Recent good history against Champions League opponents


Celtic will play three familiar opponents in the Champions League group stage: Barcelona, Benfica and Spartak Moscow.  We have a mixed recent record against Barcelona, eliminating them from the Uefa Cup in 2004, but finishing behind them in the Champions League group stage in the autumn of that year.  Barca also knocked Celtic out of the Champions League in the round of 16 in 2008.  The Camp Nou is the only ground Celtic have managed to avoid defeat on away Champions League duty.

Gordon Strachan’s Celtic eliminated Benfica from the Champions League group stage in 2007 and again in 2008.  They also got the better of Aiden McGeady’s current team, Spartak Moscow , in the Champions League play-off round in 2007.

It is a difficult group for Celtic but each of their opponents will be wary of the Celtic.

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  1. EDB



    If we pull off Del Piero, I will be the first to hail PL, it would be a major coup imo, the numbers stack up, and I think he would help bring on the young bhoys immensly.



    But there is no way that Lenny would be happy with a kid from Sunderland who is not any better than we have now, unless you know different.



    We are back in the elite of europe, players want to play in the CL, I understand and accept that not many want to play in scotland, but if the money and the deal is right, they will come.



    I have as much right to crit PL as I have to praise him, and at this momment in time, he has not delivered what our manager want’s or has wanted for some time.



    So if you think I am only criting him for the sake of it, you are so far off the mark it’s unrea.



    Actions speak louder than words.

  2. yes it would be great if Platini’s financial fair play plans did come into force but i can’t see it happening and if it did come to fruition i’m sure the megaclubs and those with sugar Daddies would find many loopholes.Incidentally just back from Lisbon,What a beautiful city pretty cheap too.

  3. Auldheid ….



    If only one seed lands on fertile ground, my journey through life will have been worth it!



    Hail Hail




  4. We listened to Radio Scotland for a wee bit tonight and the Charles Green interview came on.



    Mrs First was completely bemused by it: “What did that man when he said it wasn’t his fault because the word he used means something different to him than it means in the Oxford English Dictionary? Is he suggesting that the dictionary is wrong? And what was the word anyway?”



    Me: “Bigotry.”



    She just laughed.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    So sevco won 3-0 tonight with just over 26,000 at the game. Wonder if the daily hun will have that as a world record for attending a LC game on a Thursday?

  6. Lubos leather jacket, newco no a go go on

    C’mon hertz, na you can all keep that one!



    Not too long ago they sang another version of “you’ll never walk alone” to a Celtic fan having a heart attack



    I’ve suffered the worst a football fan can throw at you at their midden



    Another Scottish club with more than 5 games under their belt would get my backing



    Hearts? Na, they can go throw shite at the moon!

  7. In other news



    … true to his words Craig Levein has left Kris Commons out of the Scotland squad (Brown is not included but I presume thats because he is injured). That’s just weird – Commons and Forrest (included) are surely the most in-form Scottish players? No Jonny Russell or Tony Watt either obviously we all over-rate them. Basically if you play in the bottom third of the EPL (or sit on the bench thereabouts) you are a stick on – unless your name is Fletcher in which case you get a little voodoo doll with lotsa pins and a big sulk.



    Defenders: Christophe Berra (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Gary Caldwell (Wigan Athletic), Daniel Fox (Southampton), Grant Hanley (Blackburn Rovers), Alan Hutton (Aston Villa), Russell Martin (Norwich City), Charlie Mulgrew (Celtic), Andy Webster (Heart of Midlothian)



    Midfielders: Charlie Adam (Liverpool), Don Cowie (Cardiff City), Graham Dorrans (West Bromwich Albion), James Forrest (Celtic), Shaun Maloney (Wigan Athletic), James Morrison (West Bromwich Albion), Matt Phillips (Blackpool), Robert Snodgrass (Norwich City)



    Forwards: Ross McCormack (Leeds United), Jamie Mackie (Queens Park Rangers), Kenny Miller (Vancouver Whitecaps), Steven Naismith (Everton), Jordan Rhodes (Huddersfield Town)

  8. Snake Plissken on




    After scoring at Anfield tonight if Templeton goes to Division 4 or if Vlad is indeed mad enough to sell him to them then they all want shooting.



