Rebalance needed in Celtic central-mid


Transfer window business is seldom completed in May, so anticipation based on Neil Lennon’s post-match comments about having bid £3m for a player should be tempered.  We have a long close-season ahead, so I’ll avoid giving a name-check to the teenage midfielder Neil watched on international duty in February and who is being touted as a target today.

The most obvious question emerging from this story is why another central midfielder?  Celtic have Wanyama, Ki, Brown, Ledley and Kayal all battling for places there, but it’s Kris Commons who is a rare entity.  Kris is able to create goals at a rate none of the rest can.  He’s also had a disappointing season, much of which was spent watching the action from the side-lines.

The problem for Celtic in central-mid is balance.  When Kris Commons is injured, off-form, or playing in a wide position, we’re short of creativity in the middle.  For the record, creativity doesn’t mean someone who can turn in a tight space or dribble, Charlie Mulgrew was our most creative player last season (as it now is). This strong area of the squad needs rebalanced.

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  1. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    So the new owners have bought our heors shares, does that mean they have bought the responsibility for the debt ?


    I’m thinking homer buying Arty’s company shares only for homer to end up owning the IRS debt while Arty can do a runner ?


    This is getting better than the simpsons


    stupid huns

  2. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Afternoon bhoys



    Just home from my first health mot… Blood pressure high enough to get me back for an ECG although she did say nothing to worry about… Would recommend it to all you over 40s out there, on the bright side my weights ok.




  3. up_over_goal on




    We often played 4-3-1-2 this season, so 6 central midfielders (Brown, Kayal, Ledley, Wanyama, Ki, Paddy) needed. Paddy hasn’t been tried yet as the creative player. I think he’d be an alternative to Commons, unlike Forrest, who only thrives out wide. Forrest may find it tougher to get in the team next season, unless we revert to 4-4-2 again.

  4. I’d still like to see a creative centre midfielder purchased this summer.



    If it means Ki has to go then so be it.

  5. I reckon they think Ibrahim will be able to fill Commons role.



    How long before the bares figure out Green is worse than Miller because he is just going the Newco route and not giving a damn about their history?

  6. watching SSN


    party in Manchester todayhope the big screen doesn’t break down..



    googybhoy..get the meter running..

  7. Ticketus has confirmed it has “no future involvement” in Rangers as administrators accepted an offer from consortium headed by Charles Green.



    The London firm said it now expects to become a creditor in the company voluntary agreement (CVA) Mr Green said his group are striving to achieve.



    This comes days after Ticketus formally launched legal action against Rangers owner Craig Whyte over the £27m in personal guarantees he gave the branch of Octopus Investments as part of the season ticket deal.



    The ticketing agency, which bought the licence to sell around 100,000 Ibrox season tickets until 2015 for £25.3m last year, also confirmed it had held talks with Mr Green recently but no agreement was reached between them.



    On Sunday, Mr Green’s consortium had its £8.5m offer for the crisis-hit club accepted by Duff and Phelps, whose previous choice of preferred bidder, American Bill Miller, collapsed days after it received the status.



    A Ticketus spokesman said: “Around the time of Mr Miller’s preferred bidder status we spoke to Mr Green, neither party reached any agreement and he went ahead with his bid.



    “Ticketus is now a creditor in a CVA and it is not involved in the future of the club in any way.”



    Joint administrator David Whitehouse said Mr Green’s group hopes to put forward a CVA proposal by Monday, May 21, before a meeting of the creditors takes place and a vote is held on the offer on June 6. Should the CVA be agreed then, there is a 28 day “cooling-off period” during which time creditors can raise objections or challenges to it.

  8. whitedoghunch on




    I stopped worrying about my health after getting the last rights twice on the same day

  9. up_over_goal, Paddy’s chances next season might be few. Few enough this season.



    Still expect to see lots of Forrest, Neil used him more than any other player before he was injured. No reason to assume he’ll change his mind.

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am bound to get shot down in flames for saying it when Paddy McCourt came on yesterday I didnt notice him in the game at all.I think the team has improved a lot since the start of the season and Paddy will find it hard to hold down a first team place.I think for Paddys carreer it would be best if he found another club perhaps Blackpool may renew there prior interest in him.H.H.

  11. jock steins celtic on

    Ticketus previously claimed not to be creditors but owners of the tickets. Is that them admitting defeat ie Whyte shafted them ?

  12. For me we need a GK a ball attacking CH and a target man CF.



    If not Fraser then Paul Robinson



    I would try for Jamie Carragher on loan.



    Buy Jordan Rhodes for upfront sorted.


    A SON OF DAN 1616




    Does that mean we can expect more legal cases to hold things up for them?



    Blinkin’ hope so…….

  14. Neil canamalar


    Wish Homer had. I can hardly afford the weekly shop at the moment. As for a runner. You obviously have never seen my bent and haggard frame nor the chicken legs that hold it up.



    H H

  15. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    So Ticketus are now agreeing to become a creditor????



    Does this not contradict everything that we have been told,,,,that Ticketus and HMRC would not play ball with the orcs?????



    Hail hail






    Typical lawyer,always wants a second opinion!



    Glad you came through it,bud. I’m with you in that respect,btw. Enjoy things which will not harm anyone other than yourself.

  17. Paul67


    Agree that we need more creative spark from central midfield but feel the real issue is our coaches approach.


    We tend to sit our to centre mids deep in a cautious safety first style.


    Have said often enough that it makes us easy to defend as we offer no threat from that area allowing opponents to sit in defensively and concentrate on the cross ball after our slow ponderous build up.


    In this system we would require a player like Alexander Pirlo.


    Mulgrew and Commons are both capable of the diagonal ball that forces defenses to adjust but a little bit more pass and movement from the central area would make the world of difference.


    I have high hopes for Ibrahim being capable of this as his one appearance he aptly demonstrated this skill.


    The coache have to throw off some of their caution for us to build on this season.

  18. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I would think that the Ticketus announcement is a bit of good news for the huns.



    I assume that they are still intending to pursue Whyte in court?


    No 7 1625



    Joe Lewis has left Peterborough on freedom of contract. Great young keeper.

  20. I’d guess the Ticketus news is BAD fr the huns as they would vote no for a few pence in the pund knowing they could get more from the proceeds from an asset sale.

  21. whitedoghunch on



    I always think of young Bobby who is a good friend when I see your moniker.


    His mum is always kind if we are in the ’67




  22. Ticketus is bad news for the Orcs. Them stating they will be in the creditors pot, with a large sum, means others will get a drastically reduced pro-rata figure.



    Ticketus being in there makes it less likely a CVA will be agreed as there will now be 2 parties with more than 25% of the debt. Hector and Ticketus.

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