, the way things turned out we would have had no broony


    or victor.




  7. Why would the armed farces want to be associated with such a low-down dirty bigoted racist fascist outfit like sevco? And a wholly crap football team as well (I know….they’re not in it for the love of the game).

  8. Club historian called Mason telling us from the Blue Room that few clubs have surpassed Rangers contribution to the forces and remembrance day.



    Don’t do irony obviously.

  9. Paul 67


    Agree. That was Victors most mature performance in a Celtic jersey. A combination of the big fellas willingness to learn and Lenny’s coaching. This guy can only get better. Which is great news for Celtic,

  10. Proudbhoy



    It was good but not as many Barca fans as I expected. Heard a rumour that the bus company who were supposed to collect 500 of them from Glasgow airport, who’d come on a package, failed to turn up so they had to make their own arrangements to get into the city centre.

  11. Just read on Club Website,it’s a minutes silence tomorrow,not applause thankfully.If guys don’t agree with the Club’s wishes,which they are entitled to ,stay outside til 3.01 imo.

  12. And when will the scum of the earth wake up to the fact that the butcher’s apron is as loathed worldwide in equal measure to the stars ‘n’ bars? It’s an axis of summat, alright.

  13. Truly vomit-inducing scenes from Ipox!



    No sign of any banners proclaiming – “Where is our money you thieving tax-dodging b*******?!”







  14. Estadio Nacional on

    There was one tackle big Vic had where he just stepped in and took the ball off one of their players, cant remember what one but was a real up off the seat touch of class.



    He was easily my man of the match.




    Stringer Bell 15:53



    I came on to post that video/film, beat me to it, its absolutley outstanding. I like the ‘Thank you Celtic’ bit at the end, sheer class.





  15. Paul67



    One booking in pulsating 180 odd minutes of football when our team was up against it.


    Must be a world record somewhere.

  16. Pfayr



    Not my work I’m sure it was originally daubed on a wall in West Belfast in the 1980’s.



    Cracker innit ;-)

  17. I had to miss the Barcelona game due to the imminent birth of iPaddy Mini. I would have loved to have been there but the overwhelming emotion was sheer joy at such a phenomenal performance and result.



    I found watching it on TV horrendously stressful, much, much worse than being there. I’ve no idea why. I had to leave the room when Barca got the free kick on the edge of our box and I very nearly missed Watt’s goal – a moment that will surely be permanently etched in the minds of every Celtic supporter the world over. The tension after Messi’s late goal was truly horrific, as Barca came at us in waves to try and salvage a point. The sense of relief and delight at the final whistle was almost overwhelming and I was left feeling completely drained, but high as a kite.



    It’s incredible what a game of football can do to you and how it can matter so much.

  18. Ah’ll shut up now. Places to see. People to be.


    Big Vic is my hero. Is that possible at my advanced cynical years? To have a hero? These days Celtic are providing us with a plethora of bona fide legends and heroes, a veritable pantheon of footballing icons, from the back room and tack room, all the way to the pitch.


    And what a glorious green field that is.



  19. if we dont manage at least a draw against benfica then its out of our hands.FCB v benfica will mean nothing to FCB OUR NEXT GAME IN LISBON IS MEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. iPaddy McCourt



    Birth of your wean?pathetic excuse.


    Best of luck and God bless baby iPaddy .

  21. A home game will never mean nothing to FCB, honestly can’t see Benefica winning there. However I agree its a MEGA game, a score draw and we are there.

  22. Been struggling to compose a coherent thought since Wednesday night. Still feel absolutely over the moon. When Paul67 used the term ‘spontaneous jumping up and down’ in his match report, I laughed out loud. That’s exactly the effect it had on me. I was on my own watching the game and found myself jumping up and down in the living room when the ref blew for full-time. That’s what Celtic means to us.



    There were 3 Celtic goals before Wednesday that every time I see them I get misty eyed. Two from Lisbon, especially TG’s, and John Hartson at Anfield. Having seen Tony Watt’s goal now several times, it is definitely now on that revered list. When the ball hit the back of the net, I think I felt it just as much as Tony himself. What a moment. At that moment we all became Tony Watt.



    I haven’t seen much mention of Miku’s contribution. Fraser, Vic and Adam were world class but looking at the match stats, Miku covered more ground than anyone else out there.



    The display before the game was amazing. Absolutely unbelievable that the guys behind this pulled it off. What an advert for Celtic worldwide. The USA panel over here kept reminding the viewers that they cover the SPL every week as if they had just realized how special we are and how lucky they are.



    It’s back to SPL business tomorrow and it is going to be hard for the Bhoys to put on a great show but we are all Celtic supporters and will get behind our heroes. We are all Tony Watt (sorry Neil)

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