Rebuild job, resources and appetite


Newco scored from a free kick they won after 67 seconds, but even at that early stage, the pattern of the game was already evident.  When the home team pressed, they pressed together, and Celtic were unable to pass through them.

Week after week, we bemoan playing against teams who refused to come out, then when given the opportunity, we cannot pick a pass through a press.  It is clear the recruitment job for next season needs to replace Boyata, Benkovic (probably), Lustig (whether he actually goes or not) and Dembele, but the mix is not right in central midfield.

If yesterday was a Champions League qualifier, we would have the luxury of blaming whatever financial, recruitment advantage, or more competitive league our opponents had over us that enabled them to close us down so comfortably.  The reality is we were mugged by an average team and if we go into the qualifiers with the same central mid, we can expect the same outcome as we experienced against AEK in August.

I am fond of all our central midfielders, including Olivier Ntcham, who for various reasons has not had a great season, but this is the most crucial area of the team and the one I am most concerned about.

Back in the 90s Celtic were world class at winning late in the season when it didn’t really matter.  The Knicker Wetters should know that nothing that happened yesterday changes the fundamentals in Scottish football, which remain as they were.  We have a big rebuild job to do, but we have the resources and appetite for the task.


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  1. MATT STEWART on 13TH MAY 2019 4:55 PM


    A fleeting visit to honour and mark the passing of that wee secret Fenian-Taig-Tim-Reb, Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff…..This is from Saturday, August 18, 2007…..







    Flickin through my old copies of Doris Day albums, I came across her underground version of Secret Love….it was recorded as ‘Secret Wish’.





    Very Good Mate.



  2. Mr Moderator,


    With Respect, but it seems that My Response to James Forrest from last evening has been deleted ?


    May I ask why, as there was no Foul stuff etc etc ?


    I simply pointed out a few Facts that JF had decided to either ignore and/or manipulate in order to suit HIS own agenda/view , in relation to Neil Lennon and the poor performance on Sunday ?


    JF had earlier accused Me of trying to be “Funny”…Ive never been “Funny”….he obviously has never read any of my so called jokes on here over the years ?


    Thank you Kindly



  3. Good morning CQN from a beautiful and sunny (hopefully 20 degrees ?today) Garngad.


    Shame i have to go out and earn a coin, anyway…..



    My view on next Manager….. same as everyone’s, they have a big task, as our squad is needing new blood, not projects, and gutted.



    D. :)

  4. morning bhoys from a cloudless Cheshire,,some interesting news from lennybhoy last night.hh.

  5. Big jimmy 6.34



    I dont know who or what your having a go at,for that matter my friend it does not matter


    Celtic fans are a wide range,spread far and wide on this wee planet,some watch alone,via the blog,travel miles to be with other Celts.


    Talking of ‘sussed” posters,Celtic authenticity etc,etc.its just not Celtic and its not in line with your more jovial patter.smile and use your thumb to scroll by.its all Celts here


    Requested wi respect and Celtic in mind



  6. Happy Tuesday!


    Day 5 in Benalmadeha and I’ve still not seen a cloud, no not one. Not even an ugly one!



  7. quadrophenian on

    BIG PACKY 1 on 14TH MAY 2019 7:51 AM


    About Mr Park?


    Not a problem; So many of us freelance player recruitment experts on here, we’ll save the club a motza by bypassing qualified scouts and just pulling random names out of wur hats/erses/thin air.


    What could go wrong if Lenny, Brenda and Ronny had just listened to all of us. HH



  8. Good morning from a gloriously sunny Forres, a predicted high of 21*C today. I think I’ll pop down to Findhorn beach later ( 10 mins away) to dip my feet in the sea and stick my head in the sand ? as apparently that is the thing to do.


    Big J as AT says don’t rise to it.


    Thank you Lennybhoy for your reply to my earlier post, I hate to say it but feel reassured by your reply. We need to look forward to a new era and not back to the future.


    We definitely need to add some steel into that that team, especially midfield. I would not be averse to having a big, strong target type of player for the forwards to feed off. I’ve said before French Eddie is not a CF, he doesn’t spend enough time in the box. Also please no more of playing 1 up front. An overhaul of the squad and tactics (sorry Neil) is what is required.


