Rebuild job, resources and appetite


Newco scored from a free kick they won after 67 seconds, but even at that early stage, the pattern of the game was already evident.  When the home team pressed, they pressed together, and Celtic were unable to pass through them.

Week after week, we bemoan playing against teams who refused to come out, then when given the opportunity, we cannot pick a pass through a press.  It is clear the recruitment job for next season needs to replace Boyata, Benkovic (probably), Lustig (whether he actually goes or not) and Dembele, but the mix is not right in central midfield.

If yesterday was a Champions League qualifier, we would have the luxury of blaming whatever financial, recruitment advantage, or more competitive league our opponents had over us that enabled them to close us down so comfortably.  The reality is we were mugged by an average team and if we go into the qualifiers with the same central mid, we can expect the same outcome as we experienced against AEK in August.

I am fond of all our central midfielders, including Olivier Ntcham, who for various reasons has not had a great season, but this is the most crucial area of the team and the one I am most concerned about.

Back in the 90s Celtic were world class at winning late in the season when it didn’t really matter.  The Knicker Wetters should know that nothing that happened yesterday changes the fundamentals in Scottish football, which remain as they were.  We have a big rebuild job to do, but we have the resources and appetite for the task.


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  1. TheLurkinTim on

    BSR (what a stupid monica lol ;-)) ) if only JF knew you had the physical agility of a 90 year old, but the mental agility of a teenager ;-))






    @ TIMALOY29 on 13TH MAY 2019 6:43 PM



    “They beat us once when it mattered. Celtic still won the title with games to spare. Don’t be hysterical.”




    “If you can’t see that they are getting closer to us through a combination of being a better team and us being a poorer team, then I don’t know what to say”



    They are getting better because the bar was set incredibly low. They have by far the second biggest budget in the country and they came 3rd (almost 4th) twice. They lost to a team from Luxembourg. The bar for Gerrard was so low, not falling flat on his face was progress. They should be challenging because they have way more budget than the rest of the teams they play in the league.



    We on the other hand have set impossible standards. An undefeated treble season suddenly makes a treble winning season disappointing for some. Poor babies.




    “The point I was making here is that if Neil is a quality manager why were the only teams interested in taking him on/the best he was able to get, Bolton who were/are in financial meltdown and league 1 Hibs? Why were there no EPL teams or decent Championship sides in for him?”



    I was shocked but it just goes to show how little success in Scotland is valued down there.



    “We have gone from a manager who has managed Swansea, Liverpool and now Leicester (who are a solid EPL team), to one who has Bolton and Hibs on his CV. That’s a significant step down.”



    Neil Lennon throughout his career has done the best he could when in a job.



    We are not going to get an EPL level coach. We can’t even get a top championship club. You can blame the board but nobody cares about this league outside this tiny nation. People would rather go to Brighton and get a chance to shine on the biggest stage.



    To be honest, club association aside, Neil Lennon has the credentials for this job.



    AVB, Benitez, Martinez, Marco Rose and Mourinho aren’t coming even if we payed them millions.



    @ CELTIC40ME on 13TH MAY 2019 7:06 PM




    Each of MON’s and Neil’s circumstances have changed in that neither are particularly attractive candidates of late.



    That isn’t a change in circumstances.



    So you’re arguing that because of having managed at Bolton and Hibs and not being successful there he’s become a worse manager? How attractive he is to other clubs doesn’t come into it, it’s about how well he’ll do for Celtic.

  4. TheLurkinTim on




    We are not going to get an EPL level coach.





    Correct…were gonna get a CL level coach ;-))



    Your assertion is as unfounded as mine at the moment




  5. THELURKINTIM on 13TH MAY 2019 7:44 PM



    When was the last time a manager left the EPL for a team out of the top 8 leagues?

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Mullet & Co 2 1.56pm



    Good post.



    On yesterday’s game – Bain never to blame for the first goal. That was all Lustig. Was mega complacent and you could see it coming. Was red rotten. And I love big Mika.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Big Jimmy @4:13



    To raise your blood pressure, one of those officials is an ex hertz season ticket holder, only in Scotland?

  8. hi ghuys, sorry a lot on here need to get their head out the sand, much as I love neil its a backward step, I don’t want a guy sacked by Bolton and hibs, ffs sacked by hibs and some on here thinks he is the man to take us forward, no thanks but at the end of the day money talks and mr lawwell needs to upgrade his heated driveway, so next season might be very interesting if them scumbags get money to spend and we don’t.god help us.hh.

