Recent good history against Champions League opponents


Celtic will play three familiar opponents in the Champions League group stage: Barcelona, Benfica and Spartak Moscow.  We have a mixed recent record against Barcelona, eliminating them from the Uefa Cup in 2004, but finishing behind them in the Champions League group stage in the autumn of that year.  Barca also knocked Celtic out of the Champions League in the round of 16 in 2008.  The Camp Nou is the only ground Celtic have managed to avoid defeat on away Champions League duty.

Gordon Strachan’s Celtic eliminated Benfica from the Champions League group stage in 2007 and again in 2008.  They also got the better of Aiden McGeady’s current team, Spartak Moscow , in the Champions League play-off round in 2007.

It is a difficult group for Celtic but each of their opponents will be wary of the Celtic.

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  1. Overall very happy with the draw :)



    Slight chance of qualification with that, we’ve knocked out both benfica (twice) and spartak in recent years




  2. Definitely not the worst draw. Most Pot 4 teams would get well chinned in Groups D, E or F. Group A is very tough too. Group G will not hold the same trepidation (Barca aside, of course).



    I just cant believe how Man U and Arsenal get the easy groups so often.

  3. Bring it. Not the best of draws for us.



    However 2 games against Barca. 2 Against McGeady.



    Sure beats the pawn broker cup!!!!!!!!!!



    hail hail

  4. Och no Barcelona again?!



    And Benfica!



    Aiden returning to CP – hope he doesn’t do a Henrik!



    Could have been a LOT worse.



    Group D – the group of death!



    Fantastic! Can’t wait!




  5. experienced signings we need now i think.



    particularly to play Barca.



    PL will be phoning Thommo and Big Bad John right now

  6. Snake Plissken on

    No EPL financially doped sides so pleased with that.



    Glamour is Barca, the other two are beatable and hopefully we can get 3rd place at least.



    I know we’ve played these teams recently but the same teams are in the groups every year more or less in the top pots so our chances are high every time.

  7. tommytwiststommyturns on

    In terms of European football after Christmas, we’ve a good sporting chance with that draw. Throw in Barca and a prodigal son and it’s got some spice.



    Group D is feckin awesome though. I would have loved to play Madrid, but happy to settle for what we’ve got.


    When will we know the fixtures?




  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Congrats to everyone at Celtic for a good night’s work last night.



    Does anyone know how the fixtures are arranged? Who do we get first?

  9. dougie bhoy



    17:45 on


    30 August, 2012


    I’m on the train home watching the draw while huns on the train are getting excited about going to watch them play Falkirk!







    And boy are they an ugly bunch….

  10. leftclicktic




    17:47 on 30 August, 2012




    Auld Neil Lennon heid



    17:38 on 30 August, 2012






    17:35 on 30 August, 2012



    Barca,Porto,Spartak & Celtic



    Nope it is Benfica not Porto.




    :(((( just noticed nerves getting to me, writing notes with pen & paper.




  11. We have had worse draws than that, Third in the group with a wee chance of second?



    Am l getting carried away?



    Hail hail

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Delighted …… My favourite OTHER team, and wee Aiden comes back to Paradise …. Don’t know much about Benfica at all ……. Can’t wait …!!!!!!



    Off to watch last night’s recording…..

  13. I’m happy, I love seeing Barca at Parkhead and and I’m old enough to remember some great clashes with Benfica. Anyone else remember the great Eusabio? I had my 8 yr. old nephew with me last night and he’s still not calmed down. He’s also desperate to see Lionel Messi at Parkhead so he might get his wish. All he has to do is convince his Mum……

  14. Ho hum. I would have liked to have played 3 other pot 4 teams but the draw was obviously rigged. Still, let’s make the best of it. I fancy us to beat Spartak and Benfica and get something away from home as well….with Benfica even if it’s only on the toss of a coin.

  15. think city will cruise through


    maybe even win the group


    i think we,re good for 3rd place

  16. Great chance to nail down some signings????



    If you could play against anyone in the champs league, it has got to be Barca



    PL get it done…

  17. sixtaeseven: Supporting the Finest Team in Scotland on

    Could’ve been worse! Some cracking games coming up.



    No reason why we can’t finish at least 3rd in that group.



    Barca should win all or most of the points in their games, leaving a 3 way fight for the last 16 pr Europa spot.



    Bring it on!!!

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Delighted with the draw.



    Get a qaulity Centre Back and forward in and we will go through




  19. I will take that, we get to see messi and co and have a chance against the other two, hopefully away in Russia early on to avoid worst of weather , will be good to see how Aidian has progressed and see how our youngsters can play against better treams

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