Rebuild job, resources and appetite


Newco scored from a free kick they won after 67 seconds, but even at that early stage, the pattern of the game was already evident.  When the home team pressed, they pressed together, and Celtic were unable to pass through them.

Week after week, we bemoan playing against teams who refused to come out, then when given the opportunity, we cannot pick a pass through a press.  It is clear the recruitment job for next season needs to replace Boyata, Benkovic (probably), Lustig (whether he actually goes or not) and Dembele, but the mix is not right in central midfield.

If yesterday was a Champions League qualifier, we would have the luxury of blaming whatever financial, recruitment advantage, or more competitive league our opponents had over us that enabled them to close us down so comfortably.  The reality is we were mugged by an average team and if we go into the qualifiers with the same central mid, we can expect the same outcome as we experienced against AEK in August.

I am fond of all our central midfielders, including Olivier Ntcham, who for various reasons has not had a great season, but this is the most crucial area of the team and the one I am most concerned about.

Back in the 90s Celtic were world class at winning late in the season when it didn’t really matter.  The Knicker Wetters should know that nothing that happened yesterday changes the fundamentals in Scottish football, which remain as they were.  We have a big rebuild job to do, but we have the resources and appetite for the task.


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  1. traditionalist88 on




    We shouldn’t be flippant about the game at the weekend. We are not as good as we think we are and our financial strength has not translated to strength on the park.





    Thats mainly because its in the bank.




  2. The number of people on here who accuse those of us with doubts about Lennon of “talking us down” want to look at some of those who are wholeheartedly in his corner today.



    The comments on here from them are absolutely unbelievable.



    This nonsense about Lennon being in a “lose-lose” yesterday reek of fear. I had an inkling last week when people suggested going to Ibrox with a reserve side that they were scared, and scared for no reason that I could fatholm except one; they were scared Lennon didn’t have the know-how to win that game.



    I look at other clubs who have gone to Ibrox this season and won. Aberdeen did it twice. Are you telling me McInnes is some kind of world beater with skills suprassing any manager we’re likely to get?



    Those who are now suggesting that our squad – the one which has swept all aside these last three years – wasn’t capable of going there and not only winning but winning well …. you’ve got the cheek to accuse some of the rest of us of talking the club done.



    It is garbage, all of it, excuses to cover a dire display where the manager had no clue – no clue whatsoever – how to change the game. From the moment we lost the first goal it was done as long as he sat there in the dugout and did nothing. His like for like changes were pathetic.



    Lennon is a third rate manager. Third rate, forget this B List candidate stuff he wouldn’t get on the B List. If he is appointed no amount of spin in the world will hide the fact that our club had decisively gone backwards. If you thought Lennon was incapable of winning that game yesterday with the players at his disposal then I tell you what, whatever limited resources the board grants him aren’t going to make a blind bit of difference.



    The real Knicker Wetters on this blog are those who are already running scared of the Ibrox club. For me, if we get the appointment right – i.e. better than Lennon – we’ll leave them in the dust where they belong. If we downgrade our ambitions with the manager there’s no reason to believe that our player recruitment will be anything short of “settling for” as well.



    Tell me this; if Lennon was so good before – before Bolton and Hibs got shot of him – if things were running in the direction everyone seems to think we should be moving in (the same direction as then) why didn’t we fight tooth and nail to keep that structure together?



    Why was the radical change of going for a European coach with a completely different philiosophy even attempted in the first place? It’s because Lennon wasn’t the right guy for that then and he sure as Hell isn;’t the right guy for it now.



    The board got tired of him, he got tired of them, and by his own admission he was even bored with the job. These aren’t foundations for the future, it’s crossing your fingers, shutting your eyes and pretending the past never happened at all.



    if Sevco appointed him I would start every article with him with the following words:






    Because that’s another problem, that’s another factor, that’s a scary one because I’ve heard various stories and none of them paint Lennon in a positive light. None of them. All agree the hard man act of screaming at the players lost him the dressing room … Frank McAvennie has publicly alluded to certain members of the current squad being highly unimpressed by it … and I wonder if his high-handed treatment of Weah won’t come back to bite us at some point in the future.



