Reasons to support the Europeans


Those of us from small European football nations who have trouble qualifying for the World Cup should be encouraged by results to far.  Qualification places are allocated based on performance at previous tournaments, and so far, this has been a great tournament for Europe.

Five European teams have won and only one, reigning champions Germany, have lost.  Croatia got the better of Nigeria, one of Africa’s powerhouses, while Denmark and Serbia edged Peru and Costa Rica.

The draws involving European teams are probably more impressive.  Iceland matched Argentina while Switzerland drew level with Brazil last night.  Mikael Lustig’s Sweden take on South Korea this afternoon, before Dedryck Boyata’s Belgium face Panama.  Tunisia will be hoping to take something from England tonight to prevent a fourth consecutive defeat for African nations.

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  1. Melbourne City coach with the Connemara name on O’Halloran:



    Englishman Joyce, who has managed Royal Antwerp and Wigan Athletic as well as Manchester United’s reserve side, is building his squad for his second campaign in charge. “Michael brings a wealth of experience from a number of clubs, including one of the biggest in Europe,” he added.



    *He’s right as St Johnstone have played 24 games in Europe, sevco on the other hand have only played 2.

  2. Matt Stewart on

    Sometimes my mind wanders down strange twisting roads.



    There I was before the start and at half time, sound turned down but occasionally glancing at Henrik mouthing a contribution and all that came back to me was the blood, sweat, skill and goals that made him such a role model for the Celtic youth of that era.



    Even to a forty something of the time, me, he epitomised so much of how I would haveloved to have played.



    Now getting on for 15 years later, something has changed in our relationship.



    It’s not Karma, or fate or schadenfreude but more of an ‘Warhol 15 minutes of fame’ blended with a dash of ‘role-reversal’.



    There he is sitting in the studio sporting an almost exact relica of my hairstyle and colouring.



    Who knew that he coveted my own fashion leading sense.



    Well Henrik, just remember…..I was first.



    When memories of you nutmegging Konterman and leaving him and his spaghetti legs on his erse as you sublimely chipped Klos, have long faded, it is fair to say that our mutual taste in ‘coiffure magnifique’ will live long in the memory.



    Hail Hail




  3. 15 million for Boyata,had a couple of bad games last season,but for me I wouldn’t sell him,not now,maybe if he makes a few mistakes,then punt him in January,and is there a new Superstore,at Celtic Park,if there is ,not before time,and does anyone know if there anymore upgrading,at Celtic Park, Barrowfield,orLennoxtown, thanks.

  4. ‘Be advised my passport’s green


    No glass of ours was ever raised


    To toast the Queen’




  5. Don’t know who the English co com is on the American channel is but he’s slaughtering Belgium and Martinez whit the quip “I’ve worked with him”



    Did ye aye, bitter choob…

  6. Ref is absolutely hopeless.



    Don-t think he knows the laws of the game.




  7. I like the Dedryck to Lazio £15 million story.



    Immediately means I’m worth around £10 million with add-ons.



    In saying that, well done to the big mhan for getting a starting berth at the greatest tournament on earth.

  8. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    God, this Panama-Belgium game is like watching paint dry…



    But Dedryck’s having a fair game, which is good.



    I like Dedryck.

  9. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 18TH JUNE 2018 12:10 PM



    Axis forces tried to destroy Yugoslav Partisan forces and Tito. They failed but large numbers of Partisans were killed or died from typhoid. There was a half decent film -early 70s -Sudjetska – Richard Burton played Tito.



    *Marshal Tito as my mother called him, the great Slav hero was actually a Croat, the cabbage roll side of my family don’t like to be reminded of this



    As leader of the Partisans he was favoured by the allies as opposed to the 3rd Reich preferred Croats. Although his mother was Slovenian and spent a significant proportion of his pre-school years living with his maternal grandparents speaking Slovenian on his return to Croatia he always referred himself to an ethnic Croat.



    After leaving school early he served his time, which he paid for himself, as a locksmith and during his apprenticeship he was encouraged to mark May Day and read and sold Slobodna Reč (Free Word), a socialist newspaper.



    On completing his apprenticeship he used his contacts to gain employment in Zagreb and at the age of 18 joined the Metal Workers’ Union and participated in his first labour protest, he also joined the Social-Democratic Party of Croatia and Slavonia.



    Returning to home after WWI with his Siberian born wife and unable to gain employment he moved briefly to Zagreb, where he worked as a waiter, and took part in a waiter’s strike, the Catholic born and raised Josip also joined the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. The rest as they say is history.



    For some reason Marshall Tito was always looked on favourably by my family.

  10. Twitter is split into EPL know-it-alls / Sevconians: “How is Boyata in a WC starting XI?”


    and Belgium fans: “Tres solide” “J’aime boucoup”



    I know which side’s opinion I trust.

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    Im no fan of Martinez think he’s vastly over rated but an english co commentator on a US channel is akin to plug from the beano winning a best looking guy trophy at a sevco player of the year dance

  12. jamesgang on 18th June 2018 11:45 am



    sign her up for the bhoys :-))





  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Watching that free kick there, I noticed that Kevin De Bruyne is a ringer for that other great Belgian hero Tintin. Anyone ever seen them in the same room? ?



  14. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on 18th June 2018 2:31 pm



    it makes sense to me





  15. mike in toronto on




    People rave about Hazard, and rightly so … he is a great player. but, for me, the real star of that team is deBruyne … smart player, industrious, and always trying to create … plays football the way it should be played…. and yes, he does look like Tin Tin …



    there is a tremendous amouint of talent in this Beligian team … if they can put it together, they are good enough to win it all.

  16. The “sprouts” looking good now. BTW here’s another wee piece of useless trivia, Empire Biscuits were originally known as “Linzer Biscuits”, and later “Deutsch Biscuits” but with the outbreak of the First World War they were renamed in england to Empire biscuits and in Scotland to Belgian biscuit because Belgium had just been invaded.

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Worst ever co-commentator, is a competitive field, but at the very top of that list, step forward the incomparable Mark Lawrenson. Phud.





    Agreed, the Belgian team has a host of talent, and can compete for the title.