    Unfortunately, depending on your outlook, like every other sphere in life the days of the ‘hairdryer’ are gone and a lot of players don’t respond to this treatment – in fact quite the opposite. My son has heard that quite a few of the younger players have taken umbrage to the way they have been shouted at recently.


    Anyhoos, aff oot to enjoy the sun.

  9. A wee inside view on Celtic’s scouting system (from the ET)




    “Yet, Peter Houston, the ex-Scotland assistant and Dundee United and Falkirk manager, has complete faith in his former colleagues being able to unearth some diamonds in the transfer market in the close season who ensure their domestic dominance continues.



    Houston worked as a scout for the Scottish champions in 2014 – during which time he helped to bring in Norwegian internationalist Stefan Johansen – and was taken aback at the lengths they went to in order to identify and sign players.



    “The professionalism of the staff and the way they went about their business, with John Park leading it all, was very good,” he said. “No stone was left unturned. They checked out, they followed up, they watched, they made their move.



    “In the scouting department they have all the facilities, all the back-up, they need. It is a fantastic operation. Having been a coach, an assistant manager and a manager throughout my career, it was interesting to get a chance to do the scouting side of it and see how much in-depth analysis went in to trying to find a player. It is quite incredible.”



    Celtic have a proven track record of signing little-known youngsters, developing them over time and then selling them on for multi-million pound profits; they have done so successfully on numerous occasions in the past with the likes of Moussa Dembele, Fraser Forster, Gary Hooper, Ki Sung-yueng Virgil van Dijk and Victor Wanyama.



    Houston was impressed at how seriously they took the process and how successful their results were.



    “Celtic at that time in my opinion were doing it properly,” he said. “You just need to look at John Park’s successes. Yes, there are always failures. But you show me a manager who hasn’t made a signing that hasn’t worked out right and I won’t believe it.



    “What Celtic do is they do their analysis, they find out more about them, they send scouts to watch them. I was one of them. I went to watch Stefan Johansen in Tromso. That was built up over a while with a variety of different people watching him.



    “(Virgil) Van Dijk was the same I am told. One of the scouts, Neil McGuinness, went out to watch him in the Netherlands, that was followed up by John Park doing the same and he then felt that Neil Lennon, Johan Mjallby and his backroom staff at that time had to see the lad.



    “Neil did his due diligence, went and watched him and within a couple of days that deal was done. Just look at what Virgil has gone on to achieve. As well as Van Dijk there was Victor Wanyama and Ki Sung-yueng. A lot of people forget about him, but he was sold for £6 million which is a lot of money in Scottish terms.



    “There is a lot of work that gets done. People outside of football, outside of Celtic even, don’t know the work that goes into it. There is a lot of background digging to do. That isn’t just finding out about an individual being a good player, it is finding out about their mentality, their attitude, their commitment.



    “These are massive things. You can be the most talented player in the world, but if your attitude stinks then you can sometimes be a liability in many ways.”



    Lennon has been helping Celtic in their efforts to bring in new players during the summer transfer window and Houston anticipates he will not be short of options.



    “There is a database of players that has been watched by the scouting set-up,” he said. I looked in to it sometimes and it was interesting to see exactly what players had been watched and targeted before my time.



    “They used to say: ‘What are you needing Neil? What do you think you are looking for the beginning of next season?’ He would tell us he was after a central midfield player, a centre half.



    “The scouting department would then go and rack up four or five affordable names. The video analysis boy would then cut up footage and show them it. Then it was up to them to send in a member of the backroom staff, one of the coaches, to go and watch the player. Then it was taken to boardroom level where they decided if they could afford it.



    “I was very impressed indeed with what I saw. It was a great learning curve.”

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    On the Manager front


    There needs to be realism


    Who we can get that I would like


    Any one from these two


    Michael O’Neil – Northern Ireland


    Steve Clarke – Kilmarnock




  11. Big Jimmy @. 6.34



    I read your measured response before Paul decided to pull it, and all linked unhealthy trolling from the original poster.



    It countered every point better than any of us that took the bait.



    Don’t let him chase you away, this is a Celtic Blog.




  12. What is the Stars on

    Big Jimmy


    The attention seeking blogger who cant see the wood from the trees is best ignored.