    The real Knicker Wetters are those who would do nothing for fearing of doing the wrong thing, those who would hire Lennon because hiring Lennon looks easy. It certainly will be; nobody is banging down his door with job offers, and that in itself is telling.



    As to the general use of term “Knicker Wetters”, frankly it’s the kind of comment about Celtic fans and members of this blog that I’d expect from that loon who thinks his wisdom is such that his readers should have to pay a monthly fee for it. He at least only calls the rest freeloaders.



    And this from our host, who last night told me if I couldn’t post “cordially” I shouldn’t post at all.



    Not the only time over the last few days where it’s impossible to take him seriously.

  3. AULDHEID on 13TH MAY 2019 2:00 PM



    Paul 67 Yesterdays game was one I’m happy to see the back of. Even before I saw the line up I thought a draw would be a good result



    *that was my thought, especially when I saw the bench, only one attacker, my feeling was we were going to play the counter attack, that fell oot the windae after 2 minutes. Looked like Lenny didnae know what tae dae after that.

  4. fieldofdrams on

    Tontine Tim 3.54, are you my son unbeknownst to me? That’s exactly what he said yesterday.

  5. DBBIA asks: ‘Who would win a fight between the Mineshafters and the Knickerwetters?’



    That’s obviously a trick question: there would be no contest: the Knickerwetters would cr*p it and not turn up, meanwhile the Mineshafters would assume they would lose so also wouldn’t turn up …

  6. TONTINE TIM on 13TH MAY 2019 3:40 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 13TH MAY 2019 3:07 PM







    R.I.P. Doris Day. I dont know If she won an Oscar for her performance in Calamity Jane, but if not..she should have…great singing, great energy etc !






    *my first crush Jimmy, well before Bobby Evans that is, even back then before I had made my First Holy Communion.





    i can now Finally say that I Googled Doris Day…it turns out that in Calamity Jane, the SONG…” SECRET LOVE”, won the Oscar for being the best song that year…which is great, But Miss Day should also have won an Oscar for her Energtic performance in that Movie….Dare I say it ….But doris Day showed MORE Energy in that one Movie than the whole Celtic team did yesterday…there Ive said it !



  7. LAMBERT14 on 13TH MAY 2019 11:52 AM



    Totally correct about the need for new faces, however it goes against the actions of our CEO in the transfer market last summer.



    *we spent 9 million and then the spoofer told us he was leaving hence nae merr spending even during the January windae.



    It didn’t stop Lawwell picking up 3.5 million in the last year though. The guy is a complete charlatan.



    *Aye ok, that the same PL that’s reigned over 12 Titles, 7 possibly 8 SC, 6 LC, 2 possibly 3 trebles, 2 League/SC Doubles and 2 LC/SC Doubles, aye yer right he’s actually a breest.

  8. Collum also took charge of the League Cup semi-final between Celtic and Hearts in October at Murrayfield and this will be his second Scottish Cup showpiece, having previously took charge of the 2015 Final between Inverness Caley Thistle and Falkirk.



    He will be assisted at Hampden Park by Alan Mulvanny and Ralph Gordon, with Don Robertson named as fourth official duties.

  9. ……???……












    ? ……………….?





  10. Auldheid from several hours ago – I’m in Benalmadena till Thursday, travel home Friday morning. If it’s for anything else away from the blog you can get me at jobobaldie@yajoo.co.uk . Only dipping in and out of CQN intermittently.

  11. Having successfully led Blackburn to promotion to the English Championship, Tony Mowbray hasn’t committed to the club for next season.



    Just saying.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    As Dick Emery would say to Big Wavy



    “You are awful………….”

