Reasons to support the Europeans


Those of us from small European football nations who have trouble qualifying for the World Cup should be encouraged by results to far.  Qualification places are allocated based on performance at previous tournaments, and so far, this has been a great tournament for Europe.

Five European teams have won and only one, reigning champions Germany, have lost.  Croatia got the better of Nigeria, one of Africa’s powerhouses, while Denmark and Serbia edged Peru and Costa Rica.

The draws involving European teams are probably more impressive.  Iceland matched Argentina while Switzerland drew level with Brazil last night.  Mikael Lustig’s Sweden take on South Korea this afternoon, before Dedryck Boyata’s Belgium face Panama.  Tunisia will be hoping to take something from England tonight to prevent a fourth consecutive defeat for African nations.

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  2. Delaneys Dunky on




    Best wishes and prayers for your sister.


    Engerland deserved their victory, although Tunisia seemed a very limited side. Engerland defence is there for the taking by good attacking sides.


    Forza Polska. Come on Robert Lewandowski, show the world that you are it’s best striker.



  3. Greenbingleyinoslo you missed the point. SFTB and others responded eloquently so I’ll let you listen again and think on it.



    David17 Boyata has clearly stated he wants to stay. I, for one, one will be more than happy that he does.



    I trust that Rodgers and Martinez can spot a player better than the average keyboard warrior. He’ll do for me.





  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    I would rather have Dedryck Bhoyata in my team than Kyle Walker. I would be delighted if DB stayed at Celtic for the foreseeable future.



  5. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    FB: Thoughts with,prayers for your sister.KTF.


    On England’s game,I thought they were the better team,as expected,missed good chances early,and this gave Tunisia a wee belief they could stick to their own plan.They played very tight with many short passes in defence and weren’t afraid to work the ball out of defence,but,up front non-existent.


    England should have had two penalties with No.4’s tackles? on Kane.

  6. Three out of four ain’t bad.


    Tom Rogic played well and contained Pogba and Kante for 70 minutes before being replaced.


    Mikael Lustig gave an excellent right sided performance both in defence and attack.


    Dedryck Boyata was untroubled by an inferior opposition, making only one mistake with the early free kick he gave away.


    Christian Gamboa struggled in a decent Costa Rica side, generally surrendering possession and giving the opposition two goal chances by playing them onside. Even his team mates seemed reluctant to give him the ball! Plenty of unstructured effort though.



    Loved captain Broony’s, “ I’m no’ answering that”, when the Clyde hack tried to shoehorn Sevco into his press conference. Clamped.




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    Word reached me that there are a few places left at this year’s event on Friday 29th June at Aberdour. That’s both for the full day (inc the golf) or just for the evening festivities. If interested, drop an email to cqnopen2018@outlook.com . I hope Taggsybhoy and BlantyreKev dont mind me posting this but they did say to pass the word out.


    Aff oot for a walk…

  9. ? on 19TH JUNE 2018 7:39 AM




    David17 Boyata has clearly stated he wants to stay. I, for one, one will be more than happy that he does.





    So will I. But he hasn’t signed a new deal so nothing is clear.

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    When Jimmy Johnstone decided to supererogate, in his attempts to pass the full back, Provan’s efforts to stay between Johnstone and the goal, meant his body resembled a corkscrew by the end of the game.



  11. Regards England, hell will freeze over before Putin allows England to win the World Cup on Russian soil.

  12. Did Sevco really fly out to Spain on a scheduled Easyjet flight? Is that the norm for football clubs?




  13. In ither news……..



    The Big Draw today?



    Look oot for much sleekitry.




  14. Who would posters like in today`s draw? Valetta, maybe? Have we played in Malta before?



  15. Gary67


    Thanks. They sound like an Irish team !



    I hope Sevco`s Easyjet trip passed by better than this one:






    A couple of the comments are quite funny.


    Cheerio for now,




  16. Hmmm….not sure why that link didn`t work. If you are interested, you will have to C & P.

  17. HOT SMOKED on 19TH JUNE 2018 9:18 AM


    Did Sevco really fly out to Spain on a scheduled Easyjet flight? Is that the norm for football clubs?





    They did. Top class Clubs will charter a plane. Also noticed they went through the normal security process where as we go direct to airside.

  18. 50 shades of green on

    Had to laugh at CQN this morning (Clyde Quack News )…



    Reporting that Hunny G had his squad up early and training before 9am in a bid to get them super fit….



    Nothing to do with it being 2 bloody hot in the afternoon in Spain…




    And awe you lot laughing cause they went on sleazy jet,, its a big bloody orange plane ffs, who else do you expect them to fly with….




    What do you call a Rangers fan with frequent flyer miles to use…..




    Ref ?






    DAVID17 911



    Damn-someone has given me a good reason to want England to win!



    That won’t do.

  20. After yesterday it’s looking like England, who deserved to win against a team who got away with shady tactics and Belgium, who were disappointing, will go through to next stage.



    Another win for both is in the cards meaning Boyata can play in his slippers in a 0 0 draw when Belgium play England.



    Only Mexico apart from Spain and to a lesser extent Portugal (Reynaldo better not get injured) have looked a class above. The rest much of a muchness on a downward gradient from any number of teams eg Sweden/Denmark down to Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.



    Wall to wall football though- the good, the bad and the ugly. What’s not to like?

  21. Jack Ross wants Calvin Miller on season long loan at Sunderland. Good move if true, he needs regular game time at a level higher than U20s development league

  22. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    Champions League Round 1 qualifying draw



    Alashkert (Armenia) v Celtic