    I actually feel some sympathy for the chap .i suspect he may have some issues.


    Ranting and raving and most amusingly stating that he will never post here again because we are all in Peter Lawwells pocket really doesn’t indicate a well balanced person.


    It is after all a GAME of football in which teams sometimes win lose or draw..


    Life is sweet

  13. One for the Knicker Wetters..



    Juventus have drawn 2 and lost 1 since winning the title. It’s hard to keep it going against teams motivated to get one over the champs.

  14. Good Morning, Sunny And Fresh I The Chilterns ToDay…



    Haven’t been on for a while, loosing two Lions in a week kinda knocked me sideways…



    It’s my Mum’s anniversary today, her pet name for me as a lhad was Stevie Chalmers… May He R.I.P.



    Winning our 8iar in under such adversity was awesome. A big well done and Thank you to the team who showed great resilience.



    Always good to stand up for Championees!!



    My thoughts have turned to what Paul67’s lead proclaims…



    …a BIG rebuilding job!



    I’m beginning to think it may be colossal era defining even. With our LennyBhoy suggesting Lenny is not going to take us forward after the Cup Final it has hardened my thoughts.



    You see Lenny has looked somewhat unfocused and a bit dour in his interviews and presses – not at all the ghuy who was bringing back the thunder.



    A few times I’ve noticed at his presses he has stated he’d been on the phone to DD.



    We now hear this morning that John Parks, the shoo-in for our head of recruitment is heading to Sunderland.



    I’m thinking that maybe DD has took a lead interest in things since BR and his staff departed. Maybe we won’t be having the same old… maybe the winds of change are blowing through Parkhead. We’ll see.



    In the meantime it’s more of the same, one game at time, Hearts at Tynecastle – a result and performance would be great.



    Hail Hail



    We cannot have signed a non-disclosure agreement with this ex-Celt. Maybe they are not as prevalent as we were told. This is from Celts Are Here site and I think Guidetti’s spouting pish.



    John Guidetti






    He fails to mention that Griffiths was banging them in while he was on the bench.



    Griff went on to score even more the next season

  16. McPhail Bhoy on




    Measured and thoughtful post, we’re all Tims onwards and upwards!


    Our last game is at home to Hearts for the trophy presentation, easily confused as according to our MSM pals Sevco won the league (again!) last Sunday but it turns out Celtic are already Champions, who knew?!


    Here’s to the Rebel Treble!

  17. “while JF slags Off Celtic Supporters and Neil Lennon, and MAYBE he does have someones ear at Celtic Park”



    HE has nobodies ear. Remember when he told us not to listen to the press… Jame McCarthy is coming!

  18. RT @oldpesky Man City going for a treble being called a very, very special team. Celtic going for a treble treble being called a team in crisis. It’s a funny old game right enough

  19. In ither news…………



    iShorties wee hun (Digital Dick) goat to use his favourite words when dissin’ Celtic – ” Fail an’ Dither”.


    When ye “bear” in mind whats unfoldin’ over at the Dilapidated Edwardian Toilet Facade, ye’ve goat tae laugh.







  20. MCPHAIL BHOY @ 10:22 AM,



    Very true, maybe in today’s social media age familiarity breeds a bit of contempt but we are all Tims, well, the lucky ones:)



    Yeah! It has seemed a long campaign, so hopefully Lenny and the bhoys will feel they can go out, enjoy the game, getting a Championship trophy takes more than 90 minutes of Football…



    Hail Hail

  21. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Will there be any 3yr old celebrity Celtic Blog ers on today to throw their toys out the pram or even spit the dummy?


    I’m away to make some popcorn, just in case.

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Interesting about John Park !!!


    I always thought he and Lawwell were best pals



    Also interesting about Congerton going to Leicester


    I did not know he and BR were best pals




  23. weebobbycollins on

    Well, think I’ll pop down the pub for a few pints with my mates


    then jump on a bus into town and buy a pie….c’mon the sellic!!!



    love ya to bits big jimmy… ;-)

  24. Big Jimmy, I’m a daftie, you educate me, he doesn’t! I read every one of you posts and mainly scroll by his hysterical screeching havering.