    Templeton can stay where he is and get a good move south or stay at Hearts and challenge for cups and Europe in Scotland.



    Cannot see him at Sevco.



    Where is Green gonny find the cash to buy him after that performance and that goal tonight?



    Administration again unless there is real money there.

  9. Pauloantony.



    Totaly agree,fed up watching last minute signings that will pick up a good wage just to warm a bench.


    Hoping Neil has specified his targets and if need be spend a bit more on quality for 1or 2 signings rather than the money being wasted on players that will not enhance our team.hh

  10. Someone mentioned earlier that Pot 1 had 2 champions and Pot 4 had 7.


    Is that correct? If so then the competition is poorly named.



    Watched the draw in The Vale and there was a fat Sevconian there in fool regalia.


    On our drop into Barca’s group he said “I’ve been there!”



    “When was that?” says I, “72?”


    “Aye, how did you know?”


    “Well, (says I) your top has 72 on it, that’s either your waist size or it’s the year of one of your famous euro-riots!”


    “Ya durty f*ni*n b*stard!” (says he in an agitated manner)


    “Calm down or you’ll miss your game with Falkirk chubster.” (says I)


    “Haw heh, you cannae talk like that, ken? (Says Dave, the barman fae Edinburgh)


    “Who me?” (says I)


    ” Naw, him!” (pointing at said fat bloke)


    “He started it!” (says fatty)


    “Just finish your pint and go.” (says Dave)


    “I’ll not be back here ya bunch of b*ssas!” (as he walked to the door)


    To their credit, someone shouted “Aye, you’ll not be back in Europe either!”



    Champions League draw night in Glasgow.

  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    I asked last night after the game, why were all the white seats in the north stand covered with green polythene?



    Bring oan the Barca, this could get messi

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Are we still waiting for sally’s 5 or 6 gilt-edged signings …?….. he seems to be going to plunder hearts ……… ?

  13. Sir Kojo….



    Absolute disgrace that with only one day left of the Transfer Window,we have yet to sign a player….



    We’ll be involved in a bidding-war..for any player we manage to sign at the last moment…



    Which is ridiculous,having shed so many players over the summer….leaving the squad looking very light…even if we draught in our promising youth…..



    Watt must be regarded as a first team player now.



    With the additional European games this season…..especially as Europa League Football can be gained by finishing third in the group….



    We couldn’t have selected a better group



    All teams we have faced in recent years,so there will be a familiarity with the venues and surroundings..aiding the logistics…..



    Even the way the statistics have panned out is favourable….Facing Spartak away in the first fixture,rather than in the depths of winter..when both teams regularly play with heavy balaclavas..and leg-warmers….



    Who knows….Perhaps Our Pals at Barce will settle for a draw at Parkhead..?



    Spartak have definitely been on the decline since the start of Aiden’s second season over there….



    And Benfica are notoriously poor travellers….and probably feeling a bit inferior at the moment….on account of their basket-case economy..?



    However….We seem to have missed out on most of our signing targets…in the last few days….



    Markus Henriksen,Jordan Rhodes..and Maya Yoshida….all snapped up.



    Must at least get Russell,who could certainly do a job for us…and another decent CB…..Don’t know this chap Bowlly….but if he sings anyways as good as Al..he’ll certainly do for me…



    Even relying on the Developement Squad…We’ll still struggle to put out a competitive team at times…with the inevitable injury list and suspensions…



    So we will never get a chance to witness the Dynamic Duo…Rocky Rhodes and GigaWatty….in the Hoops…



    Oh well….Perhaps get a loan of Goodwillie…and snatch Mackay-Smith and Jon Daly,at the death..??







    Al Bowlly….Celtic’s Next European Cup-Winning Centre-Back..?


    “Love Is The Sweetest Thing”


    Watch out,Tommy Burns&Jinky..You’ve got competition in the Crooner-Stakes..



  14. Lubo's two feet on

    Just wondering if anyone could help me out. Never been to an away european game before and thinking of going this season, is the only way of doing it through thomas cooks or have you been able to buy the ticket only and arrange your own flights and hotel etc?




  15. Morning/ G’day Celts…… Happy Friday to ye all!



    Off to work early wae a Celtic smile on my face…… Whistle while ye work.



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