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Blackburn’s promotion in no small part due to the dead ball wizardry of hoopslegend Cha Mul Grew.



    He could come hame to Lennoxtown and teach the Bhoys how to take a corner.



    The Hands Can’t Hit



    “We hired Tony Mowbray, Neil and Ronny all before Brendan. How much would those managers have been on (combined probably less than Brenda)?”



    I have no idea if that is “probably” true or not. What I do know is that Tony Mowbray cost us £4m in compensation before we started paying him.



    *Plus 15 signings, 8 in the January windae, including the hapless costa fortune for approx 4 million. We spent 11.4 million in the 9 months he was there, so much for the biscuit tin and heated driveways. But Mogga was supposedly a Celtic mhan no like that wee “Strachan Strachan GTF”.



    Celtic supporters should sometimes be careful for what they wish for. Me, after black sunday widnae have given that “take it on the chin” numptie hoose room.



    Same with we skip tae ma lou who bailed oot on us for manure or the current acting manager who walked out as he thought the grass was greener in Bolton.

  15. Horse racing…



    CELTIC Artisan won Toady at 10/1…Ya Beauty !



    Top Irish trainer Wullie Mullins has an untried Filly running in the 2.05 at Tramore on Tuesday…its called “PRINCESS VEGA”….its the Daughter of that superb Horse “QUEVAGA”….No Odds available just yet…



    but the Trainer says that she is a Nice Filly, who jumps well.



    Wullie Son…..I could say the same about some of my auld Burds ?



  16. Go Tell the Spartim…



    1. Knows the scottish game.


    2. Ex-Celtic hero.


    3. Upward trajectory in career


    4. In demand


    5. Will bring back Mulgrew as first signing and build team around him.



    Ticks a lot of boxes :)

  17. Big Wavy



    Gonnae no dae that.



    When he was unveiled the first time round, my late Brother gave up on ‘the board’



    The rest is history

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Big Wavy



    Im not biting……………………………………….


    Im no fan of the PLC, in any shape or form but they set the bar last year (he turned out to be “all about the Brendan” ) the next appointment should be about the same level if not greater (difficult given our constraints domestically)

  19. JF



    Apologies never got to the end of your contribution, stopped after the comparison with Neil and McInnes.



    Really not sure you understand football tactics in any way shape or form. Neil is streets ahead of DMcI , setting his team out to actually play football …



    Brendan is a level above Neil but hey Neil is a good manager , your hatchet job is a touch hysterical.



    What is against Neil is simply the old adage that 2nd time round in the same job more often than not doesn’t work out … decision facing the board safe pair of hands (Neil ) with 4 or 5 first team players signed to get the 10 , or see if another Brendan type falls into our lap …



    remember leaving hampden in 95 we won 3-0 , huns couldn’t even run that day , Walter probably had them pissed up the weeks before , I’m sure one iof the huns (Moore or Brown) chipped in an own goal that day made no difference following season.



    @ TIMALOY29 on 13TH MAY 2019 3:18 PM






    First of all, it is just one game. A game in a competition that was already over. Completely meaningless.



    When they needed to win at Parkhead they fell short.



    “our financial strength has not translated to strength on the park”



    What have you been watching for the past 8 years? 8 league titles on the trot and possibly a treble treble.



    Show me a more dominant run in world football. What a joke.



    “It would be a significant downgrade to go from Brendan to Neil. While we may be unable to get another manager of Brendan’s quality, I think there is at least a happy medium inbetween.”



    I don’t necessarily agree. Neil Lennon inherited a poorer side than Rodgers did.



    He won every league game remaining (admittedly losing a shameful cup game) with a side that had floundered under Mowbray. In his first full season he did fail to win the league but he brought home a points total of 92 and got the better of the Old Firm ties. It was a great effort against a financially doped RFC (something BR never had to face).



    He also managed to get Celtic through a whole season losing only one game and accumulating 99 points.