  25. By the way, I’m absolutely delighted to see that Benkovic wants to come back next season. He’s a great talent and will help fill a gap at CB. We should still look for a permanent solution in the meantime but if we could go into the qualifiers with at least Ajer, Jozo & Benkovic I’d be happy.



    It also means we can prioritize the RB signing. It’s not a glamorous position but if we could spend Eddy-type money to bring in a starter it would be a massive improvement.

  26. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 14TH MAY 2019 10:52 AM


    Well, think I’ll pop down the pub for a few pints with my mates





    then jump on a bus into town and buy a pie….c’mon the sellic!!!







    love ya to bits big jimmy… ;-)




    I am thinking of joining You in the Pub….but Ive got Klyie Minogue lying Naked on my Bed waiting for Me……Aye right….” She should be SO LUCKY” !






    Cheers mate,…do You want to Meet Kylies sister ?/….No Chance …Im aboot to Winch One and Snog the other….same thing really !



  27. TheLurkinTim on

    Doris Day has passed on…Que sera sera…the only woman in Hollywood who projected zero sexuality…yet was a stunner…not see her likes again ;-))




  28. Go tell the Spartim on

    If you dont like a particular post or poster just scroll on by, its not difficult, even for adults.



    i never read much on here yesterday that was courteous, respectful nor insightful (apart from Lennybhoy’s reassurance (well for me anyway)). For those of you slapping yourself on the back and referring to other bloggers in a disingenuous way, as if you are any better, your actions dont do you any favours.



    Club open to all!!!!!!

  29. THELURKINTIM on 13TH MAY 2019 8:55 PM



    Timaloy29…ok so one was a relegated EPL manager and the other came from the EPL…but if you want to add on extra criteria…feel free ;-))






    My point was, we weren’t going to get a manager who has job prospects in the EPL or is currently working in the EPL (Rafa Benitez for example)



    Steve Clarke’s most recent job before Kilmarnock was as assistant manager at Aston Villa in the Championship. Before that he lasted a year at Reading in the championship. The guy was no longer considered an EPL coach.



    BR was out of work for over a year before he got the Celtic job. It’s feasibly possible that Celtic could appoint somebody like Carlos Carvahal. A guy who’s most recent job was in England but is out of work and doesn’t appear to have many prospects. Other guys that come to mind are David Moyes and Slavan Bilic.



    My point was, the glamorous appointments people want to see aren’t going to happen. You either take Lennon on or somebody who appears damaged goods (Moyes, Bilic etc.)

  30. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Breaking: ex Celtic coach and kit man Jim McCafferty pleads GUILTY to 12 child sex abuse charges. Charges span 26 years and relate to children who played with N. Lanarkshire and Celtic boys club and pro youth teams. Sentenced to six years nine months.

  31. THELURKINTIM on 14TH MAY 2019 11:23 AM


    Doris Day has passed on…Que sera sera…the only woman in Hollywood who projected zero sexuality…yet was a stunner…not see her likes again ;-))






    I must Disagree….when She was Cracking that Big Whip wearing her buckskin clobber in Calamity Jane….You suggesting that was NOT Sexy ? WOW !




    HH Mate.

  32. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Being a faithful Celtic Supporter I have paranoia in my DNA


    It (paranoia) has served me well and does not exclude those with the same colour scarf as me



    I have long since held the view that our very own Paul67 has a direct line to PL


    This can be a good thing as we probably get a few bits of info straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak



    In return for the info PL will require a bit of you scratch my back routine



    So I tend to read PAUL67 blog with a bit of Paranoia – what is PL’s message today



    As an example my take on the previous blogg is that Lennon is just the same as Rogers (both lost at Ipox)


    Meaning if Lennon is our next manager he is no worse that Rogers – so do not be disappointed with Lennon



    And the current Blog tells us the obvious Boyata and Lustig are off


    But the big news (when other news outlets tell us Bokovic could stay) is that Benkovic is off too


    Plus the reference to AEK Athens and the pitfalls of CL Qualifiers



    My paranoia tells me PL is reducing the wage bill, will appoint Lennon and will settle for a run in the Europa League



    BUT that’s just me being paranoid







    Cheers!! Of course, its Celtic Park will be rocking this Sunday…



    Stand up for the Champions.



    Hail Hail

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