  9. It’s often said the hardest thing in football is to score a goal. Setting a team up to attack and score takes good coaching. Setting a team up to be organised and defend well is that bit more simple.



    Under Lennon’s charge we’ve averaged 1.3 goals per game since he came back in. We’ve been turgid and lack cohesion. I’ve no idea what the strategy is, Neil has my thanks but I hope for a better manager and coaching team next season.

  10. I’llhavetochangemymind



    Splendid, absolutely splendid.






  11. meanwhile o’oer on that………………… angrycelts.org………. WhatsApp group……..”r’at PLC” are gettin’ it tight!




  12. TheLurkinTim on

    Timaloy29 at 19.50



    Steve Clarke and Beendone Radgers…to name both ;-))

  13. THELURKINTIM on 13TH MAY 2019 8:37 PM


    Timaloy29 at 19.50



    Steve Clarke and Beendone Radgers…to name both ;-))



    Ha. Steve Clarke was lasted sacked from a championship job.



    Brendan Rodgers had been out of work for a year and was unfashionable.



    From what I hear my namesake will not be our Manager next season. From what I hear we have spoken to a number of people but don’t know who, although I do hear we have spoken to Rafa, who would be interested. From what I hear also, Duff unlikely to be here next season either.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  15. TheLurkinTim on

    Lennybhoy…always good to have a bit of clarification…thank you…



    Timaloy29…ok so one was a relegated EPL manager and the other came from the EPL…but if you want to add on extra criteria…feel free ;-))

  16. Bottom line is that Celtic FC must have prepared a strategy for the eventual loss of BR back to the Premiership.


    Of course NL being available by sheer chance made it possible to collect hefty compensation and let BR jump ship mid season.


    A replacement must have been lined up.That is the job of people high up at our club.


    I don’t expect and A list manager but I do expect a B list manager.


    All will be revealed very soon but I have faith that we will be heading into a new era real soon and unfortunately much though I love NL it should not be him.


    Plenty up top level coaches in Europe would love two or three years with us en route to a passage to England’s top flight…Exactly the identikit we look for in players.

  17. Brillant Lennybhoy. Thanks as always..



    I now want Mike Ashley dropping off Rafa at the bottom of the Celtic Way, driving a giant bulldozer he subsequently uses to knock down his newly acquired bigotdome, taken as damages won from Dave King ‘s latest loss in the courts….

  18. Neustadt-Braw on

    Lennybhoy is and always will be a braw braw loon



    smiley it says exactly what it says on the Tim thing




  19. If I can add my tuppance


    P67 – we have lost the midfield battle on numerous occasions this season ( and last)


    Yesterday we had Broonie holding fort on his own, against 3 and sometimes 4 of them


    Calum was too wide left


    We then had Tom Rogic wandering aimlessly, with Mickey and Ollie offering no support whatsoever.


    And even leaving Odsonne up front on his own


    Lenny set up the team


    We created 1 chance


    Wasn’t until we brought on Olivier Ntcham did we get any grip of midfield



    I will repeat – Lenny set this team up, and we were over run for a large part of the game


    We need to ditch this alleged 4-2-3-1, particularly when players cannot play play to the system ( lack of movement, closing and moving into space, and tracking ) – prime example was the numerous times Toljan had to turn as Ollie offered no out ball, or Jonnie Hayes playing the ball forward for him to chase it down himself



    We Must be doing much much better,

  20. A few on here not willing to divulge officials names……who the new manager is etc……..well I suppose I can see their point……..

  21. Sunday’s game against Sevco was a disaster, losing battles all over the park. Why? IMO this was their last throw of the dice, their cup final while our is still to come.


    NFL when he came back would have been told ” win the League, cup is a bonus”


    He was handed another mans team and told run with that, which so far has been successful. Not pretty but successful, let’s hope it continues until the 25th.


    Reading back on the blog there is around 15 players we should replace but NFL had to play them whether he was happy or not it is all he had. They say a new manager needs two transfer windows to get his team on the park, we don’t have two windows we need it in one to continue our dominance in Scotland.


    The Celtic board must get their act together to get the right man in place and get rid of that 30 million sitting in the bank accruing interest. We need the interest wearing the hoops on the park.


    Is NFL that man? I don’t know but I bet he knows what positions need strengthened whereas a new man would not have much time to assess and possibly replace where needed. If a new man is brought in I think IMHO a place should be found for NFL at Celtic Park possibley in the recruitment side

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