    Is there another manager out there as good as BR and would come to Celtic? I’m not sure.

  21. Sadly, any good manager we get will be very temporary. They never stay long if successful and never stay long if they fail.

  22. Also, every season the squad needs renewal. That’d be the same regardless of the coach.

  23. I actually think we showed a degree of ability at Ibrox yesterday.



    It was the uncanny ability of making reasonable opponent players look like excellent players.



    If we take the engine room of their team, and lets be brutally honest about them.



    Steve Davis… 34 , deemed surplus to requirement at a struggling Southampton. (and that was even before the new Austrian Manager came to the club). In summary, good wee player in his day, but undoubtably past his best.


    Scott Arfield… 31, and by last summer deemed a squad player at Burnley. Completely dispensible in the eyes of Sean Dyche. Again we are talking about a moderate player who will look decent operating in Scotland.


    Ryan Jack…. 24 He’s an Aberdeen player (in profile, in ability). We are in danger of people thinking he is something much better.



    Yesterday, Neil Lennon’s Celtic side lacked heart. And that coming from him is very surprising

  24. Tontine Tim at 3.40pm



    re Doris Day


    *my first crush Jimmy, well before Bobby Evans that is, even back then before I had made my First Holy Communion.





    Apparently her first film role was in Young Man With A Horn…………….

  25. BSR



    “Tony Mowbray has neither been ruled in or out”, said a club spokesman…



    “End my Blackburn hell and bring me home” said the Blackburn Gazette……






  26. Make no mistake! no other manager could have come in when BR left and won us this title. Lennon’s passion and understanding of Celtic ensured the players dug deep to grind out results. The team showed signs of wear and tear under BR , so why wouldn’t those get worse under Lennon? He also has to deal with significant injuries to KEY players – Benkovic, Boyata, Tierney, for example have been backbone of the team – the media will not discuss the impact of this, nor will some fans recognize it.



    I’m not sure Neil will get the job but I’d rather have someone who understands Scottish football – a draw is not enough mentality! I don’t want a project/romantic type manager! We need someone who will toughen up the team and bring some Celtic flair – For me STEVIE CLARKE will win us 10 IAR! that’s why he is in Scotland!

  27. CONEYBHOY on 13TH MAY 2019 4:42 PM


    Tontine Tim at 3.40pm



    re Doris Day



    *my first crush Jimmy, well before Bobby Evans that is, even back then before I had made my First Holy Communion.






    Apparently her first film role was in Young Man With A Horn…………….



    *que sera sera lol

  28. Ole Celtic legend Cha Du Ri’s Daa, that is Cha Bum-Kun played in the 1986 World Cup.



    Cha Du-Ri has also played for Cha Bum-Kun’s old club, Eintracht Frankfurt.




    In my mind the Board have:



    1. Got their man but can’t announce it until his contract has expired.



    2. Know who they want but need to overcome some obstacles.



    3. Can’t get anybody better than Lenny at the moment and will turn round and say that he was always the preferred candidate.



    *fully concur with 1 and 2, after all they have known since shortly after French Eddy’s signing that he wanted oot and seemingly DD told the board tae deal with it and Lenny was sounded out as a possible fill in at the time. With possibly the provision if he did well his name would also be in the hat.



    One thing worth noting is that whenever a vacancy appears the club, no matter the size of it, involved state their inbox is full of applications, spin, mibbees no.



    We have often been told when signing a player that a few names are sounded out and if choice number 1 disnae pan oot then we continue down the line so why not with managers, seemingly if clodagh had turned us doon then it would have been DM who at the time had a CV comparable with the “great Celtic supporter”.



    Personally I’m warming tae a MON/RK duo for 2 seasons till we reach the 10. MON has never been seen as a training ground manager his strength was in man management.



    He oversaw a 36 point swing in his first season as well as our first treble in 32 years. He also told the players he would always be honest with them but they would hear him tell a wee lie, deidco were the benchmark and we would win the league, if there were any doubters then there was the door.



    After the 6-2 game wee bammy 8 said they knew they were beat in the tunnel when our players were chomping at the bit and banging on the tunnel walls.

  30. James Forrest



    “The real Knicker Wetters on this blog are those who are already running scared of the Ibrox club.”



    Surely, that’s the guys on your side of the argument. The ones who want a big spend and a big name manager because otherwise……… The hint there is that we will lose and who are we likely to lose to? Surely, it’s Stevie G and the Tribute Act wot scares that group because for each of the past 8 years the club has been told……. if you keep playing like this…… And 8 years of being wrong has not lessened that certainty. One day, if we keep crying wolf, a shaggy dug, at least, will materialise.



    “The real Knicker Wetters are those who would do nothing for fearing of doing the wrong thing, those who would hire Lennon because hiring Lennon looks easy.”



    How does doing nothing equate to hiring Neil Lennon? Neil is different from Brendan but he is also, for the moment, an interim manager. If he is appointed as a permanent manager he will get a chance to put his own mark on this team. Like you, I am not in favour of Neil’s permanent appointment but I am certainly not inclined to belittle the man with terms like 3rd rate manager. Neil put his life on the line for this club; he deserves a great deal of respect. That does not translate into wanting him as permanent manager but it does translate into gratitude for what he has done and, hopefully, can do elsewhere. How many 3rd rate managers beat Barcelona?




    “As to the general use of term “Knicker Wetters”, frankly it’s the kind of comment about Celtic fans and members of this blog that I’d expect from that loon….”



    I cannot see this as anything other than a mild insult, typical of the more reserved exchanges on this blog. I read Celtic Blogs widely and, quite frankly, you are “at it” in presenting this place as some kind of roughhouse. The Huddleboard is much rougher (and much funnier at times). Your own blog contains quite vicious insults by many of your readers- frankly, I don’t know how you put up with it, or why Paul deals with his jibes using such a light touch. I would be much less mild than you guys are but, on your own site, “knicker wetter” would be seen as a mild, ineffective and inadequate kind of insult and you would be deemed a snowflake if a reprimand to be more cordial when you have warned someone to be better behaved when you and they meet, is seen as OTT (and I should know, because I got the same response, deservedly, when I made a similar threat/warning to a poster.)



    In the end it’s just 2 old blokes pretending to be tough on the internet. It neither convinces nor worries anybody but, compared to average standards of discourse on t’internet, CQN remains a long way from falling into the bear pit yet.



    I hope you stay on here, James and I hope to continue reading and occasionally contributing to your blog too. There has been two much of a silo effect on the internet where people are only comfortable in echo-chamber blogs where you meet with the like minded and have your own views reflected back to you, unchallenged. We need to be shaken up from time to time but, if people do not agree with your criticism, it does not mean they are stupid or set in their ways or impervious to reason. Occasionally, it means you have not (yet) made a compelling case to change their mind or their views.



    I have this hippie-ish vision that, if 10iar is achieved, the Celtic family will unite in praise of all those who achieved it.



    I strongly expect, however that the first responses of some will be to say



    “We’ll never get 11iar if we keep playing like this”



    “10iar is not good enough ; we should have had European trophies by now”



    “We did this despite, all the best efforts of the suits to throw this run and sabotage us in every year we won- I said so , at the time, and I stand by it!”

  31. Go tell the Spartim on

    For those of you that wish NFL to get the job, fair play to you for the courage of your convictions.



    Me, id rather we had someone better. As he has repeatedly said, he’s done nothing regarding tactics etc, so basically his task has been to motivate the players, how many times have we failed to score in his short tenure.



    For the Record, i am a huge fan of Neil Francis Lennon, the man, player and once our coach. He deserves to be remembered as a Celtic hero (cause he is one).

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